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Career Cluster 5 Including occupations in Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Systems PowerPoint Presentation
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Career Cluster 5 Including occupations in Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Systems

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Career Cluster 5 Including occupations in Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Systems
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Career Cluster 5 Including occupations in Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Systems

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    1. Career Cluster 5 Including occupations in Environmental, Agricultural, and Natural Resource Systems

    2. Industry Growing public concerns over natural resources, environmental quality, and public health will continue to increase jobs and the focus on the natural resource management and environmental service groups. There will be increased public and private efforts to improve the management of both public and private natural resources, including water, air, and land quality, and waste management. Advances in science, biotechnology, and information technology will drive major innovations in environmental and natural resources management.

    3. An Associates Degree Most of the following careers can be reached with an associates degree. An associates degree consists of going to school for two years. This can be obtained at a Community College such as ACM.

    4. The Bachelors Degree With this degree the other careers not accessible with an associates degree can be obtained with a Bachelors Degree. This degree can be earned by going to a four year College such as FSU. Although you can start out at ACM and transfer to the four year college if so desired.

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    7. Agricultural Production- Plant System

    8. Are you interested in being a Landscaper Florist Greenhouse assistant Landscape designer Plant breeder Soil scientist

    9. Landscaper Landscaping is both science and art, and requires good observation and design skills. A good landscaper understands the elements of nature and construction, and blends them accordingly. If you enjoy changing your environmental surrounding and making them beautiful, this is the job for you. For this career only an Associates Degree or less is required

    10. Florist This career consists of arranging flowers in vases, bowls and baskets, or making bouquets and composition from cut flowers, foliage, herbs, and ornamental grasses These people generally work with flowers on a retail level. An Associates degree or less is the highest education needed. This career requires an Associates Degree or less

    11. Greenhouse Assistant Transplanting, weeding, and watering replanting native plants in spring and summer, and in fall focusing on seed collection for replant in spring. They also assist the Botany Professor and the Department Technician in maintaining the plants. To become employed as a greenhouse assistant you need an Associates Degree

    12. Landscape Designer Landscape Design focuses more on the artistic merits of design. They also take into account soils, drainage, climate and other issues, because the survival of selected plants depends on these aspects. In order to work it may be necessary to have a license, depending on the level of experience. Bachelors Degree is required to obtain this job

    14. Plant Breeder This career involves taking plants and manipulating the species in order to create new genotypes and phenotypes on the plant. That is a new inward structure and a new outward appearance. You must obtain more than a Bachelors Degree to succeed as a plant breeder.

    15. Soil Scientist They study all aspects of societyfrom past events and achievements to human behavior and relationships among groups Research in the main aspect of the job. They have to be able to do an excessive amount of research in order to succeed. To receive this job you must have a Bachelors Degree.

    17. The following jobs are offered Horse trainer Veterinary Technician Veterinarian

    18. Horse Trainer With an Associates Degree you can become a professional horse trainer. Experience the outdoors with the majestic of all animals, the horse.

    19. Training in Process

    20. Veterinary Technician With an Associates Degree you could help save the lives of animals.

    21. Roles of a Veterinary Technician They are found taking histories, providing treatment to routine problems, and giving counseling to clients. They assist the veterinarian with physical examinations that help determine the nature of the illness or injury.

    22. They can also be considered playing the same role as a human nurse. They work along side of the veterinarian.

    23. Roles of a Veterinarian Veterinarians should like animals and have the ability to get along with their owners. Graduation from an accredited college of veterinary medicine, a State license and more than a Bachelors Degree are required. Competition for admission to veterinary school is keen; however, graduates should have excellent job opportunities. About 3 out of 4 veterinarians work in private practice

    24. Veterinarians care for the health of pets, livestock, and animals in zoos, racetracks, and laboratories. Some veterinarians use their skills to protect humans against diseases carried by animals and conduct clinical research on human and animal health problems. Others work in basic research, broadening our knowledge of animals and medical science, and in applied research, developing new ways to use knowledge.

