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August Cell City Students will create cities based on the structure of the cell. Each cell will have a job in the city and students will complete various types of writing (e.g., brochures and articles) explaining the function of each organelle. WEBQUEST Dino Adventure

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  1. August Cell City Students will create cities based on the structure of the cell. Each cell will have a job in the city and students will complete various types of writing (e.g., brochures and articles) explaining the function of each organelle. WEBQUEST Dino Adventure Students will research information, work with technology, and give oral presentations on the project. Then adventure stories will be created. WEBQUEST Ecosystems This lesson teaches students the basics of species interdependency within an ecosystem or habitat. Students will perform a simple simulation to see how one species can affect many others, and gain a basic understanding of the importance of biodiversity.Websites will be explored during this lesson. Toniwa Toucan Rainforest Habitat content related story and activities. (Lesson plan on file.)

  2. September Body Builders Students will be able to identify and understand the functioning of the human body. WEBQUEST The Leg Bone is Connected to the... This Skeletal System lesson is part of a five lesson unit on the systems of the human body. This lesson plan, along with the others that go along with this system could be used to create displays for a class wellness program, which could be used through-out the year. The Magic School Bus Inside Ralphie: A Book About Germs Students become experts in germ warfare and will fire up their MAGIC COMPUTERS to learn more about germs.  They will read a book, play some games, and help keep classmates healthy.

  3. Kentucky Web Quest Virtual Tour This web quest has been posted on the Fayette County, Kentucky collaborative web site, Kentucky The Bluegrass State (http://www.fayette.k12.ky.us/kentucky/default.htm). Fourth grade students from across Kentucky have been studying their home state. Students representing nine counties and over 20 schools have participated in this Home State project. Students from Fayette, McCracken, Union, Hopkins, Barren, Nelson, Anderson, Kenton, Jackson, Morgan & Hardin counties researched various aspects of the Commonwealth. Several of the classes participated in videoconferences and created web pages to share their newly acquired knowledge. Check out the Bluegrass through the eyes of 4th graders! A Nation Divided The Civil War brought out many emotions for both the North and the South. Friends, families and even states were torn apart.  After completing this webquest, students will be able to describe what it was like to be a Confederate or Union soldier. KET's Underground Railroad - Teacher and Student Resources Cross-curriculum lesson plan, using video and documents pertaining to the era. October

  4. November Pilgrim Life Adventure This web quest allows students to create ancestor trees, journal entries, and even an original vehicle to travel in. (Cross-curriculum) Native American WebQuest This web quest offers the opportunity to explore different Native American tribes, by seeing how they lived, how they used resources, etc. . . Thanksgiving on Thursday Teachers can access chapter by chapter comprehension questions, which can be printed or answered online. The site also includes vocabulary for each chapter and an activity for each chapter.

  5. The Importance of Tradition and History This activity is designed to help students understand the importance of tradition and culture. To help them better understand why we should not forget our past and culture but embrace it. Writing Your Autobiography This site helps students create an original story about themselves. This autobiography could become a class scrap booking project. Number the Stars This site offers resources and ideas that can be used in a novel study of this Lois Lowry tale. Students can learn about a culture they may not be familiar with. December

  6. Weather WebQuest Kentucky curriculum includes a goal that states "the learner will build an understanding of weather and climate". This is a comprehensive web quest designed to be used over a period of days or teachers may choose to focus on only one area. January Weather Unit : Science Applications This site offers lesson plans on topics ranging from condensation to the seasons and much more! Weather Eye This interactive site offers experiments for students and a teacher’s lounge full of lesson plans and resources.

  7. When I Was Young In The Mountains This is a web quest which includes a memory game which checks comprehension of the story. February Cynthia Rylant Author Study Students will use the search engine Google.com to complete an author study or this famous writer of children’s literature.

  8. Magic School Bus and the Electric Storm Students create book reviews for this content related chapter book. March ELECTRICITY AND MAGNETISM WEB QUEST Students search the internet to answer comprehension questions about electricity and magnetism.

  9. April Explore Island of the Blue Dolphins This site offers a thematic exploration of this historical fiction work. Econ-o-mania This site offers students to interact in a make believe town and gain a better understanding of basic .economics

  10. Today's Pilgrims Lessons provide information about immigrants of today and students learn critical vocabulary and write summaries to illustrate comprehension. Fourth Grade Ellis Island Journal Project The task of this web quest is to make a scrapbook using pictures, journal entries, letters, artifacts, inspection papers, currency, identification, etc... May Newcomer's Welcome Book Students can use the website’s book as a guide for creating their own book welcoming new students/new fourth graders.

  11. Culminating Literacy and Technology Integration Plan Literacy 518-May 2006 Kimberly Smith

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