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The Race to the Midnight Sun

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The Race to the Midnight Sun - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Race to the Midnight Sun. YRQ 2010 Support Crew Briefing. Preparation Pre Race The Start The Race Day 1 Viewpoints Carmacks Day 2 Viewpoints 5 Finger Rapids Minto Landing Dawson City. Preparation. Assumptions You and your racer(s) have worked out a plan for what they will need.

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The Race to the Midnight Sun

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yrq 2010 support crew briefing
YRQ 2010 Support Crew Briefing
  • Preparation
  • Pre Race
  • The Start
  • The Race
  • Day 1 Viewpoints
  • Carmacks
  • Day 2 Viewpoints
  • 5 Finger Rapids
  • Minto Landing
  • Dawson City
  • Assumptions
    • You and your racer(s) have worked out a plan for what they will need.
    • You will be in Carmacks and Dawson ready to help them BEFORE they arrive.
    • You will make sure your paddler(s) have enough food and water for each leg of the race (Whse-Carm. & Carm.-Dawson)
    • You have made arrangements for where you and your paddlers will be staying in Carmacks and Dawson.
    • There is a camping fee you will need to pay at Coal Mine Campground in Carmacks if you stay there. If your paddler is camping there, the race covers that fee.
weather moon phase
Weather & Moon Phase
  • Whitehorse weather:

  • Carmacks weather:

  • Dawson weather:

MOON PHASE FOR 2010: Full Moon June 30 - Last Quarter July 4

IMPORTANT: Make sure your paddlers leave with extra clothing for any kind of weather!

pre race tuesday at yukon visitor information centre
Pre-Race Tuesday atYukon Visitor Information Centre
  • Boats will be measured; mandatory gear will be checked.
  • Make sure your paddlers Pay their evacuation deposit, have their Health Insurance card/information and pick up their Registration Packet.
  • Paddlers are given bibs in the packet. One must be signed, and MUST BE HANDED IN TO A RACE OFFICIAL BEFORE THEY LEAVE THE RIVER AT THE END OF THEIR RACE.
    • Failure to hand in bib will cost the paddler his/her safety deposit, and they will not count as a finisher.
  • Your paddlers will attend the racer presentation that follows this one. Mandatory for Team Captains and Rookie Paddlers. There is a 2-HOUR PENALTY for missing the Racer briefing.
race day
Race Day

• You Are Here

(race briefing at Visitor Centre)

  • Boats must be offloaded at the

Rotary Park staging area where the

final inspections will be done.

  • All Voyageurs should be taken

directly to the launch area at 7:30 a.m.

  • All other boats should be dropped off

according to this schedule:

#1-25 8-8:30 am

#26-50 8:30-9 am

#51-75 9-9:30 am

#76-100 9:30-10 am

  • Boat checks will take place from 8 am - 10:30 am. Teams will be

photographed with bibs and boats.

  • Moving boats to the launch area will

take place from 10:30-11:15 am

  • Race marshal will be available for any last minute issues, and can inspect boats at any time.
  • Teams must be at the start line by 11:30 a.m. for introductions.
  • Launch

Staging• •areas





start rotary peace park 1200 noon
Start • Rotary Peace Park, 1200 (noon)

The Launch

The Run

Great Views All along Shore

The Start

the race
The Race
  • It is a RACE, not a trip down the river.
    • Paddlers have 14 hours to reach the end of the Lake, 35 hours to get to Carmacks, and 84 to get to Dawson.
    • Encourage your paddlers to finish, even if they are tired and having ‘second thoughts’ in Carmacks. You can stay a little longer than your departure time if you want. Once they are back on the water, they will feel better. If they don’t, they can always get out at Minto.
    • If injuries, illness or extreme fatique force them to scratch, support their decision. They can always come back and finish in another year.
    • Safety boats will evacuate teams that cannot carry on and are forced to scratch on the river. They will be taken to the nearest road access point: Deep Creek (Lake Laberge Campground), Little Salmon, Carmacks, Minto Landing, and Dawson. We will attempt to notify you of this so you can meet them.
  • Satellite phones are used by safety boats and remote checkpoints to report team positions to our Race Communications Centre (RCC).
  • RCC posts times often on the RESULTS link on our website.
  • If your team has a Satellite Phone, please give the number to the Race Marshal today.
  • We do not rely on Spot™ devices for our communications, but they may help us in locating a team. If your team has a device, please add this address to your OK and HELP distribution lists:
    • for an tracking/results display page, which you can access to track your team. Make sure Lat/Long are set for use in the North.
    • See and watch for the YRQ race link on the Results page of the website.
lake contingency plans
Lake Contingency Plans
  • If Lake Laberge is too rough before teams hit the lake and determined unsafe for passage by the Race Marshal, safety boats will hold up teams at Policeman’s Point and at a camping area just upriver (location on next slide) until it is safe to continue. There will be a restart on the hour or half hour.
  • If the lake becomes too rough and unsafe for passage after teams are on the lake, an airplane will signal teams by waving its wings (weather permitting). Teams should pull off at the safest spot possible. A return of the plane waving and dipping its wings will be the signal when it is safe to resume.
  • Times will be adjusted accordingly by the Race Marshal, look for updates at Carmacks.
race checkpoints
Race Checkpoints
  • There are 8 Checkpoints. These include the 2 mandatory stops at Carmacks (7 hrs) and Kirkman Creek (3 hrs), and 6 verbal checkpoints.
  • Times are recorded at most checkpoints and at the finish line. They are called into our Communications Centre via satellite phones and are posted on the Results link on the website.
  • Safety Monitoring Camps are also out there for us to keep an eye on the race and for help if needed.
  • Racers must be self-sufficient.