    26. Food and Fiber Processing The following jobs will be focused on researching and developing products focused on nutritional value; processing and packaging plant and animal products

    27. The following careers are as followed Inspector Meat Grader Laboratory Technician International Marketing and Packaging manager Food Scientist Industrial Engineer

    28. Inspector Provide the first line of defense by ensuring that the regulate meat, poultry, and egg products Going into the job the primary jobs are to usually work in slaughter industries New Inspectors examine food animals in privately owned meat and or poultry plants. To succeed in this occupation you need to have an Associate's Degree or less.

    29. Meat Grader Performs Subsidiary phrases of grading and certification, as required to obtain the necessary on-the- job training for an Agricultural Commodity Grader Examine meat and/or meat products before, after, and during the processing, handling, and transportation to meet standard requirements They study the rules, regulations, instructions, policies, and procedures governing the grading and certification of meats, prepared meats and meat products. You need to have an Associate's Degree to succeed in this occupation.

    30. Laboratory Technician Primary responsibilities include performing basic routine analysis in an organic laboratory. Responsible for extraction and analyzing samples fir petroleum contamination and PCBs pesticides You must have an Associates Degree or less for this occupation.

    31. International Marketing and Packaging Manager They deal with the concern of developing and managing trade across international boundaries. They also allow for imports to come through the country. This job is for the person who likes to deal with international organizations and industries. You need a Bachelors Degree for this occupation.

    32. Food Scientist About 14% of agriculture and food scientists work for the Federal, State, or local governments A bachelors degree in agricultural science is sufficient for some jobs in product development; a masters Ph.D. degree is required for research or teaching Opportunities for agricultural and food scientists are expected to be good over the next decade, particularly for those holding a masters pr Ph.D. degree. You need a Bachelors Degree to be successful in this occupation.

    33. Industrial Engineer Plans utilization facilities, equipment, materials, and personnel to improve efficiency of operations They study functional statements, organization charts, and project information to determine functions and responsibilities of workers and work units and to identify areas of duplication Analyze work force utilization, facility layout, and operational data, such as production costs, process flow charts, and production schedules to determine efficient utilization of workers and equipment Develop a majority of any calculations needed to determine a large array of things To achieve this job a Bachelors Degree is required.

    34. Natural Resources Management These occupations include managing, conserving, and restoring natural resources, such as parks, fisheries, forestry, wildlife and habitat, watersheds, and tributaries; and the environmental monitoring of power plants

    35. Are you interested in being a Natural Resources Police Officer Wildlife Technician Forester Fisheries Manager Park Manager Wildlife Manager Wildlife Biologist Naturalist

    36. Natural Resources Police Officer Before getting this job it would be necessary to have a substance abuse test in accordance with the Code of Maryland Annotated Regulations .06.01.09 testing for Illegal use of drugs Applicants must successfully complete the Entry level natural resource police training as required by the state of Maryland natural resources police Employees must be willing to accept a position of work anywhere in the state of Maryland. To be successful in this job you need an Associates Degree or less

    37. Wildlife Technician Plans and directs a statewide program of wildlife management and research Assists the agency with wildlife related issues This work area requires an Associates Degree or less.

    38. Directs the hiring process for division personnel, assigns performance goals and objectives, approves travel to professional or technical meetings and evaluates subordinate managers Required skill in the use of personal computer with standard office software. Must be able to communicate successfully both orally and in writing with the public, news-media, co-workers, and cooperators in order to build confidence in agency operations; and to successfully resolve complex wildlife management and related public relations issues

    39. Forester About 2 of 3 conservation scientists and foresters work for Federal, State, or local governments Workers in this occupation need, at a minimum, a bachelors degree in forestry, environmental science, range management, or a related Discipline Slower than average job growth is projected, most new jobs will be in governments and in private sector forestry and conservation consulting. For this skill area you need to acquire a Bachelors Degree.

