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College of Natural and Applied Sciences

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College of Natural and Applied Sciences. Tammy Jahnke, Dean August, 2008. College Facts Budget Faculty/Staff/Students Initiatives for 2007-2008 and what we accomplished Initiatives for 2008-2009. CNAS Vision (proposed).

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college of natural and applied sciences

College of Natural and Applied Sciences

Tammy Jahnke, Dean

August, 2008

College Facts
  • Budget
  • Faculty/Staff/Students
  • Initiatives for 2007-2008 and what we accomplished
  • Initiatives for 2008-2009
cnas vision proposed
CNAS Vision (proposed)
  • The College of Natural and Applied Sciences at Missouri State University seeks to be recognized regionally and nationally for our outstanding students/graduates, scholarly productivity, and community service.
cnas mission proposed
CNAS Mission (proposed)
  • The College of Natural and Applied Sciences develops educated persons who, upon graduation, are prepared to make sound decisions relative to the natural and applied sciences and society and to be productive and successful in their careers. We are committed to excellence in teaching, research and scholarly activities, and community and professional service. Ethical leadership, cultural competence and community engagement are the cornerstones of our commitment to public affairs.
cnas facts
CNAS Facts
  • CNAS
  • 9 departments and 1 program (engineering)
  • 230 faculty and staff
  • Annual Budget – just over $18 million (nearly $17 million for salaries and benefits, $1.2 million for operations and equipment)
  • 7 academic buildings on two campuses
  • Outreach and Centers
cnas student facts
CNAS Student Facts
  • Nearly 2200 undergraduate student majors
  • Over 160 graduate students
  • Over 500 degrees conferred in 2005, 496 in 2006, and 563 in 2007
  • Over 50,000 credit hours produced by CNAS (227,000 credit hours produced by university – CNAS produces more credit hours than any other college)
  • More than 16,000 total CNAS alumni
cnas graduate programs 160 students and growing
CNAS Graduate Programs - 160 students and growing
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Geospatial Sciences
  • Resource Planning
  • Materials Science
  • Mathematics
  • Masters in Secondary Education
  • Plant Science
    • Agriculture, Biology, and Chemistry
  • Masters of Natural and Applied Sciences
    • Agriculture, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Geology, Physics, Mathematics, and Materials Science
  • Students were awarded nearly $140,000 in CNAS scholarships during 2007-2008
  • Student Organizations in CNAS
  • CNAS Student Advisory Board
  • Admits to graduate schools and professional schools is outstanding!!
  • Award Winning Faculty who take teaching; research and scholarly activity; professional service and professional development seriously.
  • Over 130 peer reviewed publications or juried projects in 2007.
  • Over 200 presentations by faculty and your students.
new leaders in cnas
New Leaders in CNAS
  • Melissa Dallas – Head of Hospitality and Restaurant Administration
  • Eric Bosch – Acting Head of Chemistry
  • Jeannie Ireland – Acting Head of Fashion and Interior Design
  • Doug Carroll – Program Director - Engineering
new assistant professors
New Assistant Professors
  • Ben Onyango – Agriculture
  • Day Ligon (visiting) - Biology
  • Bhaskar Datta – Chemistry
  • Jacob Sowers – GGP
  • Linnea Iantria (visiting) – GGP
  • Matthew Wright – Mathematics
  • Songfeng Zhang - Mathematics
new associate full professors
New Associate/Full Professors
  • Michael Burton – Associate Professor – Agriculture
  • Bob Egbert – Full Professor – Engineering
  • Carl Riegel – Full Professor – HRA
  • Saibal Mitra – Associate Professor - PAMS
new instructors
New Instructors
  • Brian High – Chemistry
  • Renee McKelvie – FID
  • Damon Bassett – GGP
  • Diane Twigger – Mathematics
  • Linda Sun – Mathematics
  • Gloria Crumpley - Mathematics
  • CNAS Staff Recognition
    • A CNAS Staff Recognition Lunch was held in February 2008 to recognize all staff. Since that time we have been collecting staff requests for purchases for their work spaces. The first round of purchases will be made this fall with a second round in the spring.
    • The 2009 CNAS Staff Recognition Lunch will be held in early 2009.
faculty opportunities
Faculty opportunities
  • Summer Fellowships – October 14
  • Faculty Grants – October 6
  • Course buy-out incentive program
external funding
External Funding
  • 2006 – CNAS faculty/staff submitted 90 proposals. 60 were funded at just over $3 million.
  • 2007 – CNAS faculty/staff submitted 91 proposals. 55 were funded at just under $5 million.
  • 2008 – CNAS faculty/staff submitted 151 proposals. 47 were funded at just over $2.5 million.
    • Also nearly $1.3 million for CRPM, CGBT, OEWRI
incentives for grant submissions
Incentives for Grant Submissions
  • $400 for a grant submitted (over $20,000). This is transferred to the department to be used for your research or travel.
  • This past year we distributed nearly $12,000 to CNAS faculty.
college budget summary
College Budget Summary
  • CNAS Administration
    • Student Workers $9,200
    • Travel $6,897
    • Recruitment $25,965
      • $14,000 from salary savings
      • $6,000 from engineering
    • Operations $28,000
    • Other $54,000
      • Student Evaluation Forms - $6.5K
      • Newswatch - $8K/year
      • Program Review/Accreditation Expenses - $8K
      • DOD - $5K
      • KSMU/OPT/SBJ – $6K
      • Emeritus Faculty Dinner/Grad Receptions/Staff Lunch - $7K
      • Expense we expect to recover - $11K
      • Renovation expenses – $2.5K
cnas indirect recovery
CNAS Indirect Recovery
  • Balance is currently $105,000
    • This will be funding the grant incentive program.
    • This will also be used to fund equipment matches that are not covered at the university level.
    • This will also be used to enhance our environmental research activities.
other balances
Other Balances
  • CNAS Reserve $1,999
  • Equipment Repair $160,000
  • CSRE $29,000
  • CSRE – What we spent this year?
    • Science Fair $7,500
    • Science Olympiad $2,500
    • DUSS/ITSS Professional Dev. $1,500
    • Websites, etc $2,000
salary savings
Salary Savings
  • One time salary savings. CNAS earned approximately $600,000 in one-time salary savings.
    • $120,000 was used for start-up funds for faculty
    • Approximately $400,000 was used to hire one year replacements for positions not filled and per course instructors.
    • Seven summer fellowships (@ $6K each) were funded in 2008.
    • Cleaned up our budget and transferred some to MVS to make that break clean.
salary savings for 2008 2009
Salary Savings for 2008-2009
  • $100,000 is saved for a variety of construction needs
  • $275,000 has been allocated to newly hired faculty for start-up funds and equipment matching funds
  • We will need approximately $300,000 to cover per course/one time hires for this year
searches in 2008 2009
Searches in 2008-2009
  • Chemistry Department Head, Civil Engineer, Fashion and Interior Design (2), Mathematics (instructors), Biology (1), Agriculture (chemical technician – Mt. Grove)
  • I am reviewing other requests for positions and will approve a few more once we have detailed budget information.
departmental center budgets
  • For the first time ever allocations were made to departments.
  • I used previous spending patterns, numbers of faculty/staff and numbers of majors to make these allocations.
  • I expect to monitor this carefully this year and make changes as needed for next year.
development report
Development Report
  • FY2006 - $273,492
    • Including facilities - $627,127
  • FY2007 - $477,699 (1452 gifts)
    • Including facilities - $727,699
  • FY2008 - $488,839 (1548 gifts)
    • Including facilities - $1,181,290
new funds established
New Funds Established
  • Atwood Fund for Research and Teaching
  • Ozarks Science and Engineering Fair Fund
  • Harriet Ford Endowed Scholarship
  • Paul L. and Alice W. Redfearn Undergraduate Research Award
  • Design for Fashion and Interiors Fund
  • Asher-Tearney Legacy Scholarship for Education and Engineering

