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NAE4-HA Board Meeting

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NAE4-HA Board Meeting. September 25, 2014 1:00 PM. Review of Agenda and Procedures Approve Minutes from Spring Board Meeting. State Relations Team Report State Visits and Communication with NAE4-HA members 19 states, over 1100 educators involved

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NAE4-HA Board Meeting

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    1. NAE4-HA Board Meeting September 25, 2014 1:00 PM

    2. Review of Agenda and Procedures Approve Minutes from Spring Board Meeting

    3. State Relations Team Report • State Visits and Communication with NAE4-HA members • 19 states, over 1100 educators involved • Shared NAE4HA Information, plus 10 workshops • Monthly Updates to state contacts • Financial Support • JCEP (41 states) and PILD support (31 states) • 2 First-Timer Scholarships per region • State Visits • Joint Council of Extension Professionals Conference • February, Memphis, 71 NAE4HA members • General Sessions, Workshops, NAE4HA Breakouts • Results of Survey from over 1000 members shared • Regional Breakouts

    4. Finance & Operations • Shawn Tiede • VP Finance & Operations • 2015 budget is in the final stages of development. • In 2014 the Conference Capital Working fund was established at SunTrust Commercial with funds transferred from Fidelity/First Western Conference Capital Working fund accounts. This is a money market fund like our other SunTrust accounts with a balance of $100,000.00. • Professional development services to members were provided through the use of the Clover Pledge money market fund. This fund has a balance of $144,318.00 and serves the purpose of supporting professional development services for our members. To date these funds have been utilized for an online awards submission and management system, an online abstract management system for professional development session submissions beginning with the 2014 conference, and the development of a mobile app for the 2014 conference. $118,553.00 remains in the Clover Pledge endowment at National 4-H Council Activities Fund and will continue to serve as a conduit for tax deductible donations to be made to NAE4-HA. • A dues increase was authorized by the board of trustees to take effect January 1, 2015. Dues will be $80 for all active and affiliate members. This is the first dues increase since 2007. The board determined the dues increase necessary to ensure that the association continues to provide progressive levels of professional development; maximize the use of technology; elevate the quality of youth development work through scholarship, research and practice; and advocate for the youth development profession. • The Policy and Resolutions and Organizational Stewardship Committees collaboratively fully implemented the online election procedures for the first time in 2014.

    5. Member Services Team • Megan Tifft • VP Member Services • Life Member Committee: • Secured donor for the award for 2014. • Researched ways to raise funds to insure the award is funded in the future. • Working on ways to involve more retirees in the association. • Hosting a workshop especially for retirees at the 2014 Conference. • Life member page active on NAE4-HA website.

    6. Member Services History: Traveled to Jackson’s Mill 4-H Camp WV in August, 2014. Purchased second file cabinet for Archives. Categorized and cleaned remaining files from the transfer from Chevy Chase, MD. Transferred VHS tapes to DVD for 50th Anniversary Celebration and The Difference We Make. Processed the 50th Anniversary Quilts for the records of the National 4-H Preservation Committee. Documented American Income Life Insurance involvement with NAE4-HA since 1960 to present. Documented old financial records in Archives. Began discussion on transfer of file boxes from our management company to Archives. Explored a name that better suites the “Historian” position on NAE4-HA Board.

    7. Member Services • Awards and Recognition: • Conducted an online training for the Recognition Committee and members over the 2014 Awards • Conducted a training for the new online awards system • Implemented the new online Awards System • Evaluated the new awards system

    8. Marketing & Outreach Team • Melissa Henry • VP Marketing & Outreach • Team: • VP for Marketing and Outreach • Public Relations and Information Committee Chair • Hall of Fame Task Force Chair • First Timers Task Force Chair • 4-H Stories Task Force Chair • Distinguished 4-H Alumni Database Task Force Chair • Marketing the Brand Task Force Chair

    9. Marketing & Outreach Team • Updates: • First Timers event planned for Minneapolis • Distinguished 4-H Alumni Database nomination form created • Handbook developed for M & O Team • Hall of Fame laureates selected and ceremony will be on October 10 • Submitted workshop proposal on marketing 4-H brand but was not accepted • 4-H Stories submission form to be added to website

