Aerobic dance zumba
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Aerobic Dance Zumba. By: Elizabeth Kanteladze Toby Anderson. Class Specifics. 20 middle aged woman. 2 4 hour fitness Exercise room 3 Class meets at 7 ends at 8:10pm Every Sunday and Wednesday. Music. “No Me Hace Falta ”- Victor Manuelle “He Tratado” - Victor Manuelle

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Aerobic dance zumba

Aerobic DanceZumba

By: Elizabeth Kanteladze

Toby Anderson

Class specifics
Class Specifics

  • 20 middle aged woman.

  • 24 hour fitness Exercise room 3

  • Class meets at 7 ends at 8:10pm

  • Every Sunday and Wednesday.


  • “No Me Hace Falta”- Victor Manuelle

  • “He Tratado” - Victor Manuelle

  • “Volveras” - Victor Manuelle

  • “Apaidate De Mi” - Victor Manuelle

  • “Pensamiento Y Palabra” - Victor Manuelle

Warm ups
Warm Ups

  • standing position, take a deep breath and stretch your arms above your head

  • standing hip circles for two to three minutes; Slightly bend your knees for easier movement and control

  • marching in place for a few minutes, slowly add rhythm to marching by allowing your hips and upper body to move with the music beats

  • Should last 5 to 8 minutes


  • standing position, take fairly large, alternating side steps to begin salsa dancing, Each time you step out to the side with one foot, shift your weight and return it to a standing position for support begin stepping to a four count beat. Add body rhythm next by slightly moving your hips with each move. Add back and forward salsa steps.

  • Practice these moves for 20 minutes.

Mambo cha cha
Mambo Cha-Cha

  • step forward, backward or to the side with a weight shift. The cha-cha involves either moving steps or mambo steps in any direction with a quick three-step move in between.

  • Practice for 25 minutes.

Cool down
Cool Down

  • Calf raise down- Stand on raised platform with balls of your feet. Exhale slowly dropping heels down towards the floor.

  • Lying Straight Leg to chest – lie comfortably on your back, and slowly extend one leg upward grasping with both hands, and pull your leg toward your chest.

  • Hands interlocked over your head- Interlocked fingers above your head with palms facing upward. Exhale and push your hands further above your head.

  • Each exercise should be done for 2 to 3 minutes.