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Department of Marketing Overview Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Chairman and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Fund Chair for - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Department of Marketing Overview Dr. Wayne D. Hoyer Chairman and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Fund Chair for Free Enterprise Teaching Academic Programs #3, Marketing Undergraduate Program, U.S. News and World Report #9, Marketing Graduate Program, U.S. News and World Report

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Department of MarketingOverviewDr. Wayne D. Hoyer Chairman and the James L. Bayless/William S. Farish Fund Chair for Free Enterprise

Teaching l.jpg

  • Academic Programs

    • #3, Marketing Undergraduate Program, U.S. News and World Report

    • #9, Marketing Graduate Program, U.S. News and World Report

    • #18 MBA Program, U.S. News and World Report

Teaching awards l.jpg
Teaching Awards

  • Bob Peterson- AMA Distinguished Marketing Educator Award (2006)

  • Raji Srinivasan- Trammell/CBA Foundation Teaching Award for Assistant Professors (2006)

  • Frenkel ter Hofstede- CBA Foundation Advisory Council Award for Teaching Innovation (2006)

  • Kate Mackie-MBA Applause Teaching Award (2005)

  • Kate Mackie-MBA Honor Roll (2004, 2005)

Research awards l.jpg
Research Awards

  • Susan Broniarczyk, Wayne Hoyer, and Leigh McAlister-O’Dell Award for top paper in Journal of Marketing Research over 5 year period (2003)

  • Frenkel ter Hofstede- O’Dell Award for top paper in Journal ofMarketing Research over 5 year period (2003)

  • Frenkel ter Hofstede- CBA Foundation Research Excellence Award for Assistant Professors (2005)

  • Frenkel ter Hofstede- MSI Young Scholar (2003)

  • Raji Srinivasan- CBA FoundationResearch Excellence Award for Assistant Professors (2006)

  • Vijay Mahajan- recognized by as one of the most highly cited Business/Econ researchers in the world

  • Vijay Mahajan-Best paper award IJRM (2004), Best paper award, JAMS (2004)

Research awards cont l.jpg
Research Awards (cont.)

  • Raj Raghunathan - MSI Young Scholar (2005)

  • Wayne Hoyer- Award for Research Excellence- MSB (2004)

  • Wayne Hoyer- Award for Outstanding Research Contributions- MSB (2005)

  • Mark Alpert and Linda Golden-American Risk and Insurance Prize for most valuable contribution (2003)

  • Linda Golden- Robert I. Mehr Award for journal article with 10 year lasting contribution to risk management (2004)

Composition of faculty l.jpg
Composition of Faculty

  • Full Professors: 8

  • Associate Professors: 3

  • Assistant Professors: 4

  • Lecturers: 13 full and part-time

Newest faculty l.jpg
Newest Faculty

  • Garrett Sonnier(UCLA)

    • Teaching Areas- Marketing Core, Marketing Research, Pricing

    • Research Areas- Choice models, Bayesian analysis, empirical modeling in product and brand management, econometrics

Interaction with industry l.jpg
Interaction with Industry

  • Involvement with the Center for Customer Insight (Accenture, Frito Lay, 3M, H-E-B, Ford, Quarry Communications, Philip Morris)

  • Customer Strategy Class (Frito Lay, Dell, Freescale, Ford, P&G, 3M)

  • Practicum (Dell, Frito Lay, 3M, H-E-B, Ford, Verizon, Philip Morris, SBC, Freescale, Dow Chemicals, Applied Materials, Accenture, P&G, Traq Wireless, Nortel Networks, Vignette)

Cci practica l.jpg
CCI Practica

  • Fall 2005

  • Freescale: Home NetworkingConduct a market study toexplore, define and quantify potential business opportunity in home networking that will contain a high semiconductor content

  • Frito-Lay: Packaging InnovationCreate a portfolio of products/packaging that provides emotional and functional benefits to the multi-tasking consumer during the work/study need state

  • Yucatan Foods: Consumer Marketing Strategic Growth PlanDevelop a recommendation for Yucatan Foods’ strategic growth plan in the Hispanic Food Category (specifically, guacamole, fresh salsa and other avocado derivative products)

Cci practica10 l.jpg
CCI Practica

Spring 2006

Accenture: Value Model for RFID Use in the HomeExplore the value of RFID technology in consumers' daily lives and develop a value model for new product development

Emergency Service Partners, LP: Establish Brand MessageEstablish brand message and formulate a plan for implementation and spread

Heinz Frozen Sauces: Market Opportunity Assessment for Frozen SaucesDetermine if and how frozen sauce offerings should be expanded

  • Lance Armstrong Foundation: LIVESTRONG™ International Merchandising ProjectExplore the feasibility of expanding the merchandise line for distribution into international markets

  • Yucatan Foods: Consumer New Market Entry StrategyDevelopment of a successful strategy recommendation to serve the 1st/2nd generation Hispanic customer

