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Integrated Finance Framework & Regional Economic Impact Model - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Exploring Innovation A Conference on Community Development Finance. Integrated Finance Framework & Regional Economic Impact Model. Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis May 2-4, 2007 Stan Halle, HHCG Frank Knott, President, ViTAL Economy, Inc. 410-321-1484 [email protected] Agenda.

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Exploring Innovation

A Conference on Community Development Finance

Integrated Finance Framework


Regional Economic Impact Model

Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

May 2-4, 2007

Stan Halle, HHCG

Frank Knott, President,

ViTAL Economy, Inc.


[email protected]


9:00 - Welcome, Introductions and Objectives

9:10 – Role of an Integrated Finance Framework for Regional Rural Economies

9:40 – Role of a Regional Economic Model in Transforming an Economy

10:15 –Adjourn


  • Approaches economic & community development from a practical, business standpoint--we are business strategists first

  • Provides all the components needed to drive economic growth

    • Cluster based economic and community development strategy

    • sources of new business financing

    • business incubator

    • connectivity plan

  • Insures that all economic development efforts are focused and consistent by linking the financing facility strategy and the business incubator strategy to the economic and community development strategy


Finance &



Economic and







Connectivity Enabled Strategy

The ViTAL Economy Approach


Challenges to growing rural regional economies
Challenges to Growing Rural Regional Economies

  • Access to specialty finance services and early stage venture capital networks

  • Networks that encourage entrepreneurs and allow businesses to share ideas

  • Intermediary resource networks that support new businesses

  • Perception that quality managers do not live nor come to such economies

  • Increased financial literacy of prospective users and providers of capital

  • Capacity to evaluate intellectual property versus traditional asset-based risks

  • Community environments which encourage entrepreneurship and risk taking

  • Market research capabilities that allow businesses to expand to new markets and that allow entrepreneurs to turn ideas into viable new products

Sources: NGA Center for BEST PRACTICES,

RUPRI and ViTAL Economy Research

What challenges have your communities faced in accessing capital to transform your regional economy

Your Thoughts:

What Challenges have Your Communities Facedin Accessing Capital to Transform Your Regional Economy?

Rural Community Refrain

“We are risk averse

and opportunity handicapped”

Industry Cluster Participant

Olympic Peninsula, Washington

Sustainable economic development is inhibited by funding gaps faced by growing companies

PotentialFunding Sources









  • Technologies by local entrepreneurs do not get commercialized

  • Entrepreneurs leave the region or state

  • Entrepreneurs are not attracted from outside the state

  • Communities do not develop technology focused industries



  • Public Equity

  • CommercialPaper

  • Medium TermNotes

  • Public Debt

  • Venture Capital

  • Short-term loans

  • Intermediate-termLoans

  • Private Placement

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Trade Credit

  • Public Equity

  • Commercial Paper

  • Medium-Term Loans

Early Stage

  • Insider Financing

  • Angels

  • Venture Capital

  • Short-term loans

  • Intermediate-termLoans

  • Private Placement


Company Growth

Sustainable Economic Development is Inhibited by Funding Gaps Faced by Growing Companies

  • Insider Financing

  • Angels

  • Micro-loans/Grants

  • Venture Capital

Conducting an integrated finance assessment for a rural regional economy
Conducting an Integrated Finance Assessmentfor a Rural Regional Economy

  • What are the specific finance needs of entrepreneurs, early stage businesses and established companies located in the economic region?

  • What are the funding requirements for implementing the regional economic strategy and addressing private and public infrastructure deficits?

  • What are the finance products, finance advisory services and risk assessment capacities available in the economic region?

  • What gaps exist between what the regional economy needs and what finance products, capacities/capabilities and finance advisory services are available?

  • Given the above, what funds, or finance products and services does the region need to develop locally, or access regionally and nationally?

  • What is the recommended legal structure for managing a family of integrated fund structures and finance services to serve the region?