All-University CampaignThe All-University Campaign for Missouri State University is designed to raise awareness of the entire campus community about the importance of private gifts to Missouri State.  To demonstrate and reinforce our commitment as faculty and staff to all others who invest in Missouri State. The goal of the All-University Campaign is participation. The All-University Campaign will allow all members of the campus community to participate by supporting the area of the university that is most dear to their heart.  They can direct their gifts to a specific area or fund. Every faculty/staff member will be sent a packet of information via campus mail asking them to support the All-University Campaign.

what did we accomplish last year
What did we accomplish last year?
  • Retention/recruitment efforts
  • Student access
  • Program Review and re-accreditation/ CGEIP Reviews
  • Resource Management/Benchmarking
  • Space
  • Personnel Processes – Compensation and RPT
  • Engineering
  • Missouri Innovation Academy
  • Public Affairs Mission
  • Strengths
    • Faculty
    • Staff
    • Students
    • Research rigor
    • Centers/outreach
  • Weaknesses
    • Space
    • Facilities
    • Equipment
    • Visibility/public awareness
  • Opportunities
    • Articulation agreements
    • Collaboratives – engineering and PharmD
    • STEM/METS initiatives
    • Focus on environment/water
  • Threats
    • Economic downturn
    • Transportation/fuel costs
    • Complacency
cnas strategic plan
CNAS Strategic Plan
  • Provide opportunities for student success while maintaining academic rigor.
  • Develop facilities that will support our pursuit of excellence.
  • Continue to develop a diverse and strong faculty.
  • Continue to build our national and international reputation through innovative scholarly research.
  • Increase the visibility of the College of Natural and Applied Sciences.
  • Be transparent and accountable in decision making.
strategic five year plan
Strategic Five Year Plan
  • Timeline
    • Summer 2008 – CNAS leadership met to prepare SWOT, a proposed new mission statement, and a proposed list of goals.
    • Early September 2008 – CNAS leadership will list action items under the goals.
    • September 16 – Drafts will be distributed to heads and the CNAS Faculty Advisory Council for feedback.
    • Heads and Faculty from the Advisory Council should lead departmental discussions.
      • Feedback from departmental discussions as well as feedback from individuals is requested by October 10.
    • Another draft to be distributed by October 17 will more feedback to be collected on October 21 from heads and CNAS Faculty Advisory Council.
    • A final draft is distributed by November 1.
    • This plan will be a living document. We will review our progress annually. We will review the plan annually to see if continues to meet the goals of the university.
what s your dean up to
What’s your dean up to?
  • Teaching CHM545 – Advanced Organic Chemistry this fall (MWF – 1:00 PM)
  • Consultant Evaluator for the Higher Learning Commission
  • Chairing Search Committee for Dean of College of Humanities and Public Affairs
  • Trying to make CNAS the best and strongest college on the Missouri State campus.
how does your dean plan to spend her time this year
How does your dean plan to spend her time this year?
  • Space – new and renovated.
  • Program reviews/strengthening programs.
  • Visiting department faculty and student group meetings
  • Recognizing student/faculty/staff accomplishments better than I did this past year
  • Inventory and posting of CNAS policies/procedures
  • Attending student/faculty seminars (as much as possible)
  • Communication with all!!!!!
    • CNAS Blog and Faculty/Staff Calendar on website