march 12 2008 kevin hegg andreas knab christina updike james madison university l.
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Madison Digital Image Database User Group

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March 12, 2008 Kevin Hegg, Andreas Knab, Christina Updike James Madison University Madison Digital Image Database User Group VRA Conference 2008 San Diego Agenda Developments since VRA Conference 2007 Shared content Upcoming features MediaViewer (ImageViewer) Contributions

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march 12 2008 kevin hegg andreas knab christina updike james madison university
March 12, 2008

Kevin Hegg, Andreas Knab, Christina Updike

James Madison University

Madison Digital Image DatabaseUser Group

VRA Conference 2008

San Diego

  • Developments since VRA Conference 2007
  • Shared content
  • Upcoming features
  • MediaViewer (ImageViewer)
  • Contributions
  • IMLS Grant update
  • Questions
    • followed by “Ask the Experts”
developments since vra 2007
Developments since VRA 2007
  • Released MDID2 0.8.1
  • Under development
    • Release 0.9
    • API and connectors under IMLS grant
    • MediaViewer, replacement for ImageViewer
  • Continued support
    • Over 340 list subscribers as of March 4
    • Over 1,330 messages on list in past year
    • Over 100 support requests to
  • Updated and expanded MDID wiki at
shared content
Shared content
  • Eight shared collections with over 10,600 images now available (see
    • Art Images for College Teaching
    • American Sheet Music of the early Twentieth Century
    • Historic Illustrations of Art and Architecture
    • John Tenniel and the American Civil War
    • Madison Art Collection
    • Otis Artists’ Books Collection
    • Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (new)
    • English Architecture (new)
new shared collections
New Shared Collections
  • Allan KohlHistoric Posters
    • Collection of over 160 digital images of historic posters from 1890s to First World War
    • Originally compiled to support the teaching of Design History and Graphic Design courses at the Minneapolis College of Art & Design
new shared collections7
New Shared Collections
  • Heather ClearyWoman’s Building Digital Image Archive
    • Over 1,500 images from the archive of the Woman’s Building in Los Angeles

Front of Grandview building at the beginning of construction. Sept. 1973.

woman s building image archive mdid shared collection

Woman’s Building Image Archive:MDID Shared Collection

Heather Cleary

VRA Conference

MDID Users Meeting

March 12, 2008

woman s building in los angeles
Woman’s Building in Los Angeles
  • 1973 – Founded in response to other events and happenings in LA area
    • Judy Chicago, Arlene Raven, Sheila Levrant de Bretteville, Feminist Studio Workshop
  • First located in the former Chouinard Art Institute building in Macarthur Park
    • Named in honor of the Woman’s Building in the 1893 Columbian Exposition, Chicago
  • 1975 – Moved to North Spring Street in downtown LA near Chinatown
  • 1991 – Closed
why change
Why change?
  • Cannot add new material
  • More and more requests for publication
  • Desire to integrate the images into MDID teaching collection
minimal metadata
Minimal Metadata
  • Current fields:
    • Caption
    • Year
    • Keywords
  • New fields:
    • Date
    • Photo Credit
  • Possible fields:
    • People
    • Event

WB78.386: Outside of the Woman's Building, decorated for the "Women in American Architecture” exhibition, April 1978.

WB73.1: Front of Grandview building at the beginning of construction. Sept. 1973.

WB78.350: Great Lady Rising event as part of the 5th Anniversary Celebration. Kate Millet's sculpture being her ascent.


Clockwise from top left

WB73.9: Judy Chicago, founder, speaking at Womanspace Gallery.

WB82.528: 1st Annual Vesta Awards.(back row, R.) Helene Rosenbluth, Deena Metzgar, Josine Ianco Starrels, Cindy Marsh.(middle row, R.) Suzanne Lacy, Judy Baca, Betye Saar, June Wayne.(front row, R.) Mitsuye Yamada, Arlene Raven, Sheila Levra

WB76.241: The artist speaking opening night. Grandma Prisbrey. March 13, 1976. Photo by Sheila Ruth.

WB78.376: Arlene Raven and Sheila de Bretteville at the celebration party to celebrate the 5th Anniversary of the Woman's Building.

workshops performances events
Workshops, Performances & Events

WB77.329: In Mourning and In Rage performance by Leslie Labowitz and Suzanne Lacy, with assistance by Bia Lowe,

WB75.183: Chain backrub, second day of the Feminist Studio Workshop, Oct. 17, 1975.

WB83.2191: Sisters Of Survival "End of the Rainbow: Public Action” at Covent Garden during their European tour.

WB84.615: Me and My Shadow, by Terry Wolverton.


WB85.2311: Installation shot from "Current Wave” poster show curated by Lucy Lippard.

WB87.2073: Postcard invitation to "Apsara: The Feminine in Cambodian Art" show designed by Sue Maberry.

WB86.2116: Installation shot from 1986 "Postcard Project: Celebrating Our Heroines"

WB76.230: Another installation shot. Woman's Building 1893 Historical Handicrafts Exhibition, March-May. 1976.

art and design work
Art and Design Work

WB79.2102: Eyebolt produced by members of the Feminist Studio Workshop to earn income for the WB.

WB88.1016: Sculptural "cake" by Diane Gamboa for "Having Our Cake," the 15th Anniversary Show.

WB79.2102: My Favorite Art Historian postcard about Arlene Raven offset press in the Women's Graphic Center by Sue Maberry.

