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GT Travel Web Booking Direct Billing Process for Airfare PowerPoint Presentation
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GT Travel Web Booking Direct Billing Process for Airfare

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GT Travel Web Booking Direct Billing Process for Airfare - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GT Travel Web Booking Direct Billing Process for Airfare Sharon Jackson Simone Mayweather Donna Campbell 3/2010 Travel Terms

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gt travel web booking direct billing process for airfare

GT TravelWeb Booking Direct Billing Process for Airfare

Sharon Jackson

Simone Mayweather

Donna Campbell


travel terms
Travel Terms
  • Direct Billing:Process for charging airfare directly to GT through Travel Inc (hotels and rental cars can not be directly billed). A GT P-Card can not be used for employee travel.
  • Cliqbook:The web tool used for booking airfare, hotels, rental cars. Cliqbook is provided and maintained by Travel Inc. Concur is the parent company for the Cliqbook product.
  • Travel Arranger:A GT employee that has responsibility for making travel reservations, reviewing travel itineraries, or assisting a traveler with travel arrangements
travel inc gt s contracted travel agency
Travel IncGT’s Contracted Travel Agency
  • Access to all contracts
  • Only agency authorized for direct billing of airfare
  • Traveler locator report in case of emergency, incident, disaster
  • Identification of unused

e-tickets for credit

Traditional Agent Services

  • 770-291-5190
  • Dedicated GT agents
  • 8:30am-5:30pm M-F
  • After hours support available

Web Booking: Cliqbook

  • Secure access
  • Available 24/7
  • Support agents are available to coach through reservation tool

Transaction FeesReservations made through Travel Inc

  • Web booking: airfare, hotel, rental car

$3 surcharge for AirTran transactions

  • Web booking: hotel, rental car only
  • Agent-assisted on-line booking

(special requests, freq flyer upgrades)

  • Traditional agent booking of airfare, hotel, rental car by phone
  • $9.50-$12.50
  • $7
  • $17
  • $23 domestic
  • $34 intn’l

If Delta airfare, rental car, and hotel are booked together on Cliqbook, total fee $9.50


Georgia Tech’s Web Booking Tool: Cliqbook by Concur

Travel news for GT employees & links to tutorials

web booking benefits
Web Booking Benefits

Access to Best Fares

  • GT-only Delta discount agreement
    • 2%-15% off many domestic fares
    • 15%-30% off many international fares
  • All other airfares (other airlines, non-refundable fares)
  • Rental car contracts with National, Enterprise
  • Special contract pricing agreements with hotels and map feature to find hotels close to meeting destination
  • New – Dining option – access to Open Table
web booking benefits8
Web Booking Benefits

Convenience and Flexibility

  • Travel arranger can make reservations on behalf of employee
  • Customize up to 3 auto e-mail address notifications
  • Make cancellations on-line
  • Employee can use personal credit card or directly bill airfare (if authorized)
  • Ability to make templates for recurring itineraries and clone colleague itineraries
  • Ability to keep a record of all upcoming and prior itineraries
georgia tech trip specific details
Georgia Tech Trip Specific Details
  • For all business travel booked through the web booking tool, or through a Travel Inc agent, the traveler must provide:
    • Campus Ref# ● PeopleSoft Project#
    • Business Purpose of Trip ● Dept#
  • This data prints on the final trip itinerary that can be viewed by the traveler and arranger
    • If data must be corrected, contact
travel inc e profile
Travel Inc E-profile
  • All users of the web booking tool must complete an E-profile prior to booking airfare
  • Minimum required fields-Secure Travel Program
    • Name (must match government issued ID)
    • Birthday and gender
    • Dept name (in field labeled ‘company name’)
    • E-mail, address, phone#
  • Additional fields important for travelers
    • Frequent flyer details
    • Hotel/rental car membership accounts
    • Meal/seating preferences
    • Other membership discounts: AAA, AARP
travel inc e profile11
Travel Inc E-profile

Don’t Worry

Personal credit card # is never displayed

establishing travel arrangers
A traveler can assign 1+ arrangers

An arranger can assign himself to 1+ travelers

Traveler receives e-mail notice of assignment

Establishing Travel Arrangers


Prof 1


Prof 2

Finance Dir





All Arrangers and travelers must have an E-profile

how to review arrangers in cliqbook
How to Review Arrangers in Cliqbook

NOTE: Travelers should check ‘Refuse Self Assigning Assts’ if travel privacy is important

how to access cliqbook
How to Access Cliqbook
  • Go to:
  • User ID: Format is

Note: The user ID is in an e-mail format, but is not the actual e-mail address for the employee

  • Password: As established in the Travel Inc E-profile

OR, link through Travel Inc

business class airfare
Business Class Airfare
  • Select employees may be authorized to use business class airfare for international trips using Foundation or GTRC funds
  • If authorized by the Foundation or GTRC, travelers will be able to reserve business class airfare via the Cliqbook tool or through an agent
  • An e-mail notification is sent to the FDN/GTRC whenever a reservation is booked
  • Payments, including reimbursements, will be made directly through the Institute (AP Travel Team). Direct reimbursement from the Foundation or GTRC only with approval from the President, Exec VP for Admin and Finance, or Provost and Exec VP for Academic Affairs
students visitors consultants
Students / Visitors / Consultants
  • The web booking tool will be available for GRA/GTA employees if approved by the unit. The unit must notify AP to inactivate access when the employment terminates.
  • Student employees, official guests and consultants
    • Current booking process remains the same
    • Send TA for Non-Employees to AP for pre-approval
    • Visitors/Students are eligible for contract rates for official Institute business travel
    • Transaction fee is $23

Process Flow: Direct Billing of Airfare


E-profile via

Travel Inc website


Traveler* submits

Request for Direct Billing

form to GT AP Travel Team


24 Hrs

Traveler*completes TA,

books airfare on

Cliqbook and receives

electronic itinerary. Traveler

may also make reservations

via phone to Travel Inc agent.

