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Key Terms – Napoleonic Era PowerPoint Presentation
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Key Terms – Napoleonic Era

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Key Terms – Napoleonic Era - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Moscow Battle of Nations Elba Louis XVII Battle of Waterloo Grand Alliance St. Helena. Key Terms – Napoleonic Era. Napoleon Napoleonic Code of Laws Concordat of 1801 The Continental System Trade Embargo Guerilla Warfare Alexander I. Napoleon, Emperor of France (1769-1821).

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Key Terms – Napoleonic Era

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key terms napoleonic era

Battle of Nations


Louis XVII

Battle of Waterloo

Grand Alliance

St. Helena

Key Terms – Napoleonic Era
  • Napoleon
  • Napoleonic Code of Laws
  • Concordat of 1801
  • The Continental System
  • Trade Embargo
  • Guerilla Warfare
  • Alexander I
napoleon emperor of france 1769 1821
Napoleon, Emperor of France(1769-1821)
  • Napoleon → first emperor of modern France, removed the Directory, attempted to establish a French empire.
  • Napoleon began as a decorated general in the army, was tasked with breaking up rioters at the palace in Paris
  • Would fire cannons to scare off the French and would be commended and given power for it.
  • Would endow himself with titles until he named himself Emperor.
napoleonic reforms
Napoleonic Reforms
  • Napoleonic Code of Laws → establishes the paternal household, a new set of business laws, and provided religious freedom
  • Concordat of 1801 → established Catholicism as the national religion of France but maintained its diminutized power
  • Ended the Reign of Terror and removed the remainder of Directory officials
the continental system
The Continental System
  • Napoleon would begin to slowly move into neighboring countries and subduing them with his French army.
  • Any countries he controlled he would force to enter the Continental System.
  • Continental System → massive trade block or embargo that prevented countries from trading with France.
effects of the continental system
Effects of the Continental System
  • The Continental System would generate ire in countries that were subjected to it.
    • Weakened those economies
    • Forced them to find other avenues to acquire the goods the British provided
    • Sowed the seeds of rebellion among the countries under its control
    • Served as a trade embargo → block of trade
  • The British would prevent the French from establishing an Atlantic Blockade by winning the Battle of Trafalgar → naval battle that prevented the French from establishing complete control of European trade.
issues with spain
Issues with Spain
  • Napoleon would attempt to install his brother Joseph as king of Spain.
  • The Spanish would refuse and engage in a small war with France.
  • The French would be overmatched, even with their large numbers by guerilla warfare.
  • Guerilla Warfare → hit and run tactics making effective use of the environment
alexander i
Alexander I

- Alexander I → czar of Russia during the Napoleonic Era

- Alexander would begin to instruct his merchants and officials to smuggle goods from Britain.

- This act was in clear violation of the Continental System and led Napoleon to make the decision to invade Russia.

invasion of russia
Invasion of Russia

- Napoleon would lead 400,000 troops into Russia with plans to occupy and control Moscow.

- Alexander I would follow a scorched earth policy and burn his own crops along the way to Moscow.

- Napoleon would arrive to an empty and evacuated Moscow.

- With no supplies, Napoleon was forced to retreat.

battle of nations
Battle of Nations

- During Napoleon's retreat, he was attacked by the Russian troops who were following him and was forced into Leipzig, Germany.

- A coalition of armies awaited him in the town square and after much fighting, he would surrender and be forced into exile to the island of Elba.

battle of waterloo
Battle of Waterloo

- Napoleon would be freed by the French from the island of Elba.

- In the meantime, Louis XVII was placed in power during his absence.

- Napoleon would depose Louis XVII and ready his troops for another war with his rival nations.

battle of waterloo1
Battle of Waterloo

- Napoleon would engage the Grand Alliance in the Battle of Waterloo.

- Napoleon would earn early victories but would halt his advance due to rain.

- His halt allowed the other nations to recover and defeat him.

- He would be exiled again to the island of St. Helena.