    10. Marketing & Outreach Team National 4-H Hall of Fame – Class of 2014 Roger M. Barr, New Jersey Mary Lou Brewer, New York Errol G. Burns, NAE4-HA Terril D. Faul, Louisiana Marilyn Pence Galle, Kansas Oliver “Ollie” C. Hill, Wyoming & NAE4-HA Norman E. Johnson, National 4-H Council • Dan A. Klingenberg, Arizona • Elaine Folk Marshall, North Carolina • Pat A. McNally, Oklahoma • Emmie Nelson, National 4-H Council • Anna “Mickey” Peters, Pennsylvania • Warren E. Schmidt, National 4-H Council • Dr. Michael J. Tate, Michigan

    11. Professional Development Team • Tomas Manske • VP Professional Development • Coordinated and facilitated process to select ten board supported seminars for NAE4-HA 2014 Conference. • Developed and submitted handbook defining duties of Vice President of Professional Development. • Worked with Ad Hoc Conference Committee and Executive Director to develop and distribute member survey about conference attendance and compile results for use of future conference planning committees. • Coordinated and hosted quarterly conference calls with Conference Chairs Ad Hoc committee. • Several webinars presented by various committees to support our organizational and individual professional development. • Secured conference host for 2016; communicated with states for the intent to bid information for 2017 & 2018 potential conference sites. • Worked to refine and improve conference planning handbook including process and committee responsibilities. • Worked with Chair of Professional Development to communicate and recruit participants during conference and to select chair-elect for Professional development.

    12. Professional Development Team • 2014 Conference • 1,003 Registered Participants • Hotel & overflow have met contracted space • 6 Concurrent sessions with 164 workshop choices • Keynote presentation is by Dr. David Walsh & Capnote presentation is by Dr. Verna Cornelia Price • Wednesday will feature 6 Super Seminars & 11 Seminars on Wheels • Budget • Registration income as of Sept 11 is $401,311 • Partner income as of Sept 11 is $109,650 • National 4-H Council contribution is ¼ of what was budgeted

    13. Professional Development Team 2014 & 2016 Conferences

    14. Professional Development Team • Research & Evaluation Committee • Sub Committee of evaluation specialist comprised of people who serve on the 2014 and 2015 conference planning committees created a questionnaire to use to evaluate future conferences. • The University of Minnesota will administer the survey this year and will share the results with NAE4-HA Board Members. • The Journal of Youth Development has a new website. It is a possible temporary solution to an ongoing issue. While the site is live, the address has not been shared with the public. It merely provides links back the NAE4-HA where the documents are housed. • The NAE4-HA Board in collaboration with the JYD Publications Committee will need to decide if we want to go Gold-Open Access, Green –Open Access or proceed with a For- profit model(contracting with publisher such as Wiley) . • The current governance structure for the Journal of Youth Development does not work. Who is in charge? We still have the same issue now as we did three years ago.

    15. Programs Team • Linda Tripp • VP Programs • As VP Programs I have provided updates I have received of Plan of Work and Membership Roster for each of the 11 Task Forces to our Executive Office where they were put on the NAE4-HA website. I have also created a list of the 2014 Program Task Force Specialty Awards and Sponsors. Following is the report of task force activity since our May Spring Board Meeting: • Afterschool: • Seminars on Wheels proposal for 2015 – “Out of School Learning” • Two webinars developed and promoted in conjunction with the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA – “Out-of-School Trends & Updates Connecting with the National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks” and “Learning in the Digital Age: The Maker Movement and Digital Badges”. Each webinar highlighted and promoted the NAE4-HA Programs Committee task force meetings at 2014 NAE4-HA National Conference. • Convened Cooperative Extension Professionals attending the 2014 National Network of Statewide Afterschool Networks meeting in May to look at expanding CES engagement with the Afterschool Networks.

    16. Programs Team • Animal Science: • Presenting a Specialty Award – Excellence in Animal Science Programming • Camping & Environmental Education: • Seminars on Wheels proposal for 2015 • Presenting 2014 Specialty Awards – Excellence in Camping (individual and team) and Excellence in Natural Resources/Environmental Education (individual and team) • 2014 Seminar – “Classroom to Camp: Putting the Science Behind What We Do Best” • National Camping Institute will be hosted by UGA Extension February 23-26, 2015 at Rock Eagle 4-H Center in Eatonton, Georgia (not an NAE4-HA program). Conversation will take place during 2014 NAE4-HA Conference concerning the fit of NCI in NAE4-HA in the future.