Sample equity and specialty capital requirements
Sample Equity and Specialty Capital Requirements






Financing =

$336.2 Million

EDC Micro-Loans/










EDC Revolving

Equity& Loan Fund




Financing =

$100 Million




Ag. Development



Port Authority



Regional Intermediary Finance Facility


Board of Directors

National Finance Network

Local Finance Partners

Non-Profit Financing

and Advisory Entity

Equity & Specialty Debt

Financial Services

Best Practice Strategy &

Resource Services

Business Development

& Marketing

  • Micro-Loans • Angel Pools

  • Grants • VC Funds

  • Specialty • InfrastructureFinancing Funding

  • Public Finance • Sale lease back

  • Loan Pools • Participations

  • Risk Analysis • REITS

  • Economic and Finance Vehicle Development

  • Community Development Asset Finance Services

  • Early Stage Company Business Advisory Services

  • Global Market Research

  • Promote Services to Business

  • Market Financing Services

  • Build Innovation Climate

  • Grow Entrepreneur Interest

  • Increase Financial Literacy

  • Support Business Incubation

A self sustaining finance framework for regional rural economies

ViTAL Economy Capital

Capital, Innovation & Literacy

501-c-3 Intermediary

Equity & Specialty

Finance Access,

Expertise & Literacy

Global Best Practice


Technical Support


Setting Climates of

Risk Taking and


A Self-Sustaining Finance Framework for Regional Rural Economies

Foundational Tools for Transforming

Rural Regional Economies

Regional Economic Impact Model

Frank Knott, President, ViTAL Economy, Inc.


[email protected]

Why we need an economic model for measuring a regional economy
Why We Need an Economic Model for Measuring A Regional Economy!

  • Nations measure and manage their economy with an economic model

  • States and provinces measure their economies with an economic model

  • Rural economic regions typically don’t have an economic model

    • Makes it difficult to manage a rural regional economy

    • Difficult to plan without benchmarks

    • Impossible to reliably assess progress without a model

    • Forecasting impact of competing economic strategies is impossible

  • Without measurement and benchmarks there is no accountability

If You Don’t Know Where You Are Going,

Any Road Will Get You There!

Alice in Wonderland

What is economic impact
What is Economic Impact?

  • Measure of spending and employment

    • Associated with a business, sector of the economy, or a specific project

  • Common ways to measure economic impact:

    • Jobs or person years of employment

    • Spending in the region (economic output)

    • GDP, value-added or value of capital used

Types of economic impact
Types of Economic Impact

  • Direct Economic Impact

    • Employment within the region

  • Indirect Economic Impact

    • Employment in downstream industries that result from employment in the region

  • Induced Economic Impact

    • Employment generated from expenditures by individuals employed directly or indirectly

  • Total Economic Impact = Direct + Indirect + Induced

Methodology for si economic analysis
Methodology for SI Economic Analysis

  • The Base: Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) RIMS II multipliers

    • Multipliers created to allow for regional analysis of jobs and earnings

    • BEA created a specialty run of multipliers for the 20-county Southern Illinois region; most rural region multipliers are from multiple MSA

    • GDP for multipliers was developed using a ratio method recommended by BEA (state industry jobs : state industry GDP)

    • Induced impacts not included in RIMS II multipliers

    • Model driven by BEA jobs data at the county level

    • Multipliers are applied to the jobs data to generate earnings, GDP and output measures

    • Use of multipliers was checked with BEA staff to ensure correct application

Foundational Tools for Transforming

Rural Regional Economies

VE Regional Economic Model

Launched in Southern Illinois

February 2007

Uniqueness of ve economic model
Uniqueness of VE Economic Model

  • Refined to calculate Jobs, Earnings, and GDP by County & Region

  • It also can instantly calculate the economic impact of capital investment

  • Specific BEA multipliers have been built that are tied to Southern Illinois and, therefore, are not distorted by large Metro-areas nearby

    • The data is easily updated, but not directly accessible to the users

    • Will be web-based for open access to all

  • Allows for easy scenario-comparisons & forecasting re job creation, percentage wage growth

  • Developed a specific micro-model for assessing the economic impact of building a new health-care institution

  • Model is applicable to other economic regions with different multipliers

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