stadiums tents and parking lots n.
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Stadiums , Tents and Parking Lots PowerPoint Presentation
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Stadiums , Tents and Parking Lots

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Stadiums , Tents and Parking Lots - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Stadiums , Tents and Parking Lots. HHW Collection in Tacoma. What we will Cover. Background on Tacoma HHW Programs The Evolutionary process of HHW Collection in Tacoma What we learned along the way What our future challenges will be. Tacoma HHW Collection. The stadium years

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stadiums tents and parking lots

Stadiums, Tents and Parking Lots

HHW Collection in Tacoma

what we will cover
What we will Cover
  • Background on Tacoma HHW Programs
  • The Evolutionary process of HHW Collection in Tacoma
  • What we learned along the way
  • What our future challenges will be
tacoma hhw collection
Tacoma HHW Collection
  • The stadium years
    • 1987 through 1990
    • Collection Events at Cheney Stadium
    • 462 customers at first event
    • Last event two sites over multiple days
    • 1990 event - 1817 Participants
what did we learn
What did we learn?
  • The early events in Tacoma were:
    • Very expensive $60.00 – 90.00/participant (Operations only!)
    • Very stressful
    • Used a lot of staff
    • Not sustainable over the long haul
landfill superfund issues
Landfill Superfund Issues
  • If we implement an “effective” HHW program, we can keep our last remaining cell open
  • Used our HHW experience to develop a fixed facility with small scale mobile collection system
tents parking lots
Tents & Parking Lots!!
  • 1990 – 1994
    • Temporary fixed facility (tents and trailers)
      • All Waste handling under tents
      • Serve Tacoma residents only
    • Mobile facility
      • All sites in Tacoma
      • Accept HHW in field, transport back to facility for processing and shipping
      • Two weeks per event
what did we learn part 2
What did we learn (part 2)
  • Fixed facility had most impact
    • Steady increase in use and volume
    • Open 7 days per week
    • Technicians became extremely efficient with poor facilities
mobile facility
Mobile Facility
  • Mobile facility – unsatisfactory response
    • Some locations too close to fixed facility
        • Response rate evaluation
    • Hours of fixed facility more convenient
    • Low participation = inefficient & inefficient
    • Direct mail was effective and controllable
a permanent home
A Permanent Home!
  • New facility in 1994 - What did we learn (part 3)
    • Facility used at a fraction of capacity
    • Technicians much more efficient = more down time
      • Need more customers or less open hours
    • Still doing collection events with Pierce County – large 1 day events
    • Interlocal Agreement with County
cooperation helps efficiency
Cooperation helps Efficiency
  • Interlocal Agreement
    • Increased use of facility by over 50%
    • County reimbursements pay for their share of operations, plus capital and some overhead
    • Facility more efficient and cost effective
    • Eliminate large collection events for good, start “Satellite” program
satellite program
Satellite Program
  • Designed and built by the Technicians
  • Base facility is a modified rolloff
  • More secure, easier to move, environmentally safer
  • 3 days per week
satellite program1
Satellite Program
  • Careful site selection – balance population of the target area and availability of service for that area
  • Average 30 customers per day
  • Approx. $25.00 per customer – Ops only
big picture lessons
Big Picture Lessons
  • Continued evaluation is critical – doesn’t need to be a big process
  • It is the employees and not the facilities that make the program
  • Partners that pay are nice!
big picture lessons the obvious
Big Picture Lessons (the obvious)
  • Facilities/Service
      • Location
      • Space – build as much capacity as you can afford
  • Operators need to be involved with facility and equipment purchases
      • Material flow, safety
      • Applicability of equipment
the challenges ahead
The Challenges Ahead
  • Integrating the HHW collection program with sustainability
      • How do we fit in with promoting less toxic material, less chemical use, behavior change
  • Product Stewardship
Gary Kato

Tacoma Public Works

Solid Waste Management