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Risk Based Testing. Sreeram Kishore Chavali April 2001. Agenda. Definition of Quality of Software Risk Examples Industry Trends Practical Approach and Templates Discussion and Q&A. Quality. Variations in Definition of Quality “Business Definition of Quality”

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Risk based testing l.jpg

Risk Based Testing

Sreeram Kishore Chavali

April 2001

Agenda l.jpg

  • Definition of Quality of Software

  • Risk Examples

  • Industry Trends

  • Practical Approach and Templates

  • Discussion and Q&A

Quality l.jpg

Variations in Definition of Quality

“Business Definition of Quality”

  • Product that generates more revenue for company and reduces cost is a ‘Quality’ Product

  • More people buy the product -> More Revenue. Product is ‘the best’ in the market

  • Less ‘Support Calls’ -> less cost to the company

Threats to quality l.jpg
Threats to Quality

  • Software alienates user instead of winning him over

  • User is not ‘thrilled’ to use software. How do you expect more users if they cannot be thrilled?

  • User loses his productivity in making support calls

  • Company recalls product because of wrong design

  • Company spends money and resources in Support

    Losing business or spending money in support are RISKS to BUSINESS

Risk examples l.jpg
Risk Examples

  • Translate these higher risks to lower risks at test case level

  • Risk 1: System forces user to spend more time than he feels appropriate

  • Risk 2: System Crashes resulting in loss of business

  • Risk 3: Corrupts data

  • Risk 4: Delivers slow performance

  • Risk 5: Incorrect Documentation

    Consider ‘User Expectations’ while testing and reporting Defects

Industry trends l.jpg
Industry Trends

  • The critical the software the higher the risks

  • Risk Management at Project Management Level is a recommended strategy

  • Risk Management at ‘critical’ quality stage is one of the ‘best practices’

Practical approach l.jpg
Practical Approach

  • Make list of test cases

  • Assign risk to each test case

  • Filter test cases and execute them in decreasing order of risk

  • While reporting think about ‘user feelings’

  • Report user impact than ‘your’ feeling

  • Motivate developer to fix the defects

Look at implementation l.jpg
Look at Implementation

  • Export Test Cases to Excel

  • Use Auto Filter to view required data

  • Create Pivot Tables

  • On Daily Basis look at the risk status while reporting test progress

  • Keep doing it project after after

  • Effectiveness of Testing will improve

Action plan l.jpg
Action Plan

  • Always write detailed test cases before starting testing

  • Once approved, export the data to Excel

  • Assign Risks

  • Monitor risk status as the project progresses

    Change to new scenario: Do it slowly. Don’t expect sudden change. Realize benefits in pilot approach and do a large change

Recommended reading l.jpg
Recommended Reading

  • "The best tester isn't the one who finds most bugs or who embarrasses the most programmers. The best tester is one who gets most bugs fixed.“ – Bug Advocacy, Cem Kaner

  • Heuristic Risk Based Testing – James Bach

  • Approach to Implementing Risk Based Testing - Kishore