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APGS Automatic Pattern Generation System An Automatic Pattern Fit Solution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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APGS Automatic Pattern Generation System An Automatic Pattern Fit Solution. Automatic Pattern Generation System (APGS) .

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Automatic Pattern Generation System

An Automatic Pattern Fit Solution

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Automatic Pattern Generation System (APGS)

APGS software provides a complete 3D integrated solution, inclusive of garment fit and size grading. Users can develop silhouettes and styles in the 3D environment according to their preference. The software also generates a set of 2D patterns, which can be exported in real time from the 3D garment structure.

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Components of

Automatic Pattern Generation System

< APGS >

  • Parametric Human Generator (PHG)

  • Parametric Pattern Generator (PPG)

  • Parametric Pattern Accelerator (PPA)

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Parametric Human Generator ( PHG )

 Human body scan data acquisition to customize 3D virtual


Avatar with pre-defined parametric body featurescreation from

point cloud, redline structure, and mesh.

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Parametric Pattern Generator (PPG)

 With pre-defined parametrical features to do the matching

of avatar and garment structure

 Transform the volume and silhouette of garment structure

in 3D space

 Build related pattern simultaneously

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Parametric Pattern Accelerator (PPA)

A continuation of PPG to output industrial garment pattern

  • With pattern file imported from PPG to generate all the

    required garment components such as trimmings and

    seam allowances

  • The system provides consistency, speed and is easy to


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Production Pattern Generation, CAD Conversion and File Transfer

  • Pattern file conversion to DXF, AAMA, Gerber &

    Lectra or CAD system

  • Industrial pattern e-files transfer to production unit

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Strength and Value in Applying APGS Transfer

  • Software developed through 3D garment concept with

    scientific approach

  • Flexible application pipeline, simple to use and easy to


  • Build-in avatar fit function with real-time visualization

  • 3D grading system compilation to generate grade rules 


  • Easy to detect problem and avoid predictable human


  • Allows immediate result without making physical sample

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  • Provides 3D garment size standardization and quality Transfer


  • Electronic pattern file transfer and exchange efficiently

    between clients and their outsourcing suppliers in all


  • Offers as an excellent communication tooland

  • A profitable gain in speed and accuracy

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