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Artifact Assignment

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Artifact Assignment LSJ 332 Fall 2007 M. Morris Assignment Guidelines Turn in 3 essays (Oct 25, Nov 15, and Dec 6) Identify 1 artifact for each paper and address the following items: Who produced the item and for what audience? Where was it produced, where was it found?

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Artifact Assignment

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artifact assignment

Artifact Assignment

LSJ 332

Fall 2007

M. Morris

assignment guidelines
Assignment Guidelines
  • Turn in 3 essays (Oct 25, Nov 15, and Dec 6)
  • Identify 1 artifact for each paper and address the following items:
    • Who produced the item and for what audience?
    • Where was it produced, where was it found?
    • What message about disability does it convey?
    • How does it fit into one (or more) of the models of disability?
what is an artifact
What is an Artifact
  • Anything in society that portrays disability in some way
  • Examples:
    • Movies
    • TV shows
    • Articles
    • Books
    • Signs
    • Comics
    • Songs
    • Jokes
about the artifact
About the Artifact
  • What is the artifact…
    • 300
  • Who produced…
    • Frank Miller novel produced by Warner Brothers
  • Where is it found…
    • Any video store near you
  • Who is the audience…
    • General public
movie synopses
Movie Synopses
  • Spartans are born warriors
    • Infants are examined at birth and if they are found to be undesirable, then they are cast off a cliff
    • Children are taught from a young age to be physically fit and to fight
King Xerxes of the Persians comes and threatens King Leonidas and the Spartans
  • King Leonidas refuses to submit and seeks religious approval from the Ephors and the Oracle to go fight the Persians
  • They do not give a blessing but King Leonidas takes off w/ 300 of the finest men
King Leonidas and the soldiers march to meet the Persians and camp out at a cliff
  • A man who has a hunchback follows them and asks to join the army
Battle – bloody and gory
    • The Persians brought in “monsters” to fight
  • King Xerxes brings in the man who has a hunchback and coaxes him to give up the Spartans by offering him women, money and power
  • The man who has a hunchback gives up the Spartans and all 300 die
“300 white guys from a militarist eugenist sexist child-abusing society valiantly defend the narrow pass of Thermopylae against the progressive, racially, ethnically, ability and sexually diverse (albeit power-hungry) Persians in this gorgeously-filmed action-packed bloodfest.”
    • John on
Portrayal of people with disabilities
    • Eugenics
    • Ephors are viewed as greedy, dishonest, and perverse
    • Man with a hunchback is viewed as weak physically (can’t fight in battle) and weak morally (tempted by the enemy with women, money, and power)
      • His weakness is what led to the defeat of the Spartans
    • Any Persian with any physical difference is viewed as a monster that needs to be contained unless fighting against an enemy

Message of the Artifact

  • Message…?
    • Note: Think about who the potential audiences are ie: general public, teens, adults, persons with disabilities…
People w/ disabilities are
    • weak and do not have a place in society
    • unable to contribute constructively to society
    • morally corrupt
    • easily tempted by evil
    • can ruin a society
application of models
Application of Models
  • How does this fit into the models of disability discussed in class....?
  • Remember the models…
    • Social
    • Personal tragedy
    • Moral
    • Medical
  • Medical
about the assignment
About the Assignment
  • Two pages double spaced or one single spaced
  • Remember your grammar!
  • Place ALL of the required pieces into the essay
about the assignment cont
About the Assignment (cont)
  • Use at least 3 of the models discussed in class across your 3 essays
    • You do not need to use all of the models, just the ones that apply to your artifact
  • Think about the models in terms of the message(s) of the artifact
  • There are PLENTY of artifacts out there
    • You must choose 3 different mediums (movie, article, etc.) for your 3 essays
grading criteria
Grading Criteria
  • Grammar = 1 pt
  • Who produced/who was the audience = 2 pt
  • Where was it produced/found = 1 pt
  • What message is being conveyed about disability = 3 pt
  • How does it fit into one or more models of disability = 3 pt
  • Total = 10 pt