chyk west conference march 25 27 2005 n.
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CHYK-West Conference March 25-27, 2005 PowerPoint Presentation
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CHYK-West Conference March 25-27, 2005

CHYK-West Conference March 25-27, 2005

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CHYK-West Conference March 25-27, 2005

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  1. Arise Awake! CHYK-West Conference March 25-27, 2005

  2. Vision of Gurudev There is nothing wrong with our modern world. It is a time when the youth of this modern world have to discover their hidden potential and tap it to the maximum, thus unfolding them into a beautiful personality and making them capable of contributing towards the process of societal growth. Let us first get at least hundred, inspired, purposeful, sincere, dedicated youngsters convinced to a cause, unfolded to the maximum, turned brilliant both in their academic studies as well as in their spiritual understanding of the culture of India, and thereafter it shall be the duty of these youngsters to bring in the others.” CHYK MOTTO: “Harnessing Youth Potential Through Dynamic Spirituality”

  3. Hari Om! I am very pleased to know that our youth wing of Chinmaya Mission in the west has decided to form CHYK-West on the lines of All India Chinmaya Yuva Kendra that is there in India. When CHYK movement was started, Pujya Gurudev had said that the aim of it was to “ Harness the Youth Potential through Dynamic Spirituality.” It is well known that all of us, particularly the youth wants to succeed in life. I understand success as the ability to face all challenges of life squarely and also to be able to create our own future as per our vision. At the same time, the success should not be at the cost of our spiritual progress or our own success causing harm and damage to other people in the community. In order to achieve this success, the youth has that potential. We have the potential to perform, but we must also perform to our potentials. And Our potentials become manifest when our goal or ideal is very inspiring one. The higher the goal, the greater will be the manifestations of our potential. And that’s what Pujya Gurudev meant by harnessing youth potential through dynamic spirituality. When the goal is spiritual, and not based only on material considerations, then there is manifestation of greater and greater potential. I heartily welcome all participants in this special conference which is held here in Chicago. And I send my special best wishes for its total success. Our acharyas like Swami Shantananda, Swami Ishwarananda and all other acharyas who are working in the United States and even in Canada and Trinidad can guide youth here quiet efficiently and successfully. I take this opportunity to thank all organizers for making this event possible. I am sure that when this CHYK-West will be formed and start working very methodically, systematically, it will definitely serve not only the youth but the community at large. May God’s grace and Pujya Gurdev’s blessings be with you all. Hari Om. Pujya Guruji’s Message from Melbourne, Australia

  4. Vision in Action • Discovering the hidden potential to achieve success in life • Performing to bring out the discovered potential • Contributing towards growth of the society • Efforts for spiritual understanding of Indian culture • A minimum of 100 dedicated youth to begin this spiritual revolution

  5. Members participating from the following centers of United States Ann Arbor Atlanta Austin Bakersfield Boston Champagne Chicago Columbus, OH Dallas Flint Los Angeles Libertyville Miami New Jersey New York Orlando Philadelphia San Diego San Jose Seattle Washington

  6. Members participating from the following centers of Canada & Trinidad Ottawa Niagara falls & Calcutta, Trinidad

  7. CHYK-WestOrganization Concept Head of Chinmaya Mission CHYK National CHYK Regional CHYK Regional CHYK Regional CHYK Local CHYK Local CHYK Local CHYK Local CHYK Local CHYK Local CM Center CM Center CM Center CM Center CM Center CM Center

  8. CHYK-West Regions South West South East Mid West British Columbia Alberta Oregon California Arizona Utah Nevada Idaho Washington New Mexico Texas Oklahoma Arkansas Georgia Florida Louisiana Mississippi Alabama South Carolina North Carolina TRINIDAD Ontario Niagara Falls Quebec Maine New Hampshire Mass. New York New Jersey Connecticut Pennsylvania Virginia Maryland Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Iowa Illinois Indiana Kentucky Ohio Missouri Tennessee West