GT AP authorizes

request and updates

web booking tool,


to permit direct billing

* and/or travel arranger

direct billing of airfare
Direct Billing of Airfare


  • Employee is not out-of-pocket for airfare expenses
  • Verify employee ID and default project expense code
  • Easier for travelers to self-book at any time via the web
  • Lower transaction fees due to streamlined process. GT departments saved over $115,000 in the first 6 months of implementation

This form is valid until campus unit terminates approval

Form is available on the Procurement Services Forms Bank

Burdell, George

Use this form only for faculty/staff employees.

Visitors and all students continue to use the TA for Non-Emp Form

Employee must sign-can not be delegated


direct billing option
Direct Billing Option

Personal Credit Card

As soon as direct billing has been authorized, the payment option to direct bill will be available in Cliqbook

managing the process for your unit
Managing the Process for Your Unit










Traveler completes

Request for Direct

Billing Form




AP approves

request & updates





Travel Inc



User ID/password

and update

profile data

Book travel on web with

Cliqbook or via phone with

Travel Inc agent

enhanced controls authorization
Enhanced Controls: Authorization
  • Traveler completes the Request forDirect Billing Authorization Form and agrees that direct billing is only authorized for official GT business. Employee signature cannot be delegated
  • The Direct Billing Authorization Form provides approver’s e-mail address and all itinerary transactions are sent to this address. The approver’s e-mail address can not be changed or deleted by the traveler or department administrator
  • Department administrators can review the listing of all employees that are authorized for direct billing for their department at any time via the Procurement Inquiry website
enhanced controls pre trip
Enhanced Controls: Pre-Trip
  • Traveler still completes TAR prior to booking airfare for approval to travel and collection of project#, campus ref#, dept# and business purpose
  • Data is required prior to final confirmation using web booking tool and/or collected by Travel Inc agent if booked over the phone
enhanced controls trip review
Enhanced Controls: Trip Review
  • Trip specific control data prints on the final trip itinerary that should be reviewed by the traveler and arranger prior to the trip
  • If data must be corrected, contact and fields can be updated prior to bi - monthly transaction posting
  • Once the transaction has been posted, departments can complete an ECT or journal entry to correct project account
enhanced controls cancellations
Enhanced Controls: Cancellations
  • Reservations can be voided within 24 hours and cancelled/credited (depending on refundable status of ticket and airline policy) after 24 hours
  • Web reservations can be cancelled on-line and cancellation record, with hotel cancellation verification# is maintained on-line
enhanced controls access to travel reservation activity
Enhanced Controls: Access to Travel Reservation Activity
  • Travel arrangers can review all upcoming and completed trips for reservations made on the web booking tool
  • Travel arrangers can request a summary of traveler activity for reservations made via an agent by contacting
enhanced controls departmental responsibility
Enhanced Controls: Departmental Responsibility
  • Travel arrangers ensure that travel has been approved, via the TA, prior to making a reservation
  • Unit finance staff review itinerary to ensure that correct project and campus ref have been used
  • Unit finance staff review expense ledgers to ensure that transactions are correctly posted to ledger
  • Finance staff must submit termination request for any employee that no longer has a need to directly bill airfare due to lack of need to travel, transfer, or termination


getting started with web booking and direct billing
Getting Started with Web Booking and Direct Billing
  • Any employee with an active E-profile can begin using the web booking tool at any time, as long as they have a personal credit card noted in their profile and/or they have been authorized for direct billing.
  • All employees that are interested in direct billing must have a form on file in Accounts Payable prior to making a reservation. This form authorizes direct billing whether an employee prefers to make reservations with an agent or via the web tool. Travel Inc will no longer accept an employee TA to initiate direct billing.
customer service contacts
Customer Service Contacts

GT Travel Contacts:

Sharon Jackson 894-0348

Beth Ann Vargo 894-2835

Royanne Williams 894-5037

Simone Mayweather 385-0934

Travel Inc:

Main Reservation Line 770-291-5190

M-F 8:30-5:30

After Hours 877-548-2996

Donna Campbell, Account Rep 770-291-4331

Cliqbook Support Desk Toll Free 866-738-6444M-F 7:30am to midnight

cliqbook login page
Cliqbook LogIn Page

Option to select preferred language

Name Format: (not actual e-mail address)


Select payment method

Personal Credit Card (….xxxx)


Rental Car Options

Note: National and Hertz include GT contract benefits of CDW/LDW insurance included in rate