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Most effective slogans

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Most effective slogans. Choose 5 slogans from Ads or Commercial Films. Lay's Slogan: “ 停不了的樂事 ~” Lay's is the brand name for a number of potato chip varieties .

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most effective slogans

Most effective slogans

Choose 5 slogans from Ads or Commercial Films


Slogan: “停不了的樂事~”

Lay's is the brand name for a number of potato chip varieties .

This slogan means that their potato chips are so yummy that you couldn’t stop eating it!, and also means that it has a lot of fun to eat Lay’s.

味丹 More Water

Slogan: 多喝水沒事 沒事多喝水

This will be related to the Chinese meaning, because the name of the product already told costumers to drink more water, and so, they add: “to be free” as to emphasize drink more their product anytime.



It come from the ad of KFC.

The ad express a meaning that the customers will only eat the fried chicken from KFC.

They want us to know their fried chicken is always the best.

Coca Cola

Slogan:Life tastes Good.

Coca cola is a old brand of soft drinks that the whole world knows about it, and in some countries people drink everyday!

What they want to express is your life tastes good like coca cola!


Slogan: “好自在 月來月快樂”

Because women had period problems, so the product emphasize that using 好自在series, you not only don’t have to worried about it, but also be happier from month to month!