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Bible Survey

Bible Survey

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Bible Survey

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  1. Bible Survey Psalms

  2. Bible Survey - Psalms Title • Hebrew - tALåhiT. rp,se • Greek - Yalmoi • Latin - LiberPsalmorum

  3. Bible Survey - Psalms Author David Moses Solomon

  4. Bible Survey - Psalms Author Various • 75 Psalms were written by David • - 12 Psalms were written by Asaph • - 10 Psalms were written by “the Sons of Korah” • - 2 Psalms were written by Solomon • - 1 Psalm was written by Moses • - 1 Psalm was written by Heman • - 1 Psalm was written by Ethan

  5. Bible Survey - Psalms Date of Writing Between the 15th and 5th centuries BC

  6. Bible Survey - Psalms Theme Worship There are numerous types of Psalms, which we will discuss below, but throughout the different genre, the main theme is worship of the Lord. The Lord God is worthy to be worshiped for who he is and for his faithfulness to his people. Some Psalms served as corporate worship songs, while others were designed more for private devotion, but all are focused on the worship of God.

  7. Bible Survey - Psalms Purpose of Writing As has already been stated, the Psalms were largely written for the purpose of Israel’s worship in the temple. Some Psalms (the Psalms of Ascent) were collected and used while the people traveled to Jerusalem for the ritual of Passover, thus making even their pilgrimage to Jerusalem a time of worship. Others were used in the service of the temple itself.

  8. Bible Survey – Psalms Types of Psalms • Psalms of Praise • Psalms of Lament • Psalms of Wisdom • Psalms of Royalty

  9. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalms of Praise Psalm 95:1-3 O come, let us sing for joy to the LORD, Let us shout joyfully to the rock of our salvation. 2 Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving, Let us shout joyfully to Him with psalms. 3 For the LORD is a great God And a great King above all gods….

  10. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalms of Lament Psalm 13:1-2 How long, O LORD? Will You forget me forever? How long will You hide Your face from me? 2 How long shall I take counsel in my soul, Having sorrow in my heart all the day? How long will my enemy be exalted over me?

  11. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalms of Wisdom Psalm 119:9-12 How can a young man keep his way pure? By keeping it according to Your word. 10 With all my heart I have sought You; Do not let me wander from Your commandments. 11 Your word I have treasured in my heart, That I may not sin against You. 12 Blessed are You, O LORD; Teach me Your statutes.

  12. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalms of Royalty Psalm 2:1-6 Why are the nations in an uproar And the peoples devising a vain thing? 2 The kings of the earth take their stand And the rulers take counsel together Against the LORD and against His Anointed, saying, 3 "Let us tear their fetters apart And cast away their cords from us!" 4 He who sits in the heavens laughs, The Lord scoffs at them.

  13. Bible Survey - Psalms Christ in Psalms • Christ as King • Christ as Suffering Servant • Christ as the Perfect Man • Christ as the Son of God

  14. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalm 110:1-2 The LORD says to my Lord: "Sit at My right hand Until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet." 2 The LORD will stretch forth Your strong scepter from Zion, saying, "Rule in the midst of Your enemies." Christ as King

  15. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalm 22:16-18 For dogs have surrounded me; A band of evildoers has encompassed me; They pierced my hands and my feet. 17 I can count all my bones. They look, they stare at me; 18 They divide my garments among them, And for my clothing they cast lots. Christ as Suffering Servant

  16. Bible Survey - Psalms Psalm 40:7-9 Then I said, "Behold, I come; In the scroll of the book it is written of me. 8 I delight to do Your will, O my God; Your Law is within my heart." 9 I have proclaimed glad tidings of righteousness in the great congregation; Behold, I will not restrain my lips, O LORD, You know. Christ as Perfect Man

  17. Bible Survey - Psalms Christ as Son of God Psalm 2:7-8 I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD: He said to Me, 'You are My Son, Today I have begotten You. 8 'Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.

  18. Bible Survey - Psalms • He will come in the name of the Lord (118:26) • He will come to do the will of the Lord (40:7-8) • The Lord will declare him to be his Son (2:7) • Zeal for the Lord’s house will consume him (69:9) • He will be needlessly hated (35:19) • His friend will betray him (41:9) • He will be falsely accused (35:11)

  19. Bible Survey - Psalms • He will be cruelly mocked (22:7-8) • His hands and feet will be pierced (22:16) • Not one of his bones will be broken (34:20) • People will gamble for his clothes (22:18) • He will pray for his enemies (109:4) • He will be given vinegar to drink (69:21) • He will be resurrected from the dead (16:10)

  20. Bible Survey - Psalms • He will ascend to the right hand of God (68:18) • He will become a priest like Melchizedek (110:4) • He will be the chief cornerstone (118:22) • His throne will endure forever (45:6) • His enemies will be subjected to him (110:1) • All things will be put under his feet (8:6)

  21. Bible Survey - Psalms Place in the Canon The Psalms are considered to be the song book of the nation of Israel. Historically, we can learn about the Israelites beliefs about God from these songs which they sing about him. Theologically, we learn from the Psalms that God is worthy of worship for his faithfulness in all situations of life. Devotionally, we should respond to the Psalms by trusting God in the hard times of our lives and worshiping him even in the midst of trials.