    40. Fisheries Manager

    41. Park Manager Supervises employees Inspects parks Oversees repairs of building Works with PD to control Keeps records Works with community for interest Demonstrates continuous effort to improve park To be successful as a park manager you need a Bachelors Degree.

    42. Wildlife Manager Ensures hunters will have productive hunting seasons Responsible for all aspects of the hunt Locates food plots where prime game will be To be a wildlife manager you need a Bachelors Degree.

    43. Wildlife Biologist Studies wild animals and their habitats Conducts research to advance our knowledge of living organisms They research to develop solutions to human health problems and improve the environment To achieve success in this work area you need more than a Bachelors Degree.

    44. Naturalist Educate people in the environment and preserve and monitor plants and animals in nature preserves and wildlife refuges They are responsible for keeping law in the park Are responsible for maintenance, fire control, back country patrols, and search and rescue Offers many personal rewards To achieve this occupation you need less than an Associates Degree.

    46. The careers in this field are as followed Water Quality Manager Toxicologist Health Physicists Air Quality Manager Environmental Technician Environmental Lawyer

    47. Water Quality Manager Directs sewage workers Keeps operations at permit and regulatory conditions Implements water quality activities Serves as main technical guide foe water quality issues Develops working relationships with local water quality regulators for dealing with their issues Ensures proper waste programs are in place To achieve success as a water quality manager you need more than a Bachelors Degree

    48. Toxicologist Toxicology can be divided into eight distinct job areas: Industrial Pharmaceutical Academic Clinical Forensic Regulatory Occupational Eco-toxicology

    49. A toxicologist plans and carries out laboratory and field studies to identify, monitor and evaluate the impact of toxic materials and radiation on human and animal health, and on the health of the current status of the environment as well as the future impact More than a Bachelors degree is needed to achieve success in the occupation

    50. Health Physicists Health Physicists enjoy favorable job market, but growth is slowing. They are an essential part in the atomic energy field. They work at educational institutions, medical centers, and manufacturing plants. They are also responsible for the protection of persons and their environment from the damaging effects of ionizing radiation. To obtain success in this job you must have a Bachelors Degree

    51. Air Quality Manager They manage and enhance the air quality resources through a balanced program of environmental oversight and protection of public health. They operate monitoring devices to obtain information regarding concentrations of particulate matter. It also proposes migration strategies working cooperatively with affected emission sources, evaluates potential health risks, and adapts air pollution control measures and regulations A Bachelors Degree is required in order to succeed in this job.

    52. Environmental Technician The training program vary considerably, prospective students should carefully investigate training programs before enrolling Electrical and electronic engineering technicians make up 33 % of all engineering technicians. Employment of engineering technicians is often influenced by the same economic conditions that affect engineers; as result, job outlook varies by specialty. In order to achieve success in the wok area you must obtain an Associates Degree

    53. Environmental Lawyer About 27 percent of lawyers are self-employed, with as partners in law firms or in solo practices Formal requirements to become a lawyer usually include a 4-year college degree, 3 years law school, and passing a written bar examination; however, some requirements may vary by state Competition for this field is intense To be successful in this job you need to have more than a Bachelors Degree

    54. Cluster 5 Presenters Allegany Pet Grooming Salon - Linda Griffiths Keefe Kaylor - Geography Major, Frostburg State University Allegany Highlands Trail - Larry Brock Mid State Pest Inspection Brad Kimble Maryland DNR Park Naturalist, Rocky Gap State Park Sarah Milbourne Maryland DNR Wildlife Management Clarissa Harris Maryland DNR Statewide Curriculum Dir. For Scales and Tales Jennifer Miller

    55. Allegany College Of Maryland Forestry Program, John Jastrzembski Pet Lovers, Inc. Amelia Johnson Flowerland Tim Wotring Potomac Farms Dairy Heather Reeder and Jim Barrett LaVale Veterinary Hospital Maple Syrup Producer Leo Shinholt Frostburg State University Various Presenters 4H Vanessa Rinehart