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Banking Alan Unsworth Karin Shank Larisa Good Trivia! How many banks are there in the USA? Trivia! How many checks do Americans write each year? Trivia! What are banking's total financial assets ? Trivia! How many people are employed in banking? Banking: Overview and Background

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Alan Unsworth

Karin Shank

Larisa Good


How many banks are there in the USA?


How many checks do Americans write each year?


What are banking's total financial assets?


How many people are employed in banking?

banking overview and background
Banking: Overview and Background
  • The Bank of North America became the first chartered U.S. bank in 1782
  • Banks come in many varieties, including community, regional and money center banks and holding companies, as well as savings institutions, trust companies, and savings banks
  • Banks are vital to a healthy, growing economy and are a significant part of our nation’s economy. Banks safeguard the country’s deposits and provide credit to individuals and businesses.
banking s relevancy to business and business librarians
Banking’s Relevancy to Business and Business Librarians
  • An essential part of the US Economy
    • Single most supplier of credit
    • $8.9 trillion in assets, over $800 billion in capital
  • Banks and Small Business
    • Loans and Small Business
banking s relevancy to business and business librarians8
Banking’s Relevancy to Business and Business Librarians
  • Banks and Big Business
    • Loans to large, global corporations
      • Often “Syndicated Loans” (loans made by a group of banks)
    • Syndicated Loans worldwide totaled almost $2 trillion at the end of 2002
who uses banking information
Who uses Banking Information?
  • General Public- interest rates, loan options, financial statements, exchange rates, terminology
  • Investors- statements, industry information, statistics and ratios, key indicators, history, mergers, international banking
  • Business owners – interest rates, loan options, bank financial status, history, international banking
  • Scholars/Researchers- industry information, statistics and ratios, history, international banking
banking resources statistical information
Banking Resources: Statistical Information
  • FDIC – Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation -
    • Provides quarterly and historical statistics for all FDIC-insured institutions
    • “Statistics at a Glance” provides banking statistics from 2001 to present broken down into quarters, along with historical trends for comparison. Statistics include number of banking institutions, total assets, net income, and percent profitability.
    • “Statistics on Banking” allows users to search banking statistics by industry, geography, report date, assets and liabilities, and income and expense.
banking resources statistical information11
Banking Resources: Statistical Information
  • BIS - Bank for International Settlements -

    • Contains the data published in the BIS Quarterly Review
    • Provides detailed summaries and statistical tables, but is not searchable
    • Data covers locational banking statistics, consolidated banking statistics, and loan statistics.
  • Federal Reserve –
    • Compile quarterly statistics on U.S. chartered banks
    • Presents statistics by national rank of the bank
    • Provides basic statistical information such as assets and number of domestic and foreign branches
banking resources industry information
Banking Resources: Industry Information
  • Databases
    • Kiplinger Finance & Forecasts
    • MERGENT Online
    • ABI
    • BankFocus
banking resources industry information13
Banking Resources: Industry Information
  • Associations
    • American Bankers Association (ABA)
    • America’s Community Bankers (ACB)
    • Mortgage Bankers Association (MBA)
banking resources international banking
Banking Resources: International Banking
  • AAAdir World Banks
  • Banks for International Settlements – Central Banks
banking resources international banking15
Banking Resources: International Banking
  • The Banker’s Almanac
  • Thomson Global Banking Resource (subscription database)

banking information challenges
Banking Information Challenges
  • Some information is only available through paid subscription services
  • Banking information is so entwined with other topics, that it’s hard to see the boundaries
  • Terminology can be confusing, and there’s a LOT of it!
  • Multiple government agencies are involved – FDIC, Federal Reserve board, Treasury department, SEC
  • Information is constantly changing, particularly current interest rates
banking connections
General Economy




International Trade

Mortgages and Loans

Housing bureaus


Everyday life

Banking Connections