Community involvement l.jpg
Community Involvement

  • Faculty involved in projects with: US Bureau of the Census, SafePlace (shelter for battered women), Governor’s Task Force on Obesity, Center for Domestic Violence, Hospice Austin

  • Frequent class projects for local non-profit organizations

  • Course on Community Development and Social Enterprise

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Marketing and Brand Management


American Airlines



Con Agra


Dow Chemical


Eli Lilly

Federal Express



GE Company

General Mills

H.J. Heinz



Johnson & Johnson







Philip Morris

Procter & Gamble




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Salary Statistics

  • 2006 FT average (current)

    • Annual salary $91,811

    • Signing Bonus (88%) $19,621

  • 2005 FT average (final)

    • Annual salary $84,025

    • Signing Bonus (54%) $14,449

Mkt strengths l.jpg
MKT Strengths

  • Very strong and well trained researchers- high research productivity

  • A culture that develops junior faculty

  • Good interaction with industry (faculty/industry consortium, practicums, and projects)

  • Innovative courses (Customer Strategy, Customer Insight, etc.)

  • Center for Customer Insight

Key initiatives for 2006 l.jpg
Key Initiatives for 2006

  • Recruiting new faculty (7 in next 3 years)

  • Attract more MBA’s into Marketing

  • Improve MBA Marketing core class

  • Increase the rigor and analytical content of all courses

  • Continue to reduce the class size and increase the rigor of Principles of Marketing (U-grad)

  • Increase Industry collaboration

    • Faculty/Industry Consortium

Key items for discussion l.jpg
Key Items for Discussion

  • Center for Customer Insight

    • Center Direction

      • ReLaunch

      • Fresher Message

    • New Name?

    • Center Projects (Future Consortia and Collaboration)

    • Hot Topics

Faculty industry consortium update l.jpg
Faculty/Industry Consortium Update

  • Original Idea: Develop a consortium of industry collaborators (diverse group) and faculty to:

    • Participate in ‘think tank’ sessions

    • Develop a research agenda

  • TOPIC: Must be ‘cutting edge’ and of great interest to both industry and academics:

    • EX: Future impact of RFID/EPC technology on marketing and business practice

Rfid consortium derived from 2005 ab meeting l.jpg
RFID Consortium(derived from 2005 AB Meeting)

October 21, 2005

Philip Morris, FedExKinko’s, Dell, HEB, Accenture

Identification of Broad Level Key Research/Practicum topics such as:

  • What is ROI at different levels of investment?

    -moving return forward-

  • Trade off Privacy versus consumer benefits

    -how much consumers are willing to give up

    -how to best mollify consumers to accept

    -what are consumers concerns to resistance?

More topics l.jpg
More Topics

  • Historic cases of adoption

    -(case historics) similar products/technologies

  • Consumers vision of RFID benefits –Evaluate different benefits –trade-offs

    -enough benefit to keep or change loyalty

    -changes purchasing patterns?

    -varies by segment?

  • Implications for internet shopping?

  • Build a model of consumer adoption of RFID

    –is there any consumer pull?

Outcomes l.jpg

Companies asked:

  • to assist in defining the broad-level topics into actionable semester-long projects

  • to consider sponsoring one of the projects

  • to consider serving as point of contact for a project


    Goal: Host 4 RFID focused projects for the Spring 2006 Semester and follow-up with an end of semester RFID event in which participating companies would attend.

Results l.jpg

  • Only One RFID practicum conducted (in collaboration with Accenture)


    Need input on how to improve process of soliciting more feedback and increasing company involvement

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Internships – Class of 2007

Current data

Median monthly salary $6,000

Average monthly salary $6,283

Curriculum in mba program l.jpg
Curriculum in MBA Program

  • Specializations

    • General Marketing

    • Brand Management

    • Customer Insight

Mba electives l.jpg
MBA Electives

  • Brand Management

  • Marketing Communications

  • Consumer Behavior

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Marketing Research

  • Corporate Governance

  • Customer Insights

  • Customer Relationship Management

  • Innovative Business Marketing: Creation of Value

  • Marketing Analysis and Decision Making in the Information Age

  • New Product Design and Marketing

  • Customer Strategy

  • Pricing/Distribution Strategies

  • Marketing High Tech Products

  • Service Management

  • Marketing and Customer Insights Practicum

Bba courses l.jpg
BBA Courses

  • Required:

    • Principles of Marketing

    • Information and Analysis

    • Marketing Policies

Slide31 l.jpg

  • Electives

    • Professional Selling and Sales Management

    • Retail Merchandising

    • Brand Management

    • Customer Insights

    • Consumer Behavior

    • Marketing Communications

    • High Tech Marketing

    • Data Mining

    • Customer Relationship Management

    • Direct Marketing

    • Global Marketing

    • Community Development and Social Enterprise