    17. Programs Team • Citizenship: • Seminars on Wheels proposal for 2015 • Presenting 2014 Specialty Awards – Excellence in Global Citizenship and World Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development • Consolidating Excellence in Global Citizenship Award and World Citizenship in 4-H Youth Development Award into one award for 2015 • 2014 Seminar – “Citizenship in Your 4-H Program” • Hosting 2014 NAE4-HA Global Citizenship Breakfast on Tuesday morning

    18. Programs Team • Communications & Expressive Arts: • Coordinating a 2015 Seminar on Wheels option • Preparing a Specialty Award to begin in 2016 • Meet every other month – work on POW timeline, share new resources and highlight programming done at the county and state level. • Disseminating information and guidelines to the states for the “What Do YOU See” and “Film Fest” activities. Continue to find best venue for showcasing youth participation in these activities. • Developed three Grab ‘n Go lesson for each of the three Mission Mandates as they relate to communications and expressive arts. Total of 9 lessons ready for use by NAE4-HA members.

    19. Programs Team • Diversity: • Presenting a 2014 Specialty Award - Diversity • 2014 Seminar – “Transforming Your 4-H Program for Inclusion” • Geospatial: • Seminars on Wheels proposal for 2015 – “Mt. St. Helen: Changes Through Time” • Presenting 2014 Specialty Awards – Excellence in Geospatial Programs • 2014 Seminar – “Transforming 4-H with GIS” • Meet first Monday of every month. During each meeting a specific educational resource is shared – to provide an added value to participants.

    20. Programs Team • Healthy Living: • Seminars on Wheels for 2015 – assisting with two different programs - Oregon Tech Innovations Center and walking tour of area local foods seminar as well as the Bob’s Bread Mill tour & presentation seminar • 2014 Seminar on Wheels - Mill City Museum Program and Riverfront Walking Tour • Hosting Wellness Challenge for 2014 - supporting updated individual daily challenge as well as twice daily group workouts • Urban Programming: • Presenting a 2014 Specialty Award - Excellence in Urban 4-H Programming Award

    21. Programs Team • Workforce Development & Career Exploration: • 2014 Seminar – “Workforce Development and Career Exploration – What You Need for Successful Programming” • IRB work continuing including gathering permission from additional states to implement the research evaluation project in additional states beyond Rutgers coverage; • Planning an awareness cash “giveaway” for each regional breakfast to encourage members to go to the Task Force “Grab and Go” website. • Youth in Governance: • 2014 Seminar – “Youth in Governance in Action: Iowa State 4-H Council” • 2014 Poster Session • Actively working towards creating an online database of best practices using youth/adult partnerships. • Presenting 2014 Specialty Awards - Beyond Youth Leadership Award and Power of Youth Award

    22. NAE4-HA National Office Update Jody Rosen Atkins Executive Director • Membership • Membership page of the web site has been updated to include 2015 dues information and process. • Membership training to start in November. • Current Membership Count

    23. NAE4-HA National Office Update • Partner Program • Total Pledged - $120,750 • Managed partner member database. • Coordinated benefit fulfillment. • Serving as main point of contact for Partner Members. • Financial • Filed corporate annual report in Maryland and in Florida. • Processed approximately $700,000 in receivables, representing more than 2,000 transactions. • Processed approximately in payables $670,000, representing more than 400 transactions. • Working with CPA firm on annual financial statements and 990 return. • Board Services • Participated in monthly VP Council and RD meetings • Looking forward to a visit to the National Office from the current President’s Council in November • Hosted the August Business Meeting via GoToWebinar • Worked in conjunction with online voting team to verify memberships. • Member Recognition/Awards • Moved over state winners to regional review. • Downloaded all regional winners for state recognition contacts for national review. • Participated in member recognition committee calls. • Printing award certificates. • Designing awards program for banquet. • Ordered award/donor reception invites. • Sending out award/donor reception invites to board.

