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The Dopest Computer in the World PowerPoint Presentation
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The Dopest Computer in the World

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The Dopest Computer in the World
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The Dopest Computer in the World

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  1. By:Jason Espero The Dopest Computer in the World

  2. Dell Latitude CS

  3. Dell Latitude Statement • Dell's mission is to be the most successful computer company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. In doing so, Dell will meet customer expectations of: • Highest quality • Leading technology • Competitive pricing • Individual and company accountability • Best-in-class service and support • Flexible customization capability • Superior corporate citizenship • Financial stability

  4. Web PC

  5. Dell Latitude CS • The new Dell Latitude CSX now provides the powerful Pentium 3 processors in a sleek Ultra_Mobile. The C continues the Latitude tradition of platform compatibility with C family docking and peripherals. You also have the versatility to have a Pentium 3 processor with the CS.

  6. Pentium 3 Raw processing power concentrated into a neat package. Featuring the latest Intel® processors with SpeedStep™ technology, up to 15.4" displays and the most expandability available in a Dell notebook. The newest member of the award-winning Inspiron family. With up to 650MHz processors with Intel® SpeedStep™ technology and SXGA+ displays, it's a brilliant combination of weight, size and power. Very affordable, very light. This notebook is beautifully designed and available in Tahoe Blue and Storm Grey. 1

  7. Continue of Pentium 3 High-performance systems with the features you want at a great value Intel® Pentium® III processors from 500MHz and up to NEW 800MHz; Celeron™processors at 433, 466 and 500MHz Award-winning service and support Easy to Use: guide to setup, great support at the touch of a button Easy to Web: Internet connection in minutes, with Internet "Hotkey” KeyboardEasy on the Eyes: small, sleek and comes in colors The Dell Dimension series provides you with the opportunity to customize your computer just the way you want with what's hot in technology. Choose from one of our three Dimension desktop series. Dimension L for0 affordable desktop solutions, Dimension XPS T for high performance and great value, and Dimension XPS B for Dell's best in performance and cutting-edge technology

  8. Intel Processor Desktop performance in a mobile PC Advanced features and technologies Simultasking-run multiple applications at once "Power-user" capabilities for 3D graphics, financial modeling, and more

  9. Removal Storages LS120 Media Bay Module $139

  10. 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN + 56K Modem PC Card Of the 16-bit cards we tested, the 3Com Megahertz 10/100 LAN + 56K Modem PC Card delivered the best throughput. And although it is the most expensive 16-bit card in this roundup, it also delivers more for the money, offering two RJ-11 phone jacks on the dongle, a standard 6-foot Category 5 network cable, and an elegantly illustrated manual. All of this makes the 3Com card our top non-CardBus choice. The 3Com card occupies a single Type II PC Card slot and uses separate dongles for network and telephone connections. Replacement dongles aren't cheap, priced at $39.95 (list) for the two-jack phone dongle and $30 (list) for the LAN connector, which has LEDs to indicate network speed and activity. The modem supports data and fax as well as voice and includes Mobile SpeakerPhone and RapidComm Voice applications.

  11. conitnuation Installing the 3Com card took approximately 5 minutes (12 minutes when installing the two extra programs). The card successfully completed all tasks including using the modem while connected to a network, and it accurately detected a switch from an Ethernet to a Fast Ethernet LAN. On our tests, the 3Com card was the fastest of the 16-bit cards in both Ethernet (6.4 Mbps) and Fast Ethernet (9.7 Mbps) throughput tests. In addition, it had the highest overall average throughput in modem testing at 30.6 Kbps. .

  12. Memory Internal Memory: 256MB SDRAM

  13. Operating System Microsoft Window 98, 2nd Edition, with CD,English, Latitude CP/CPI, Factory Install

  14. Dell Inspiration Displays BenefitsInspiron display panel technology can give you:Sharper graphics - better viewing experience, easier on the eyes.SXGA+ displays which have 87 percent more pixels than XGA displays.High resolutions which allow productivity applications to display more of a spreadsheet/word file on screen.The Inspiron 7500's 15" SXGA LCD provides more information content on the same size screen.Increased content = Improved productivity.Improved reading comprehension.Wow effect - Incredible viewing experience.Jagged line reduction improves text - closer to paper quality.Bringing the screen image closer to digital camera image.Better support for web commerce and 3D/animated graphics.

  15. Road Runner • The Road Runner Welcome Screen features a lineup of exciting content channels and critical local news and information such as weather, traffic, and school closures. Get easy access to email and other communications tools. It's your gateway to rich broadband content and to the Internet. • The Road Runner channels, such as News, Entertainment, Sports, and Money, offer top stories from national and local content partners. Our easy-to-use navigation remains on the left side of the screen to guide you through the site • Each Road Runner affiliate establishes relationships with prominent news, information and entertainment resources within their community, providing unique content specific to the local area.

  16. Hard Drives 1st hard drive: 6.4Gb hard drive 2nd hard drive: Removable 2nd 18GB hard drive

  17. SoftWare • Windows 2000,Netscape Navigator 4.5

  18. The Windows 2000 Platform From notebooks to your high-end servers, the Windows 2000 Platform is the business operating system for the next generation of PC computing. Built on NT technology, it’s the best operating system for doing business on the Internet. The combination of Windows 2000 Professional and Windows 2000 Server provides businesses more complete, end-to-end desktop management and distributed networking than can be achieved by running them separately or with other operating systems.

  19. Mouse Board

  20. Mouse Board • The Mouse-Board gave me the arm support I needed and at the same time it appeared to be a flexible function that makes it easy to vary the working position. You can lean back or sit closed to the monitor and the board will follow you. I did not find it necessary to have it adjustable vertically as you normally can alter the hight of the chair and/or the table. Design: Igor Cronsioe, architect/designer SIR, computer artist (robotics) He’ve have been working with programming, CAD and Desktop for several years. Lately I noticed some pain in my sholder after long sessions of clicking around. As a designer I started to work on the problem and after experimenting with different solutions I finally came up with the product I am now introducing.

  21. The Switchable Dvorak Keyboard

  22. Speakers • Product category: Flat panel subwoofer system • Drive unit: 4” woofer, NXT flat panel technology driver*2 • RMS: 15W • Frequency response: woofer: 50Hz~200Hz, satellites: 300Hz~18KHz • Function: Power, volume, bass • Dimension: 145*270*180(mm) woofer, 122*216*25(mm) satellites

  23. 2001 DQE The proven benefits of Dvorak - increased productivity, reduced finger movement, easier, faster to learn!Hard-wired for Dvorak and Qwerty - no software needed! Single-key switch - makes switching fast and easy!Laser-etched, dual-labeled keys - Dvorak and Qwerty!LED indicator light for Dvorak!Silent keyboard operation - no clicking!Ergonomically designed palm rest - removable!100% PC compatible - with Microsoft Windows 95/98 keys! Transparent to all applications and operating systems - even DOS!Easy to install - just plug and play

  24. Star Craft

  25. Star Craft Review • StarCraft: Brood War continues the saga of galactic warfare among the Zergs, Protoss and Terrans. The Overmind is gone but new forces within the broods vie for power. Aiur is in ruins and the mindless Zerg swarms still roam it's shattered surface. Terran Emperor Meengsk has new threats contend with. His rule may be absolute... but for how long?

  26. Star Craft Visuals • The graphics in Brood War are virtually unchanged from that in the original StarCraft, high resolution and gorgeous. Blizzard continues to produce outstanding real time strategy game products. Their visuals are superior to the rest of the genre.