Ncsx systems engineering management plan peer review
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NCSX Systems Engineering Management Plan Peer Review. Bob Simmons May 15, 2003. NCSX Data Management Plan Peer Review. Review Committee Charlie Neumeyer, Chair Bob Simmons, Cog Wayne Reiersen, RLM Judy Malsbury Mike Williams Larry Dudek Brad Nelson. Review Objectives.

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Ncsx systems engineering management plan peer review

NCSX Systems Engineering Management Plan Peer Review

Bob Simmons

May 15, 2003

Ncsx data management plan peer review
NCSX Data Management Plan Peer Review

  • Review Committee

    • Charlie Neumeyer, Chair

    • Bob Simmons, Cog

    • Wayne Reiersen, RLM

    • Judy Malsbury

    • Mike Williams

    • Larry Dudek

    • Brad Nelson

Review objectives
Review Objectives

  • Have the appropriate systems been established for the implementation of an effective systems engineering management program for NCSX?

  • Do these systems provide an appropriate level of detail, yet are sufficiently flexible to meet the tailored approach philosophy for NCSX ,including the work being accomplished at ORNL?

  • What plans are in place to train the NCSX personnel in the various systems engineering programs and systems (e.g., configuration management, interface control, document management, etc.)? Still work in Progress

Relationships to other ncsx plans and procedures
Relationships to Other NCSX Plans and Procedures

  • The NCSX NCSX Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP) is consistent with the requirements of the Project Execution Plan (PEP) and the Quality Assurance Plan (QAP)

  • The SEMP is the top-level engineering plan and all other NCSX Engineering Project Plans support and expand the programs and systems outlined in the SEMP

    • Configuration Management Plan (CMP)

    • Interface Control Management Plan (ICMP)

    • Data Management Plan (DMP)

    • Document and Records Plan (DOC)

    • Pro/INTRALINK Users Guide

Systems engineering se is central to the ncsx engineering processes
Systems Engineering (SE) is Central to the NCSX Engineering Processes

  • Defines the processes for technical planning and control

  • Defines the systems engineering processes

  • Defines the engineering specialty integration processes

How does the systems engineering program fit
How Does the Systems Engineering Program Fit? Processes

  • ORNL has committed to follow NCSX plans and procedures

  • Unless specifically modified or supeceded by NCSX-specific plans and procedures, NCSX is committed to following existing DOE and PPPL plans and procedures

    • In no instances are the NCSX plans and procedures in conflict or a dilution of the existing PPPL plans and procedures

    • Where NCSX is more rigorous, specific note will be made

Technical program planning and control
Technical Program Planning and Control Processes

  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) provides the overall architecture for the systems engineering work

    • NCSX team structure has been aligned with the WBS

  • NCSX Engineering Manager has overall responsibility for implementing the SE program on NCSX

    • Systems Engineering Support Manager and Design Integration Manager provide staff support to the Engineering Manager

Technical program planning and control1
Technical Program Planning and Control Processes

  • Four Project Engineers report directly to the Engineering Manager in the line organization

    • Stellarator Core (WBS 1)

    • Ancillary Systems (WBS 2-6)

    • Assembly Operations (WBS 7)

    • Operations (Testing, Ops and Maintenance Procedures, Prep for Ops)

Technical program planning and control2
Technical Program Planning and Control Processes

  • Systems Integration Team (SIT)

    • Consists of project personnel to facilitate integration of project work

    • Provides a forum for discussion of requirements interpretations, potential areas of risk, system level trade studies, coordination of processes, and resolution of issues

    • Intended to facilitate obtaining decisions through line management that are best for the project as a whole

Technical program planning and control3
Technical Program Planning and Control Processes

  • Work is organized

  • Work is planned and costs and schedules are estimated and integrated

    • Use of SEML more rigorous during design process than existing PPPL procedures (e.g., WP as specified in ENG-032)

    • WP will govern any site work

  • Work is authorized

  • Work is tracked

Systems engineering processes
Systems Engineering Processes Processes

  • Design Definition and Integration

    • Point where a design concept is created to satisfy a given set of requirements

    • Includes evaluation of alternatives

    • Eventually culminates in a final design for the entire NCSX

  • Risk Management

    • Responsibility lies with NCSXline management

    • SIT will facilitate the identification of areas of risk, coordinating the development of risk mitigation plans, and the monitoring of performance against those plans

Systems engineering processes1
Systems Engineering Processes Processes

  • System Build

    • Starts with a concept and evolves in detail until the system is constructed and ready for integrated systems testing

    • Naturally an extension of the requirements analysis and design tasks for all components and subsystems

    • Intend to utilize construction techniques familiar to PPPL technicians

  • System Test and Verification

    • Combination of inspection, demonstration, test, and analysis techniques

Systems engineering processes2
Systems Engineering Processes Processes

  • Configuration Management, Interface Control, and QA already subject of peer reviews

  • Design Reviews

    • External design reviews conducted by DOE in support of Critical Decision milestones

    • Internal design reviews scheduled and planned in accordance with ENG-033 – usually at the subsystem level

Engineering specialty integration
Engineering Specialty Integration Processes

  • Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM)

    • RAM Plan will be prepared prior to final design review

  • Value Engineering/Management (VE/VM)

    • Will apply to NCSX using a graded approach

    • Already have implemented several VE/VM studies

Engineering specialty integration1
Engineering Specialty Integration Processes

  • Parts, Materials, and Process Standardization and Control

    • Plan to develop a Master Parts List and Vacuum Materials List – by time of PDR

  • Manufacturability

    • Manufacturing, Inspection, and Test Plan (MITP) shall be produced for each configuration item

Engineering specialty integration2
Engineering Specialty Integration Processes

  • Constructability

    • Under the leadership of the Assembly Operations Project Engineer, although all WBS Managers have this responsibility

      • Space allocations

      • Access for assembly

      • Required assembly sequence

      • Early identification and mitigation of constructability issues

      • Design features to reduce construction costs

  • Training

    • Safety and project-specific

Engineering specialty integration3
Engineering Specialty Integration Processes

  • Technical Publications (O&M Manuals, etc.)

    • Electronic or hard copy data bases available (depending on material)

  • ES&H

    • ISM policies and practices followed

    • ES&H review of technical documentation throughout the life of the project

Seml proc 004
SEML (PROC-004) Processes

  • The Systems Engineering Master Logic is the key planning document during the design phase

    • Defines the logic for design development and the necessary activities and deliverables for the Preliminary and Final Design Reviews

    • Used as guide when developing the WAFs

  • Work Planning (WPs) shall be used for planning all field work, including on-site R&D during the design phases

Seml proc 0041
SEML (PROC-004) Processes

  • This procedure lays out the process for

    • Identifying configuration items (CI) and for aligning the specifications, design reviews, and acquisition plans with that CI

    • Developing the SEML (generic example) for both Preliminary and Final Design Reviews

Questions? Processes