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Suitcase Stories. Learning Activity Key Stage 2 Stories of migration and the search for a better life. Activity 1: Introduction. Facts: At the beginning of the 20 th Century, one quarter of the world’s population lived in the British empire

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suitcase stories

Suitcase Stories

Learning ActivityKey Stage 2Stories of migrationand the search fora better life

activity 1 introduction
Activity 1: Introduction


  • At the beginning of the 20th Century, one quarter of the world’s population lived in the British empire
  • The British empire covered one quarter of the world’s land surface
  • At the end of 20th Century Britain had 14 dependent territories outside the British Isles, small islands with a combined population of just over 2 million.
  • There are 54 Commonwealth countries, over half in thedeveloping world.
  • After the 2nd World War the British government encouraged immigration to Britain under the European Volunteer Workers Scheme

Look at our interactive

facts continued
Facts continued….
  • Many non-white people also began to migrate toBritain from the Caribbean, South Africa, and India
  • Some of the immigrants served in the British forces duringthe 2nd World War
  • Others came in search of better opportunities
  • Many immigrants were skilled or professional people and there was plenty of work for everyone
task 1


  • ____________________________________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________
Task 1

Reasons why people leave to live in another country:

task 2
Task 2

Suitcase stories: What do I takewith me?

task 3
Task 3

Investigate your characters through your objects/ image cards

Mohindra Chowdhry

Roy Hackett

Sheila Mitchell Bane

Precious McKenzie

task 4

Is your charactermale or female

  • Why did he/she cometo England?
  • What ethnic group /culture did he/she belong to?
  • What job/skill didhe/she have?
  • Any other findings?
Task 4

Discuss the following questions in your group:

task 5
Task 5

Present your characters toyour class

task 6
Task 6

Watch and listen to your character tell their story

(Watch videos on this page or click here to view the files on our website)

Mohindra Chowdhry

Roy Hackett

Sheila Mitchell Bane

Precious McKenzie