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Title IA Coordinator Online Training. Schoolwide Programs 2005-2006. Title IA Schoolwide Programs. Why a schoolwide program? High poverty affects all students’ achievement To improve achievement Entire instructional program must be improved. Title IA Schoolwide Programs.

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Title ia coordinator online training

Title IA Coordinator Online Training

Schoolwide Programs


Title ia schoolwide programs
Title IA Schoolwide Programs

Why a schoolwide program?

  • High poverty affects all students’ achievement

  • To improve achievement

    • Entire instructional program must be improved

Title ia schoolwide programs1
Title IA Schoolwide Programs

What is a schoolwide program?

  • Implements schoolwide reform strategies

  • Uses all funding to improve school

    • Must support schoolwide plan


  • What must Title IA fund?

    • Reform strategies

    • An increase in amount and quality of learning time

    • High-quality curriculum for all children

Schoolwide flexibility
Schoolwide Flexibility

What flexibility do schoolwide programs have?

  • Schoolwide programs do not:

    • Select children for services

    • Show supplemental nature of Title IA funding

    • Separately track federal dollars at school level

Schoolwide flexibility1
Schoolwide Flexibility

How may a SWP use combined funds?

  • To upgrade entire School

    • Meet the intent and purposes of all combined programs

  • Must implement a comprehensive plan

    • Developed by all staff, parents, community

    • Designed to meet all students’ needs

  • Schoolwide flexibility2
    Schoolwide Flexibility

    What is schoolwide flexibility is tied to?

    • Increased achievement

      • Of all children

      • Especially populations targeted in each Title

    Advantages of swp
    Advantages of SWP

    • Plan program for all children

    • Integrated approach to serve students

    • Spend federal resources to raise achievement

    • Implement comprehensive reform

    Schoolwide programs
    Schoolwide Programs

    Which schools are eligible for SWP?

    • 40% of children from low-income families

  • District determines children will benefit

  • Becoming a swp
    Becoming a SWP

    How do schools become SWP?

    • School staff and parents want to be a SWP

    • High-quality assistance available to school

    • School demonstrates it will receive high-quality technical assistance

    Schoolwide programs1
    Schoolwide Programs

    Who provides technical assistance?

    • Comprehensive technical assistance centers.

    • Regional education research laboratories

    • Universities, community colleges

    • Educators within the school

    • District personnel

    Components of schoolwide programs
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    School must:

    • Complete a comprehensive needs assessment

    • Implement reform strategies that

      • Provide opportunities for all children

      • Are based on scientific research

    Components of schoolwide programs1
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    • Use strategies —

      • Based on scientific research

      • Strengthen core academics

    • Increase amount/quality learning time

    • Provide enriched/accelerated curriculum.

    • Meet needs of all populations

    Components of schoolwide programs2
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    • Transition Plans for preschool into elementary programs

    • Inclusion of teachers in decisions in use of assessments

    • Address needs of target populations of all Title programs

    • How to determine needs are met

    Components of schoolwide programs3
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    • Services may include:

      • Counseling and mentoring

      • College and career guidance

      • Applied learning and team-teaching strategies; and

      • integration of vocational and technical education

    Components of schoolwide programs4
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    • Ensure students' difficulties:

      • identified and addressed

    • Training for teachers

      • Identify difficulties provide assistance

    • Teacher-parent conferences

    Components of schoolwide programs5
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    Highly Qualified Staff

    • High-quality professional development

    • Strategies to attract highly qualified teachers

    • Strategies to increase parental involvement

    Components of schoolwide programs6
    Components of Schoolwide Programs

    Strategies to implement SWP:

    • Professional development,

    • Parent involvement

    • Transition services

    • Identify and implement strategies to increase quality and amount of learning time

    Title ia schoolwide programs2
    Title IA Schoolwide Programs

    How does a school develop a Schoolwide plan?

    • Involve in the planning:

      • Community

      • School staff

      • Parents of students

      • Secondary students (if applicable)

    Dev eloping a schoolwide plan
    Dev eloping a Schoolwide Plan

    • Describe use of

      • Title I A, other sources, Federal funds, to implement components.

    • List state, district, and federal programs included in SWP

    Schoolwide programs2
    Schoolwide Programs

    • Describe:

      • How parents are given assessment data

      • Instructional practices

      • How plan is made available to parents and public

      • How plan is coordinated with other federal programs

    Schoolwide programs3
    Schoolwide Programs

    • SWP may establish pre-kindergarten programs

    • Extend Kindergarten programs

    Schoolwide programs4
    Schoolwide Programs

    Duration of Plan

    • SWP in effect as long as school receives Title IA

    • School must annually review/revise plan

    Schoolwide programs5
    Schoolwide Programs

    Time and Effort Records

    • Schoolwide staff

      • Certify and sign semi-annually that they have worked in Schoolwide program

    Title ia schoolwide programs3
    Title IA Schoolwide Programs

    For Further Information:

    • Title IA Handbook

    • Title IA Schoolwide Handbook

    • NCLB Text and Guidance

    • EDGAR

    • OMB Compliance Supplements A-133 and A-87