Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti PowerPoint Presentation
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Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti

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Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti
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Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti

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  1. Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) Team 4 Claudette Morris Mary Manfredi O. Satty Joshua (Co-project Leader) John Galatti (Co-project Leader) Mauro Cruz Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  2. Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) • Acronyms and definitions • What is Internet2? • Primary goals of Internet2 • Key Qualities of Internet2 • How did it originate? • Components of Internet2 • Principles in Internet2 deliberation • Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoPs • Some Internet2 Applications • Advantages of Internet2 • Internet2 Consortium • Conclusions Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  3. Acronyms and definitions • GigaPoP – gigabit capacity point of presence • Abilene – a high speed backbone network for Internet2 developed by UCAID, named after the American West operates at 2.4 Gbps (OC-48) • vBNS – very high-speed Backbone Network Services developed by NFS and MCI and interconnects several supercomputer center at 622 Mbps (OC-12) • UCAID– University Corporation for Advanced Internet Development. • NSF – National Science Foundation • Tele-immersion – a video-conferencing and data sharing environment. • NGI – Next Generation Internet • QoS – Quality of Service Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  4. What is Internet2 • A high-speed network for government, academic and research use administered by UCAID • A consortium being led by over 180 United States’ universities working in partnership with industry and government. • Accelerating the creation of tomorrow's Internet. • Recreating the partnership among academia, industry and government that fostered today´s Internet in its infancy. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  5. The primary goals of Internet2 • To develop and deploy advanced network applications and technologies • To create a leading edge network capability for the national research community • To ensure the rapid transfer of new network services and applications to a broader Internet community • To foster the growth of digital libraries, tele-immersion and virtual laboratories • To provide higher bandwidth; multicasting; and guaranteed delivery and performance Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  6. Key Qualities of Internet2 • Providing data rates in the gigabits • Maintaining a flexible infrastructure to work with current requirements • Maintaining compatibility with current internet • Uses IPv6 and thereby incorporating native multi-casting, high reliability and high capacity • Allows high bandwidth applications to coexist with each other simultaneously • Provide advanced services through the same high-capacity local connection circuit. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  7. How it Originated – The NC GigaPoP • It started with members of the a academic, research, and business community in North Carolina Research Triangle Park (RTP). • They worked to create a high-performance regional network as partners in the North Carolina Network Initiative (NCNI). • They built a network that served as a PoP to handle multigigabit traffic to be delivered by the next-generation Internet within the sites at NC State, UNC, Duke and MCNC and link with North Carolina Supercomputing Center. • The name GigaPoP was derived from this venture – like a great railway junction, a central distribution point for the movement of digital freight. • This effort was supported by the California Research and Education Network 2 (Calren2), the Houston Area Computational Science Consortium (HACSC), the Metropolitan Research Network (MREN) serving Chicago area, and the New York State Educational and Research Network (Nysernet). • This effort was extended with the help of NFS, NGI and corporations, and in October 1996 Internet2 was formally announced by 34 universities. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  8. Sample NC Universities’ GigaPoPs . Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  9. Sample NC Universities’ GigaPoPs • GigaPoP network consists of an OC-48 SONET ring, a SONET add/drop mux (ADM) connected to an ATM core switches on an OC-12 link, with an OC-3c and DS-3 ATM edge connections, and an IP routers. • The North Carolina gigaPoP connects local universities and research centers to the Internet2 backbone network. • This high-performance backbone network is built under the U.S. government’s Next Generation Internet Initiative. The gigaPoP accesses to the Abilene network being constructed as part of UCAID for Internet2 project. • Access to the Abilene Network will occur through the North Carolina State University campus at Centennial center. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  10. Principles in Internet2 Deliberations • Buy rather than build – employ currently available technology. • Open rather than closed – rely on open, published protocols and standards. • Redundancy rather than reliance – avoid long-term dependence on single network providers, single hardware or software manufacturers or single pathways • Basics before complexity – focus on specific need, current or anticipated • Production not experimentation – support for the development of advanced applications not an experimentation lab. • Services to end users, not among commercial providers. