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Via Christi Regional Medical Center Wichita, KS PowerPoint Presentation
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Via Christi Regional Medical Center Wichita, KS

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Via Christi Regional Medical Center Wichita, KS. Electricity Reduction. Lindy Pope September 14, 2007. Presentation Overview. Via Christi Overview Energy Consumption Audit Light Audit Delamping and Timers New Lamp Purchases Occupancy Sensors Dimming Controls Air Audit

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via christi regional medical center wichita ks

Via Christi Regional Medical CenterWichita, KS

Electricity Reduction

Lindy Pope

September 14, 2007

presentation overview
Presentation Overview

Via Christi Overview

Energy Consumption Audit

Light Audit

Delamping and Timers

New Lamp Purchases

Occupancy Sensors

Dimming Controls

Air Audit

Employee Awareness

Energy Star Products

Monitor Power Management

Energy Awareness Program

Total Savings


via christi overview
Via Christi Overview

Via Christi Regional Medical Center is a non-profit Catholic health organization based in Wichita, Kansas.

I worked at their St. Francis campus.

St. Francis is a 1,450,000 square feet Level-1 Trauma Center.

energy consumption audit
Energy Consumption Audit

12 months of energy data was collected for St. Francis, St. Joseph, Our Lady of Lourdes, Good Shepherd, and 30 other locations owned by Via Christi.

The 4 main buildings were placed into Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager to get a benchmark reading.

energy consumption audit5
Energy Consumption Audit

St. Francis’ meters were broken down into: the location they served, what events happen in those locations, and $ per square foot.

All this information was collected to allow the hospital to focus their energy conservation on the locations where they use the most energy.

An example of the final spreadsheet can be seen below.

light audit
Light Audit

Overall higher lighting levels than needed.


¼ Delamping- 25 locations

In locations that are over lit constantly and/or low traffic hallways

Turn off certain lights during the day- 21 locations

Achieve through timers or connecting the lighting to a Building Automation System

21 timers are needed: a purchase price of $630


$5,793.27 and 125,068 kWh savings in electricity per year

Removal of 336 lamps

new lamp purchases
New Lamp Purchases

A list of the current lamp purchases for St. Francis and St. Joseph was reviewed to determine if there are better options.

11 lamp types were identified that should be changed.

The new lamps reduce electricity, lamp disposal, mercury, and/or maintenance costs

T-8: 38,350 to 45,950 T- 8’s in the 4 main buildings


$81,920 to $97,302 in electricity per year

1,638,387 to 1,946,005 kWh per year

69,030 to 82,710 mg of mercury

occupancy sensors
Occupancy Sensors

LocationAverage Savings Amount Annual Savings (per room)

Private Offices 35% 600 $7.59 - $12.56

Classrooms 40% 35 $18.40 - $49.06

Conference Rooms 47% 62 $10.29 - $20.58

Restrooms 54% 121 $35.50 - $59.13

Storage Areas 60% 264 $7.88 - $15.77

Lounge/Kitchen 35% 90 $13.80 - $27.60

Waiting Room 30% 50 $26.28 - $52.56

Exam Room 50% 121 $6.57 - $13.14

Total Savings:

$15,497 to $28,591 in electricity per year

310,119 to 571,747 kWh per year

dimming controls
Dimming Controls

Dimming controls offer occupants more control over their environment.

They can be used in patient rooms, offices, and exam rooms.

Occupancy sensors save more in offices then dimmers do.

Dimming controls, in exam rooms, have no research on potential savings.

Patient rooms

Implement dimmers during renovations or new construction.

There are 730 patient rooms.

The chart below shows the estimated savings per year if dimmers were placed in patient rooms.

air audit
Air Audit

Equipment used: UE Systems 9000 Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Compressed Air

20 leaks for a total loss of 74.8 CFM

Total loss of $7,862.98 and 157,260 kWh per year

Medical Air

11 leaks for a total loss of 22.9 CFM

Total loss of $3,009.06 60,181 kWh per year


5 leaks for a total loss of 35.12 lb/hr

Total loss of $3,999 and 331 Mbtu per year

Total: $14,871, 217,441 kWh, and 331 Mbtu per year

energy star products
Energy Star Products

Product Savings (1 unit per year) Total Savings (per Year)

CRT/LCD Monitor $8 $10,500

TV $3 $2,190

Vending Machine $140 $10,500

Computer $6 $3,600

LED Exit Signs $12 $6,000

Other products:

Copiers, printers, refrigerators, DVD’s, fax, and food service equipment

Total Savings:

$27,090 per year

500,000 kWh per year

monitor power management
Monitor Power Management

This free software from Energy Star puts all monitors on the network into sleep mode after a pre-determined time.

Estimated savings per monitor: $10-$20

Total Savings (based on 1,500 monitors):

$15,000 to $30,000 per year

300,000 to 600,000 kWh per year

Cisco Systems Success Story:

20,000 monitors

Total savings of $528,000 or $26 per monitor per year

Only 16 hours of IT time to implement

energy awareness program
Energy Awareness Program

Newsletter Ad

Makes sure employees are an active part of energy savings.

Fact Sheets

Will remind people of energy conservation acts and benefits.


Constant reminder to turn off

the lights and office equipment at night.

Total Estimated Savings (from

Energy Star):

$30,000-$76,000 per year

600,000-1,520,000 kWh per year

total savings15
Total Savings

Total Savings in Energy per Year:

$197,347 to $291,298

3,825,306 to 5,704,078 kWh