CP7 •

CP6 •

• CP5

• CP4

• CP3

• CP2

• CP1

viewing points whitehorse to carmacks days 1 2
Viewing points(Whitehorse to Carmacks, Days 1 & 2)
  • Takhini Bridge (3.5 km/2.2 miles up N. Klondike Hwy). Pull off the roadside going up the hill just north of the bridge. Park off the highway and don’t stand on the bridge(the RCMP has called us on this).
  • Burma Road (approx. 12 km, 8 miles) - turn to right goes down to river, decent road, decent view.
  • Policeman’s Point (approx. 13 km, 9 miles) not the best road, but better view and last chance to see teams before they hit the lake.
  • Robert Campbell Highway (after Carmacks, turn right at junction just past Coal Mine Campground). For next 35.9 km / 22.3 miles (until Little Salmon) there are turnouts where you can spot teams from high bluffs.

We recommend that you print this page and use a highway map for directions.

Policeman’s Point

View of river from Robert Campbell Highway, with 2 teams passing below

little salmon cp4
Little Salmon CP4
  • Checkpoint 4 is at Little Salmon Village
  • DRIVING DIRECTIONS: Just past Coal Mine Campground, turn right onto the Robert Campbell Highway, drive 35.9 km / 22.3 miles to an unmarked turn to right which has a Stop Sign (if you pass the Frenchman Lake sign and turnoff on left, you’ve gone too far). There are several pull-offs along this stretch of road between Little Salmon and Carmacks for viewing teams on the river.
  • If you are supporting a fast team, it will arrive in Carmacks 3-4 hours after passing Little Salmon; middle of the pack teams will take around 4 hours; slower teams could take 5 hours.

We recommend that you print this page for directions

Checkpoint 4

carmacks cp5 information
Carmacks CP5 Information
  • Carmacks Checkpoint 5 at the Coal Mine Campground opens at 0600 Thursday morning.
  • LOCATION:2-2.5 hours up N. Klondike Hwy. from Whitehorse. Carmacks is reached by highway first but is actually downriver from Little Salmon. Several river views along walkway in town. Cross large Yukon River bridge to Coal Mine Campground CP 5, about a mile further on the right just before junction with Robert Campbell Highway.
  • Required 7-hour Stop. Teams may stay longer if they need to.
  • Teams must reach CP 5 within 35 hours of the start (2300 Thurs) and leave within 42 hours of the start (0600 Fri - close of checkpoint). Please advise ASAP in writing if a team chooses not to continue!!!
  • Support Crews need to be here ahead of time ready to support your paddlers. Watch the Little Salmon times on the leaderboard to approximate your team’s arrival time.
  • If your team is not staying in the campground, let us know at registration. Make sure they are back in plenty of time (at least an hour) before their departure time.
  • The campground has water, restrooms, and showers that take $1 “loonies”. There also is a canteen that serves food all day. Limited internet access.
checkpoint 5 timeline docking
Checkpoint 5 Timeline & Docking



After passing the Timeline, your team will come into the inbound dock. You may assist your team with our volunteers – you must use one of the lifejackets provided if you don’t have one. Make sure your paddler is safely ashore, then help carry the boat to its storage area.

coal mine campground map
Coal Mine Campground Map



RV Parking





Shelter building

Fresh Water spigot outside bldg.

Status board

Racer Camping Only

Quiet Area!!!

Support Camping and Cooking




Timing line


Voyageur berths





Yukon River

leaderboard results
Leaderboard & Results
  • The Leaderboard will be at Coal Mine Campground when the Carmacks Checkpoint opens at 0600 on Thursday morning. It will be updated as times are relayed to the checkpoint from the Communications Centre in Whitehorse or from our website.
  • Results from remote checkpoints usually will be on the website before they are recorded on the Leaderboard. There is limited web access in Carmacks, and pretty good service in Dawson. You can find the results at:
  • The Leaderboard will move to Dawson City on Friday morning and will be updated there as paddlers come in from 1200 (noon) Friday until 2359 Saturday night when the race officially ends (or when the last team is in).
viewing points carmacks to dawson days 2 3
Viewing points (Carmacks to Dawson, Days 2 & 3)

Shooting Five Finger Rapids

We recommend that you print this page for directions

Five Finger Rapids Viewpoint (about 23 km/15 miles from Carmacks on left). See next slide for how to access viewing platform above the rapids.

