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Perimeter Circulator Project

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Perimeter Circulator Project. October 19, 2000 Steering Committee Meeting. TASK 1.0 GOALS & OBJECTIVES. Study Goals. To better prepare the (DCID) to seek and obtain state and federal financial assistance toward project implementation

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perimeter circulator project

Perimeter Circulator Project

October 19, 2000

Steering Committee Meeting

study goals
Study Goals
  • To better prepare the (DCID) to seek and obtain state and federal financial assistance toward project implementation
  • To quantify the order of magnitude of first cost and annual cost toward a go/no-go decision
project goals
Project Goals
  • 1. To encourage lessened use of single-occupancy motor vehicles
  • 2. To provide an effective public system of local distribution for regional trip-makers
  • 3. To enhance the economic development and tax base of Perimeter Center by increasing the density of land usage without incurring adverse impacts.
  • 4. To assist the community in achieving air quality goals.
project goals continued
Project Goals Continued
  • 5. To make the offices, retail establishments, medical facilities, hotels, and employment opportunities more accessible to all patrons and employees.
  • 6. To offer local trip-makers an effective alternative to autos, shuttle buses and surface transit.
  • 7. To help preserve greenbelts and park areas potentially threatened by need for added parking facilities.
  • 8. To take advantage of opportunities for facilitating circulator placement and location in coordination with scheduled improvements to freeways.
goal suggested during the first stakeholder meeting
Goal Suggested During the First Stakeholder Meeting
  • To provide a public system that allows flexibility within the Perimeter Center area and allows future expansion beyond this area.
  • Perimeter area is the most dense employment concentration outside central Atlanta
  • Dekalb County portion of the study area is currently much more intensely developed
  • Fulton County portion of the study area shows largest potential for future growth
  • Data sources reviewed are relatively consistent in growth estimates
  • Office/Mixed use is largest component of future land usage
  • Office/Mixed use allows mix of uses as influenced by market forces
characteristics requirements
Characteristics & Requirements
  • State-of-the-art technology (Modern & Attractive)
  • Electrically powered (To meet clean-air goal)
  • Fast speed (Right-of-way permitting)
  • Quick Loading and Off-Loading from either side
  • Comfortable interior (air conditioned, blend of seating/standing capacity)
  • Reliability
  • Accessible conformance with Federal ADA ’90 & Safety conformance with NFPA 130
route development considerations
  • Marta Station locations - Walking distances
  • High concentration employment - Divided into Zones
  • Utilize future traffic improvement (Fly-Over bridge)
  • Consider Marietta/Lawrenceville Study/Findings
alignment one
  • “Two Intersecting Loops Oriented North-South”
  • Comprised of two dual-guideway loops which share a common guideway at their intersection
  • This alignment can be implemented with any of the three technologies under evaluation
  • Interfaces with four MARTA Stations in the study area
  • Operations on both loops interface at Dunwoody MARTA Station
  • Sub-alternates routes to be compared
alignment two
  • “Two Intersecting Loops Oriented East-West”
  • Alternate was developed to differ from Alignment One where MARTA coverage
  • Retains a common guideway between the two loops
  • This alternate allows any of the three technologies to be utilized
  • Interfaces with three MARTA Stations:
  • Operations on both loops interface at Dunwoody MARTA Station
  • Sub-alternates are indicated for comparison
alignment three
  • “Single Loop with Branches to Northern Developments”
  • Contains southern loop as shown in Alternate Two with independent branch lines serving the northern developments
  • Branch lines provide means for future growth or expansion
  • Interfaces with two MARTA Stations
  • Loop and branches converge at Dunwoody MARTA Station
alignment four
  • “At-Grade Light Rail Radial System”
  • Restricted to one technology - light rail transit
  • LRT would coexist with surface traffic and would deliver patrons closer to their destination
  • Penetrates centers of concentrated employment
  • Interfaces with Dunwoody MARTA Station
  • Would require street widening so as to not lessen street capacity
  • Easily lends itself to phased construction
  • Least cost system for a given mileage coverage
social environment
Social Environment
  • Land Use Changes
  • Community Cohesion
  • Relocation Potential
  • Environmental Justice
  • Aesthetics
  • Public Recreation Land
Cultural Environment

Historic Sites

Archeological Sites


Natural Environment

Jurisdictional Waters of the U.S.

Endangered/Threatened Species

physical environment
Physical Environment
  • Noise
  • Air Quality
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Underground Storage Tanks (USTs)
perimeter circulator project1

Perimeter Circulator Project

Steering Committee Meeting