WB85.823: "Break the Silence" installation by Deborah Small in 1985.

thank you
Thank You!
  • Coming in Summer 2008
    • Shared MDID Collection:
  • Also available to general public:
    • MDID collection at
    • CONTENTdm collection at

Heather Cleary, Digital Projects & Metadata Librarian

Otis College of Art and Design

new shared collections18
New Shared Collections
  • Sara JamesEnglish Architecture

Hampton Court Palace

King’s College Chapel, Cambridge, England. Coat of Arms of Henry VI

english architecture
English Architecture
  • The James Collection of English Architecture (c.1100-1800 CE) was photographed by Sara Nair James, professor of Renaissance Art at Mary Baldwin College, Virginia. The archive includes cathedrals and parish churches from the Norman Romanesque period; ecclesiastical buildings in the Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular styles; Medieval secular architecture including castles, marketplaces and town halls; Perpendicular Gothic collegiate buildings; Tudor, Elizabethan, Baroque and Neoclassical country houses and churches. This photographic survey was funded in part by the Yum and Ross Arnold Fund and the Jesse Ball DuPont Grant to the Master's of Arts in Literature Program at Mary Baldwin College.
new shared collections20
New Shared Collections
  • Allan KohlBattles and Leaders of the Civil War

Crossing the river in pontoons to dislodge the Confederate sharp-shooters.

Cobb's and Kershaw's troops behind the stone-wall.

current release 0 8 1
Current release: 0.8.1
  • Published in August 2007
  • Includes many bug fixes and improvements
  • Major new features in 0.8.x releases:
    • New import for CSV, TSV, and XML files with interactive field mapping
    • Package now contains pre-compiled binaries for Windows
    • Added record duplication feature to editor
    • New full-text search based on dotLucene
next release major upgrade
Next release: Major upgrade
  • Past releases have incrementally added features
  • Next release will include
    • major changes in handling of media
    • user interface updates
upcoming features
Upcoming Features
  • Multimedia support
  • Archival images/files
  • Partial collections
  • User interface updates
    • Record detail screen
  • Linked records
  • Sort search results by relevance
  • Support for Core 4 XML import
multimedia and archival files
Multimedia and Archival Files
  • Current model:
    • Each record has one associated image
    • Three derivatives of image stored on server
  • New model (changed since last year):
    • Each record has one resource that can be of any type in addition to the three classic image files
    • Local resources stored unmodified on server, for example archival images or links to remote resources
    • Each resource has a thumbnail for display in search results
    • Optionally, derivatives of image resources created as needed and cached on server
partial collections
Partial Collections
  • A collection that contains all records from another collection matching a certain criteria
  • Use to grant different access to a subset of images in a collection
  • Example: Allow guest access to images that in the “public” field have a “yes” value
user interface updates
User Interface Updates
  • Overhaul structure of pages to replace tables and hard-coded formatting with CSS
    • Simplifies customization and changes to color scheme
  • Use of AJAX and other Web 2.0 technologies where appropriate
    • Example: auto-completing editor and search fields
  • Restructuring of content
    • Individual image/media record pages
linked records
Linked Records
  • Make MDID aware of Dublin Core “Relation” field
    • isVersionOf/hasVersion and isPartOf/hasPart to link images and works together
    • Group images of one work on search result screen
    • Possible use with “Related Images” feature
search result relevance
Search Result Relevance
  • Allows sorting of search results by how close records match search criteria
  • Use with “Related Images” feature to bring more popular images to the top
  • Use with approximate full-text search to bring better matches to the top

Will run on latest versions of both MacOS and Windows

Based on Adobe Flash and various SWF wrappers

At least equivalent functionality (without platform incompatibilities) to current ImageViewer by Summer 2008

mdid to fedora bridge
MDID to Fedora Bridge
  • Kristian ThornleyChristchurch Polytechnic Institute of Technology,New Zealand
  • Exposes a Fedora collectionto MDID as a remotecollection
  • See formore information
imls grant overview
IMLS Grant – Overview
  • 2006 National Leadership Grants for Libraries
  • Grant Category: Research and Demonstration
  • Project Title: "Making Connections: Linking MDID to Other Image Systems and Tools"
  • Description: JMU will research and develop the means of allowing its MDID to be used by more educators and with different systems and tools. The results of this project will allow users to access many more image collections and will serve as a model for interoperability in image systems.
imls grant guiding principles
IMLS Grant – Guiding Principles
  • We should be able to work with the tools and systems we prefer
  • We should be able to bring digital images from disparate and previously disconnected resources together in a single, coherent, easy-to-manage interface
  • Interoperability should work in both directions so that we aren’t forced to choose a particular system or set of tools
  • Interoperability should encourage individuals and institutions to share their images and image collections
imls grant
IMLS Grant
  • Now hiring contractors to work on some or all of these projects:
    • ARTstor connector
    • Flickr connector
    • Blackboard building block
    • PowerPoint import/export
    • OKI OSID connector for use with Pachyderm
q a diacritics
Q&A: Diacritics
  • Lucene allows approximate spelling searches that will find diacritics using the ~ operator
  • Users often don’t remember
  • MDID cannot use this operator by default right now as it often returns additional unwanted results
  • Possible solutions:
    • Relevance of search results
    • Index copy of cataloging data without diacritics
q a resource path
Q&A: Resource Path
  • Each collection needs to have a dedicated directory on the server to store its images
  • Sharing directories worked unintentionally before release 0.8, but causes issues now
  • Shared directories must be fixed before upgrading to release 0.8
q a resource path40
Q&A: Resource Path
  • Quick fix:
    • Duplicate directories and assign each collection a unique directory
  • Clean up:
    • Delete image files that do not apply to the collection that uses the directory
  • MDID wiki at
  • MDID users list at
  • MDID project on SourceForge at
  • Email:

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  • Kevin HeggSoftware
  • Andreas KnabComputer Systems
  • Christina UpdikeVisual Resources

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  • Visit
  • Email
  • Stay for the “Ask the Experts” session immediately following this presentation