    24. NAE4-HA National Office Update Conference Management • 2014 NAE4-HA – Minneapolis • Designing the layout of the Conference Proceedings, proof, print. • Completing the work on the Web App. • Generate the layout of Z-Card, proof, print. • Manage sign ordering and shipping. • Reconcile registrations and work with attendees who have issues with their registrations. • Place Food/Beverage orders, review banquet orders, review room set ups, etc. • Continue working with the exhibition company on set-up and other preparations. • Layout the awards program book, proof, print • Create, proof, print award certificates. • Finalizing transportation for seminar on wheels • Confirming with keynote speakers • Firming up seminar on wheels • Print, stuff badges, tickets, etc. • Finalizing the President’s Reception to follow the Awards Banquet • Order award/donor reception invites • Mail and email President’s Reception invites • Monitor rooming lists, hotel pick-up • Work with AV company and MN AV team to coordinate all event AV • Participating in all of the committee and sub-committee conference calls • Working with the Minneapolis Convention & Visitors Bureau for conference collateral

    25. NAE4-HA National Office Update Conference Management • 2016 NAE4-HA – New Orleans • Provided group with catering menus from Hyatt to plan budget • Created a timeline for them with deadlines etc. • Provided a conference payment process to assist them in processing their conference committee expenses • Discussed their work on designing their budget/fundraising and Partner Program. • Our office had a conference call with Mardi Gras World at the request of the committee, to negotiate their requested contract for an opening event at Mardi Gras World • We initiated a proposal from the Superdome for a conference event at the request of the planning committee. • 2015 NAE4-HA –Portland • Negotiating and contracting their Keynote Speaker: Dr. Donna M. Beegle on the topic of “Poverty: The Invisible Nation” • Negotiating and contracting their Luncheon Speaker: Sean Russell on the topic of “Youth Ocean Conservation” • Negotiating and contracting their Super Seminar: Dr. Donna Beegle on the topic of “More on Poverty…” • Negotiating and contracting their Super Seminar: Dr. Cary Schneider on the topic of “Next Generation of Science Standards”

    26. NAE4-HA National Office Update Conference Management

    27. President’s Council Kim Gressley President-Elect

    28. President’s Council Jeff Holland Immediate Past President • Past President Update • Conducted 11 meetings with Organizational Stewardship Committee since November 2014. • Regional representation from all sectors of country participating • Folder developed for Past President (via computer) for prospective candidates in 2015 • National Candidate Search • Committee contacted approximately 50 prospective candidates for consideration • Northeast Regional Director candidates scarce • Voting • 30-hour window facilitated (per guidelines) • 636 voting members (almost double number voting on line - Record from previous high) • Voting hotline – established and almost immediate response

    29. President’s Council Jeff Holland Immediate Past President • Orientation • Will be held with newly elected leadership - October 3, 2014 • Shadowing/Head start on new position for candidates at National Conference • Note: Thanks to the foresight of Past President Debbie Nistler and the 2013 Organizational Stewardship Committee for their vision in formulating rules, guidelines and in conducting a national election. This process will be modified and recommendations made to make it even more manageable in 2015. • - Recommendations will be passed to President Van Horn for consideration and/or implementation in 2015. • Committee Involved with During Year • Served as JCEP (Joint Council of Extension Professionals) President • Served as Chair to Organizational Stewardship Committee • Facilitated President’s Council meetings via Google Hangouts (in collaboration with President and President – Elect) • Participated in various meetings coordinated with National 4-H Council, Headquarters, Joint Council of Extension Professionals, and various NAE4-HA Committees

