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Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial

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Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial
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Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial

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  1. Welcome to the Online Employment Applicant Tutorial

  2. Online Employment System Training for University of Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service Applicants This presentation will take about 10 minutes.

  3. This Training Will Cover: • How to create a username, password, and application. • How to apply for positions online. • How to manage your job applications.

  4. Let’s Get Started! Access the Online Employment System at: http://jobs.uaex.edu

  5. Section 1: Step-by-step instructions on how to create an application.

  6. Access the Online Employment Site at http://jobs.uaex.edu

  7. Select “Create Application” to create your application. You will create a Username and Password here. NOTE: In order to get a Username and Password, you must create your application.

  8. You may choose from 4 types of applications. Select “Go” NOTE: This tutorial only covers the process for General Applications. However, the process is similar for the other application types.

  9. NOTE: Do not use the “back” button on your Internet browser. Use only the navigational buttons in the Online Employment Site. NOTE: The system will automatically log you off when no activity occurs for 60 minutes..

  10. Create a User Name Create a Password- you will type this word twice, but only • • • • will appear to protect your security. If you select “Cancel”, all information will be lost. After typing your information, select “Continue To Page 1 of Application” to go to the next page.

  11. Type a question for which you will easily remember the answer.

  12. The first page displays Equal Employment Opportunity information. The information in this section is voluntary but is greatly appreciated. Your information will remain confidential and is used for statistical reporting purposes only. Once you have completed the EEO information, select “Save and Go Forward.”

  13. The next page begins your application information. Be sure to scroll down the entire page to provide all information requested. Note: Required sections are denoted with an *. You must fill in all required information to continue to the next page.

  14. Once you fill in the information, select “Save and Go Forward.” Note: You may select “Exit” at any time, but your information will not be saved.

  15. Note: If you forget to complete any “required fields,” an error message will appear at the top of the page.

  16. Page 3 asks you to list your education beyond high school. Select “Add New Entry” to list all education beyond high school. Note: If you have no education beyond high school to list, select “Save and Go Forward.”

  17. In order for your education to be added, fill out the information and then select “Add Entry.”

  18. The higher education entries you have added will be displayed here. You may edit or delete your education as needed from this section. When you have added all your higher education, select “Save and Go Forward.”

  19. Page 4 asks you to list your employment history. Select “Add New Entry” to list all your work history.

  20. As you fill out your information, be sure to “scroll” down the page and complete all fields.

  21. Once you have typed in your work experience information, you must select “Add Entry.”

  22. All of your work experience will be shown here. You may edit or delete your experience from this section. After you have added all of your work experience, select “Save and Go Forward.”

  23. Page 5 ask you for your references. You must provide at least 3 professional references.

  24. Page 6 asks for additional information. Complete and select “Save and Go Forward.”

  25. If you are an applicant seeking veterans preference, complete the Page 7. Check the appropriate veteran status. Be sure to look at the documents that you must provide in order to receive preference.

  26. The next page is the certification of the information you provided on your application. Please read carefully.

  27. You will electronically “sign” your application by checking the box. You must certify that the information you have provided in this application is true and complete. Then select “Save and Go Forward.”

  28. Choose the link to preview your application. The application will appear in a new window and may take a few seconds to load; or you may scroll down this page and view the information you provided. Select “Continue” to save your application.

  29. You will be asked again to certify that the information you provided is true and complete. Select “Confirm.”

  30. You have successfully completed an application! You are automatically taken to this screen where you can begin searching for open positions online. At this point, you have not applied to any open positions. You only have created an application.

  31. Section 2: Step-by-step instructions on how to apply for positions online. Now that you have completed your application, you can begin applying for positions.

  32. To search for a job, choose “Search Postings” on the left menu bar.

  33. You may choose to search for positions by location, unit, category, title; or simply choose the “Search” button.

  34. To view the job, select the “View” link below the job title.

  35. You can view the Job Details and apply for the job here. Select the “Apply For This Position” button to apply for the job.

  36. Once you log in and apply for a position, you may be asked Supplemental Questions. These questions typically require a response.

  37. After answering the Supplemental Questions, you will need to read the Certify statement, then check the “Certify” button. Select the “Submit…” button when finished.

  38. This page provides instructions on how to attach documents such as a cover letter, resume, etc.

  39. Scroll down the page to select the “Attach” link to attach your documents. Choose the “Cancel” button if you do not want to apply for this position.

  40. To attach a document, you can either upload, type or copy and paste. Upload Type or Paste

  41. Select “Confirm Attaching Documents” to submit your document.

  42. When finished attaching documents, select “Finished Attaching Documents.”

  43. Select “Yes” when you have finished attaching document or “No” to attach more documents.

  44. You must save your confirmation number to verify that your application has been submitted forthis position. Select “OK” to return to the Application Status page.

  45. Section 3: Step-by-step instructions on how to manage your application.

  46. Type in your User Name and Password.

  47. You can view the status of your application on the Application Status Page You can view your application when you choose “View App.” If you do not want to be considered for a position any longer, select “Withdraw Application.”

  48. If you would like to edit your application, select “Manage Applications.”

  49. This page will list all of your existing applications. Select “Edit Application” to make changes to your application. You may also create new applications that you do not currently have on file in the system.

  50. Don’t forget to “Logout” when you are finished.