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People Building People (PBP) Ministry

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People Building People (PBP) Ministry Body Building the Body of Christ What We Believe We believe in sharing Jesus Christ to the world through our acts of service and our words.

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People Building People (PBP) Ministry

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people building people pbp ministry

People Building People(PBP) Ministry

Body Building the Body of Christ

what we believe

What We Believe

We believe in sharing Jesus Christ to the world through our acts of service and our words.

We have been called (Romans 8:28) to serve in primarily in Juarez, Mexico but also anywhere the Lord needs us (Isaiah 58:6-12)

Through Jesus Christ, all things are possible

We are OARS – Obedient, Available, Relentless Servants for Christ

Kingdom Building through the Body of Christ

what we do

What We Do

Fundamentally shepherds who invite people on a spiritual journey

Teaching servant hood in the field of short term mission trips

Sharing the joy of serving others in cross cultural servant hood

Practicing our faith with our feet


People Building People Ministry

  • History of People Building People (PBP)
  • The Lord Expands our Borders
  • OUR Organization
  • Branches of OUR ministry
  • Getting Plugged into PBP
  • Summary
  • Slide Show from Mexico Trips

History of PBP Ministry

  • First Mexico mission trip was in 1994
  • Bible Passage was provide by the Lord at PK event in Detroit in 1995 (Isaiah 58:6-12)
  • Many people accepting Christ on our trips
  • 22 trips, 55 buildings, 1800 participants in first ten years
  • 501C3 Non-profit Organization in Sep 01

2002 The Lord Expands our Borders

  • Read & Prayed the “Jabez Prayer” in Jun 02
  • Prayed for multiple trips to Juarez in 2002
  • God provides 308 people on five trips with over 40 churches
  • 89,000 Individual Meals Ready to Eat delivered to Mexico from Blue Ash, Ohio

2003 The Lord Continues OUR Expansion

  • 1.3 Million Servings of Meals Ready to Eat (MREs) shipped across US and Mexico
  • New relationship with Life Challenge Ministry
  • Seven trips to Mexico with over 300 people
  • Shared vision of Missionaries In Training (MIT) campus in Juarez
  • New website:
  • First Medical Mission on Trip
    • Mexican/American doctors provided free medical services for about 150 people

2004 The Lord Calls His Body

  • Eight trips to Juarez
  • Two story Community Center and 8 homes
  • 445 people registered in 2.5 months
  • Vision of year around ministry emerges
  • Two medical mission trips

2005 Widening Visions from God

  • Seven Trips to Juarez (two medical missions)
  • Built 14 homes and purchased 4 acres of land in Juarez for a MIT Campus
  • Started partnership with Mexican Government to teach Mexicans to build homes with materials provided by the Government
  • 30 additional homes built by Mexicans through our ministry

2006 MIT Campus

  • Six Trips to Juarez (two medical missions)
  • Started building the 4 acre MIT Campus
  • Built a 32’ X 107’ X 10’ first floor dormitory and 30’ X 30’ bathhouse
  • Two people went to Guatemala on a medical mission

2007 People Building Constructively

  • Three Trips to Juarez (one medical mission)
  • Building a multi-purpose building at La Vid Orphanage (our long term partner)
  • Building more homes in Juarez near compound
  • MIT Campus walls finished, septic tanks installed, and dormitory getting ready for slab roof

2008 MIT Campus In Work

  • Four Trips to Juarez (two medical missions)
  • Built a caretaker house and kitchen on MIT campus
  • Helped people fix up their homes in Juarez near our MIT Campus
  • First concerts on MIT campus

2009 MIT Campus Opens

  • Four fly-down Trips to Juarez (one medical mission)
  • Repair Community Center that was built in 2004 and helped people fix up their homes
  • Some work on MIT campus and construction of small businesses
  • More interaction with community and concerts at MIT Campus

OUR Organization

  • Eight Board Members from two local churches in Mason and West Chester, Ohio
  • No one on fulltime payroll, all volunteer Board

Mexico Mission Trips

  • Family-Oriented Mission Trips
    • Devotions every night
    • Priced so anyone can participate
  • We will stay at our Missionaries in Training (MIT) campus in Juarez, Mexico for the first time in 2009
  • Full kitchen, showers, bathrooms, electricity, water
  • Team building, spiritual experiences, friendships
  • Great mix of families, youth, adults, guys, and gals
  • T-Shirt for each participant


  • Many opportunities to accept Christ
  • Cross cultural servant hood, worship, and experiences
  • Practicing our faith through our actions and sharing life experiences with others

Economic Development

  • Providing assistance for ministries in Juarez
    • Purchasing building materials in Juarez
    • Supporting our friends in Juarez through construction projects
    • Supporting Life Challenge in their community reform and development efforts
      • Providing Community Centers for Life Challenge’s full time programs

Networking with other Ministries

  • Connected to over 70 churches in 17 states
  • Tim Gamwell’s Life Challenge Ministry (our partner in Juarez, Mexico)
  • Teen Challenge in Milford, Ohio
  • City Cure and Matthew 25 in Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Rick Caywood Ministries (Moved MREs)

Mexico Medical Missions

  • Provided a 24’ donated trailer from a local church for a Mobile Medical Clinic
  • Providing field pharmacy for our mobile medical mission trips
  • Dental technician assessed over 300 people for dental needs
  • Minor Medical, Health Care Checkups
  • Provided free solar powered hearing aids
  • More Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists, and Interpreters needed

Getting Plugged into PBP

  • Lots of ways to get involved in serving the Lord through PBP
    • Internships, Medical, Construction, Worship, and Spiritual growth and development
  • We are available to speak for any size group


  • We are preparing for the Lord’s next expansion with His ministry “People Building People”
  • So what are you doing next summer?