banned in the u s a l.
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Banned in the U.S.A .

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Banned in the U.S.A . A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries Authored By: Herbert N. Foerstel A PowerPoint Presentation by Faylene Keep. Call Number & Bibliographic Citation. Z658.U5.F64 2002eb

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banned in the u s a

Banned in the U.S.A.

A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries

Authored By: Herbert N. Foerstel

A PowerPoint Presentation by Faylene Keep

call number bibliographic citation
Call Number & Bibliographic Citation
  • Z658.U5.F64 2002eb

Foerstel, Herbert N. Banned in the U.S.A. : A Reference Guide to Book Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries. Rev. exp. 2nd ed. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc. 2002. April 5, 2009.

  • Contents
  • Preface to revised expanded second edition
  • Acknowledgements and Dedications
  • Introduction
  • Chapter One: Survey of book banning incidents
  • Chapter Two: The law on book banning
  • Chapter Three: Voices of the banned or challenged books
  • Chapter Four: The most frequently banned or challenged books, 1996 – 2000
  • Appendixes
  • Selected bibliography
  • Index

The List of articles, names, cases, laws, various associations, and enactments. Also includes bibliography with a list of books of similar subjects on book banning and censorship.


Issues of banned books have been escalating since Guttenberg invented the printing press. Censorship by religious and political groups, as well as individuals or even the media is an intolerable situation in our public schools and libraries. This reference book leads the reader with true accounts of censorship and book banning, which librarians, educators, and First Amendment advocates refer to as an important source for this particular subject. This is an updated version of 1994, and has included updates from the years 1996 – 2000 recently banned books including the Harry Potter series.


The first edition was published in 1994, this new revised expanded edition 2002 second edition has two new accounts in chapter one. Recent cases have been added in chapter two. Chapter three has been augmented with new interviews with two of the censored authors, and chapter four has been re-written to reflect fifty of the most banned books; from 1996 – 2000. With new titles that were not in the previous edition.

intended purpose
Intended Purpose

Banned in the U.S.A. : A Reference Guide to Book Banning and Censorship in Schools and Public Libraries purpose is to educate readers on censorship and banned books, so there will be a reference book where one can find data on this specific subject. The author’s attention is to inform and educate the public on censorship and book banning in the United States.

additional purposes served
Additional Purposes Served

For books to educate and to inform the public on banned books, this book was written to continue the work of the American Library Association's Office of Intellectual Freedom (OIF). To monitor censorship and to organize social and political action against book banning practices. The OIF is an organization that leads the way for librarians, educators, and First Amendment advocates.


Book format: xxvvii, 295p., 25cm

Ebaray (Electronic Format Book Form) accessed at Highline Community College Library

Censorship in America

special features
Special Features

Appendix A – Statics on challenges reported and recorded by the Office of Intellectual Freedom

Selected bibliography of other books on the subject of banned and censored books…

authority and credentials
Authority and Credentials

Herbert N. Foerstel is the former Head of Branch Libraries at the University of Maryland, College Park. He currently serves on the Board of Directors for the National Security Archives. He is a noted authority on intellectual freedom and has published seven previous books on the topic for Greenwood Publishing, including Banned in the Media (1998) and From Watergate to Monicagate: Ten Controversies in Modern Journalism and Media (2001). Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.

review opinions
Review Opinions
  • Foerstel gives an enlightening analysis of censorship in U.S. schools and public libraries…Recommended by –Library Journal
  • This revised and expanded edition of Foerstel’s book, whose first edition drew favorable reviews in 1994, deserves equal attention…Foerstel, a noted authority on intellectual freedom, supplies informative appendixes and an index that make this book a valuable resource for all libraries.-Choice
  • Simply put, Banned in the USA is a straightforward and fact-filled resource which should be found on the shelf of every academic and public library in the country.-MidWest Review
  • Provides a survey of major book-banning incidents, legal cases surrounding censorship, interview with the most censored authors, and an annotated list and discussion of the 50 most frequently challenged books for 1996 through 2000.-American Libraries
  • This is a book that librarians may want on their personal, as well as library shelves…Banned in the USA offers a cautionary tale. The individuals and groups that challenge these books are not to be laughed at. They are earnest and committed, and are often adept at proceeding ‘under formal , bureaucratic cover.’ Make no mistake the people who challenge books have an impact. Reading through Foerstel ‘s book makes this obvious. Whether in reference or circulation, Banned in the USA is a book that most librarians should own.-Against the Grain

Greenwood Publishing Group, Inc.

personal impressions
Personal Impressions

This is a book I can heartily recommend to patrons and the like, if they are looking for reference books on censorships and book banning in America, and the timeline being 1994 – 2000. I know several libraries carry this book as well as Highline Community College Library. If you are incensed with the Patriot Act as I have been, this author definitely gives you the information you would be interested in. I also believe this is an excellent book for any library collection. Whether you agree with how the book presents itself or not, it should concern any free society this practice of censorship is still happening in this day and age.

examples typifying reference uses
Examples Typifying Reference Uses
  • Patrons needing to do a report on book banning and censorship will find plenty of sources to work from.
  • The bibliography offers many references to books with similar subject matters
  • Patrons wanting to learn more about book banning and reading interesting cases of such these insidious incidences
  • Patrons with an interest in political sciences, social studies, education, library sciences and perhaps philosophy
  • Advocates for an open society would use this reference book
complimentary sources
Complimentary Sources

Books by Herbert Foerstel that are similar to “Banned in U.S.A. :

  • Banned in the media : a reference guide to censorship in the press, motion pictures, broadcasting, and the internet
  • Free expressions and censorship in America : an encyclopedia
  • Refuge of scoundrel : the Patriot Act in libraries
  • Surveillance in the stacks : the FBI’s Library Awareness Program