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  11. Components of Internet2 Internet2 has four major technical components: • Applications that require Internet2-level services outlined by the Application Working Group (see solid-colored screens) • Campus networks connecting gigaPoPs to end users in their labs, classrooms, or offices (see solid clouds) • GigaPoPs consolidating and managing traffic from campus networks (Striped clouds) • Internet2 interconnections among the gigaPoPs (dotted clouds) Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  12. Internet2 Architecture (GigaPoP) • Key architectural element is a connectivity cloud based on GigaPoP concept. • A single interconnection service among gigaPoPs utilizing NFS-sponsored vBNS. • Interconnection that supports differentiated Quality of Service among gigaPoPs. • Provides campuses the ability to acquire services from the widest variety of ISPs. • Campuses in a geographic region can interconnect at a regional gigaPoP. • Each campus can install high-speed circuit to its chosen gigaPoP through which they will gain access to community internet services as well as Internet2 services. • GigaPoPs manage connectivity among themselves Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  13. Intra-Campus and Campus-to- GigaPoP . Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  14. GigaPoP Structure & Services • A gigaPoP is a regional network interconnect point providing access to the inter-gigaPoP network. • A gigaPoP is a secure and environmentally conditioned location that houses a collection of communications equipment and support hardware. • Circuits are terminated between gigaPoPs and members networks and from wide area networks. • Internet2 Member’s networks are non-transit networks. • GigaPoP’s key function is the exchange of Internet2 traffic with specified bandwidth and QoS attributes. • A gigaPoP must not route non-Internet2 traffic over Internet2 inter-gigaPoP connections. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  15. GigaPoP Structure & Services There are two types of gigaPoPs • Type 1 gigaPoP serve only Internet2 members. • Routes traffic through one or two connections to another gigaPoP. • Simple internet routing and firewalling among gigaPoPs • Type 2 gigaPoP serves both Internet2 members and other networks which Internet2 members need access • Has a rich set of connections to other gigaPoPs and therefore must provide mechanism to route traffic correctly. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  16. Some Internet2 Applications • High Performance Networking Applications • Geology Explorer – a multi-user educational game that teaches concepts and principles of physical geology. • Health Sciences (Medical Informatics) - a broad field of spanning electronic medical records, telemedicine, information retrieval, image processing and analysis, bioinformatics and evaluation methodology. • Tele-immersion- the use of computers to track the presence and movement of individuals and images, andprojected in realistic multiple geographically distributed environments. • Virtual Laboratory - an Application Environment for computational Science and Engineering. • Digital Libraries and Information Access and Distribution • LearningWare and the Instructional management System Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  17. Internet2’s ATM/IP Switching Element Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  18. Internet2’s ATM/IP Switching Element • External connections to gigaPoP ATM Switching element may be direct SONET circuits from campus ATM Switches or a full ATM service from commercial carriers. • ATM Switching Element multiplexes the link level bandwidth through permanent or switched virtual circuits. • Intra/inter-gigaPoP connectivity can be optimized and separate bandwidth allocated to other or special purpose requirements. • Primary gigaPoP service is provided by the IP Routing Elements. • They are fed directly from external SONET/PPP or high speed synchronous circuits via PVC/SVC links. • All QoS support and IP routing decisions are made in the IP forwarding equipment. • The IP forwarding equipment makes use of the ATM layer to establish dynamic QoS or SVCs to support differentiated IP service requirements. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  19. Security Concerns for Internet2 The Following are the initial security concerns for Internet2 • Network System attacks – attacks on the network infrastructure itself with intent to degrade • Unauthorized use of the network – methods and infrastructure for performing authentication and authorization must be secured against attacks • Inappropriate use of the network . Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  20. Some Internet2 GigaPoP Sites Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  21. Advantages of Internet2 • GigaPoP architecture will enrich teaching, learning, collaboration and research activities within and across colleges and universities. • High capacity and selectable QoS for leading-edge research community, national Labs, computational facilities and large data repositories. • Selectable QoS and efficient “one-to-many” data transport for distance learning. • Provides medical researchers support for remote consultation and diagnoses over a reliable and predictable communication services. • Provides physical scientists access to massive and astronomical or geographical datasets. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  22. Some Consortium Members • Arizona State University • Columbia University • Cornell University • Duke University • North Carolina State University • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - MIT • Princeton University • New Jersey Institute of Technology - NJIT • AT&T, 3COM, CISCO, NORTEL, IBM, SUN Microsystems Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP

  23. Conclusions • Internet2 applications requires next-generation network services on an end-to-end basis. • Hence, significant upgrades needed to most campus networks • Internet2 members are responsible for bringing their campus networks up to Internet2 standards. • Internet2 must encourage the development of advanced real-time multimedia applications. • Internet2 is standards-based but pre-competitive production network • Use of off-the-shelf technology wherever possible . • Costs for inter-gigaPoP connectivity are not yet known • Other gigaPoP costs will vary with circumstances and services offered. Internet2 Architecture - GigaPoP