    30. President’s Council Pam Van Horn President

    31. Representation and Liaison Reports

    32. JCEP Jeff Holland, Pam Van Horn and Kim Gressley

    33. State Program Leaders – Julie Chapin

    34. National 4-H Council Jennifer McIver • Council continues to grow its investment in Cooperative Extension's high quality 4-H youth development programs. • National 4-H Council achieved $39.3 million in overall revenue for fiscal year 2014 with the Resource Development Team raising $21 million of that total. This represents growth of 3% from the FY13 and is on pace with nonprofit industry benchmarks. • New and returning investors included: CME group, ConAgra Foods Foundation, Disney Worldwide Conservation, HughesNet, Merck Animal Health and Tractor Supply Company • Thanks to Council associates, the engagement and leadership of the Board of Trustees and strong partnerships with state and local 4-H programs, Council brought life changing 4-H experiences directly to nearly 300,000 young people through grants to Cooperative Extension 4-H programs and the National 4-H Youth Conference Center. • The Department of Justice's Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) just awarded National 4-H Council $9,800,000 for the 4-H National Mentoring Program (4-H NMP). This increase in funding from previous years is a direct result of the 4-H System's success in providing one-to-one and group mentoring services to youth. In addition, the leadership of Dr. Lisa Lauxman - Director, Division of Youth and 4-H at NIFA - on the OJJDP Coordinating Council has been a critical element in raising the profile of 4-H within the agency. • LGUs across the country will have the opportunity to continue, enhance and expand mentoring services to at risk, high risk, or underserved populations through replication of three successful Cooperative Extension System youth mentoring programs.

    35. National 4-H Council Jennifer McIver • New Leaders and Roles at Council • Council continued to build a strong leadership team to drive marketing, fundraising and strategy in support of our mission. • Mitch Head, Chief Information Officer, leads Council's domestic and global technology strategies to increase investment and participation in high quality 4-H positive youth development. • Don Mohanlal (Mohan), Executive Director, Innovation and Impact, leads Council's work to provide direct support for positive youth development program partners in the United States and around the world. • ArtisStevens, SVP, Marketing and Brand, leads Council's efforts to transform the 4-H brand and oversees marketing for all revenue units, including the National 4-H Youth Conference Center and the National 4-H Supply Service. • Lupe Landeros, Lead Advisor, New 4-H Audiences, will lead Council's strategy in partnership with LGUs to expand 4-H's reach to new and underserved audiences.

    36. National 4-H Council Jennifer McIver • What's Ahead In Fiscal Year 2015: • National 4-H Council's commitment to providing even more young people with a life changing 4-H experience has never been stronger. Council will align strategy and resources in those areas where we can most unique contribute to 4-H's success: • Leverage the power of Cooperative Extension and 4-H • Create private sector partnerships; and • Tell the 4-H story at a national level • Overall revenue is projected to increase by 7% to $44.5 million, with continued engagement of corporate, foundation and federal partners in STEM, health, food security and mentoring. • The Council team is also excited to partner with Extension leaders across the country to identify new and innovative ways to reach more young people, including underserved youth, with a 4-H experience. • We are already making progress in building partnership and consensus with Extension around growth--specifically around reaching new and underserved audiences. In June, Council's Board, lead by Trustees Cathann Kress and Delbert Foster hosted a meeting of key Extension leaders to discuss this topic. • The report from that meeting, Ensuring 4-H Grows, makes a compelling case for all who care about youth to address issues of inclusion and growth. • Council staff members are conducting individual meetings with state program leaders to develop preliminary core partnership agreements that outline goals and define new working relationships.

    37. National 4-H Council Jennifer McIver • Mark Your Calendars: • The 2014 4-H National Youth Science Day on is October 8. The 2014 National Science Experiment, "Rockets to the Rescue", developed by the University of Arizona, will explore the field of aerospace engineering. 4-H NYSD is one of the most important opportunities 4-H has on a national scale to promote 4-H Science & STEM activities that take place throughout the year. Register your 4-H NYSD event at • The Fall 2014 Paper Clover promotion kicks off at TSC and Dell's stores nationwide on October 8 and runs through October 19th. Download the resources you need to make this fall's promotion a success at: • Registration is now open for the National Youth Summit series. Designed for high school students (grades 9 - 12), the Summits provide opportunities to learn technical skills, participate in hands-on activities and workshops, learn from leaders in the field, and visit professional and academic sites. • Upcoming Summits: • Maker Summit - November 7-10, 2014; AgriScience- January 16-19, 2015 ; Healthy Living - February 13-16, 2015 • To learn more, visit: • Keeping Connected: • SUBSCRIBE to receive the 4-H Professionals Weekly newsletter at • Know a 4-H story? Tell us about it. From 4-H professionals’ work to 4-H youth making a difference to innovative 4-H programs, we want to know. Email and we'll follow up.

    38. 4-H Headquarters – Doug Swanson

    39. Unfinished Business Exhibit Booth New Business Recognition Payments Minnesota Conference Overview – Kia and Nancy Pre-conference Agenda Items - Pam Board Transition Board Meeting – Kim Other Agenda Items