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Mobile Concierge EM 385 Innovative System Design Adam Hecht William Hespe Michael Munley Gus Rath Richa Soin Team Roles Adam Hecht Project Leader Development of functional architecture William Hespe Research of current technology / “state of the art” Michael Munley

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mobile concierge

Mobile Concierge

EM 385 Innovative System Design

Adam Hecht

William Hespe

Michael Munley

Gus Rath

Richa Soin


Team Roles

Adam Hecht

Project Leader

Development of functional architecture

William Hespe

Research of current technology / “state of the art”

Michael Munley

Design Alternatives / Analysis

Concept Selection

Gustaf Rath

Nonfunctional Requirements

Quality Function Deployment

Richa Soin

Stakeholder Identification

Stakeholder Requirements


The opportunity exists to enable visitors to locate points of interest in metropolitan areas.

Our vision is to create a system that will allow users the

ability to locate restaurants, stores, parks,

and other interesting places.

The primary customer(s) of the mobile concierge system would

be frequent travelers, tourists, and visitors.

but what will it do
But what will it do…
  • Locate you
  • Suggest points of interest based on your inputs
  • Locate said points of interest
  • Provide expert reviews
  • Make reservations for hotels and restaurants
  • Purchase tickets for theaters, movies, sports events, etc.
needs analysis research
Needs Analysis:Research


  • TomTom personal navigation
  • Garmin
  • Mapquest

Travel Guides

  • Frommer’s
  • AAA
  • Zagat Survey


  • Mobile Food Guide
  • American Express Centurion Service
  • Google Search
  • Mio DigiWalker H610
  • CitySearch
stakeholder requirements
Stakeholder Requirements
  • Visitors
    • Provide a response in less than 10 seconds
    • Must be a mobile and compact service
    • Provide directions to the location
    • Allow users to make reservations
  • Manufacturers
    • Use standardized components (interchangeability)
    • Utilize tested and previously implemented technology
  • Maintenance
    • Self Diagnostic
    • 99.9% availability.
  • Regulatory Bodies
    • Conform to all regulations at each level of government.
  • Mobile Service Provider
    • The system must conform to TIA/EIA networking, 802.11x, standards
acceptance criteria
Acceptance Criteria

Customers will be able to

  • Locate restaurants, theaters, stores, parks, and other interesting places.
  • Purchase or make reservations for said services.
  • Have 99% coverage in major U.S. metropolitan areas.
alternate concepts
Alternate Concepts
  • Kiosk
  • Cell Phone Add-in
  • PDA/Travel Device
  • Car Navigation System
context diagram
Context Diagram


& Visitors

Point of Interest info.


Mobile Concierge

System Status





System Errors

Updates and Management

use case scenarios
Use Case Scenarios

Use Cases

  • Find Point of Interest
  • Request Directions
  • Access Ratings
  • Detect Errors
  • Update system
  • Check system status
  • Make Reservations
  • Request Transportation
  • Create User Profile
  • Select Services
system requirements
System Requirements
  • Inputs
    • Mobile device keystrokes
    • Update patches
    • HTTP mobile services web page
    • Online activity selections
  • Outputs
    • Requests (Password, activity type, selection confirmation)
    • Error indication
    • Main Menu
    • Maintenance personnel access
    • Location suggestions
system requirements cont
System Requirements (Cont.)
  • System-Wide
    • Self-diagnostic
    • 99% up-time
    • Meet FCC regulations
    • Multiple service providers
    • GSM and CDMA compatible
    • Lifetime: 3 years
core functional architecture
CORE Functional Architecture

Perform Log-In

Use Mobile Concierge System

Maintain System

use case vs core
Use Case vs. CORE

Make Reservation

Access Ratings

Select Services

technical performance metrics
Technical Performance Metrics
  • Must meet industry communications standards
    • TCP/IP
    • IEEE 802.11x protocols
    • Serial Communications Standards (RS-232, RS-485, Etc.)
  • Physical Weight: 4-8 Oz
  • Processing Power: 500MHz
  • Range: Greater than 10 Miles
risk identification and mitigation
Risk Identification and Mitigation

Equipment failure

  • Planned failures vs unexpected
  • Self diagnostic

Different Standards

  • Multiple Vendors

Low readiness for change

  • Advertising campaign; convince people that Mobile Concierge is better than internet search

Poor customer service/delivery

  • Provide technical support with online information and telephone
  • Good foundation for senior design work
  • Feasible product with potential user base
  • Next Steps
    • Component level design
    • Relationships with external entities
    • Costing / Value Engineering