Yukon Crossing Viewpoint (about 39 km/24 miles from Carmacks on left), turnout on left affords view of wide bend in river. Teams will sneak around islands on down to old Yukon Crossing, where the old winter ice road crossed the river.

Minto Landing (about 74 km/46 miles from Carmacks on left), 1 km road to river. See slide for map. Last chance to see teams before Dawson.

five finger rapids viewing platform
Five Finger Rapids Viewing Platform

Viewing Platform is at end of the trail, about a 20 minute walk from the parking area.

Go down the stairs and follow the main trail. Be very, very careful if you go off trail and onto the bluffs. Stay well back from the edge, which can have loose sand or mud. It’s a long way to fall and your team will never forgive you if they have to stop and fish you out!

Teams go this way, down the right (near) channel

minto landing
Minto Landing


  • Last Road access before Dawson -on left about 74 km/46 miles from Carmacks, 1 km road to river. Look for “trucks entering road” and Minto Mine signs; don’t take the road to the lodge.
  • There is a mining barge that crosses river. Watch for large ore trucks on road.
  • Teams can pull out upstream by old picnic shelter. No assistance allowed for teams staying in the race.
  • Last chance for teams to scratch without losing evacuation deposit.

We recommend that you print this page for directions

Minto Rd.


dawson city
Dawson City
  • A 6-hour drive on the N. Klondike Highway from Whitehorse, 4 hours from Carmacks. Follow highway right into town, where it turns into Front Street.
  • Finish Line/Checkpoint is on the Front Street Dike - near the Gazebo, just before the old yellow CIBC bank building and the restored steamboat SS Keno.
  • Docking area is 100 metres or so downstream of the Finish Line.
dawson view from river
Dawson View from River
  • Showing Moosehide slide

Finish line before the old yellowish building

Spot for teams from end of dike at confluence with Klondike River

Dock 100 metres or so downstream (obvious)

and well before the ferry crossing

Photo by Monte Dodge

as teams finish
As Teams Finish
  • Teams are finished when they hear the horn as they cross the “line” marked by Orange Cones on the Riverbank below the checkpoint, then they need to paddle over to the docking area downstream. Cheer them on and then get down to the shore and make sure they get ashore!
  • Assist your paddlers when they get out. Have blankets ready if it’s in the early morning hours of Saturday before the sun comes up. Paddlers can get hypothermic very fast.
  • Checkers will collect bibs and inspect boats.
  • Boats will then will need to be tidied up and preferably taken away ASAP as there is limited space. YRQ rental boats should be hosed down and taken to the trailer. KP and UN will have their own trailers.
  • There are portable toilets by the docking area.
  • Leaderboard, information and YRQ merchandise by the finish line on the embankment.
  • Internet in hotel, internet cafés and other places.
dawson city information
Dawson City Information
  • Finish Line Checkpoint opens at 1200 (noon) Friday, closes 2359 Saturday.
  • If you are supporting a fast team, it could arrive in Dawson 3.5-4 hours after passing 60 Mile CP8; middle of the pack teams will take around 5 hours; slower teams could take 6-7 hours.
  • After the checkpoint closes, no one will be watching stored boats.
  • Unless you are planning on camping, you must pre-arrange accommodation in Dawson. Hotels may be full.
  • Government campground is across the river via ferry, commercial campgrounds in town and out the road south.
after the finish
After the Finish
  • To be counted as an official finisher, teams must finish within 84 hours of starting (including the 10 hours of mandatory stops - 74 hours elapsed time on river) by 2359 Saturday evening.
  • Prize money is given to top finishers in their classes under 60 hours river time (by 1000 Saturday morning).


  • Saturday Race Reception at Midnight Sun Hotel, 1800 - 2200 (3rd & Queen)
  • Diamond Tooth Gerties Casino & Shows (4th & Queen)- FREE for racers (tickets in packets).
  • Sunday Finish BBQ & Awards, 1100 - 1300 at the Robert Service School (5th & Queen).
    • Do not forget your racer’s tickets. Tickets are in their race packets. Purchase extras for support crews at pre-race meet or in Dawson.
be there for your team
Be There for your Team!
  • Ho for the Klondike!
  • See you in Dawson!

Photos by Jeff Brady, Harry Kern, Cam Beemer, Paul Van der Meer and Peter Coates