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Curricular Practical Training Seminar PowerPoint Presentation
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Curricular Practical Training Seminar

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Curricular Practical Training Seminar

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Curricular Practical Training Seminar

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  1. Curricular Practical Training Seminar 1st & 3rd Wednesday and 2nd Friday of each Month at 3:00 pm Slutzker Center for International Services

  2. Curricular Practical Training (CPT) Only available prior to degree completion Directly related to major field of study (item 5 on I-20) Cannot be in a minor field of study Cannot be in a previous field of study if different than your current major field of study Employer specific (must have job offer letter) Must be authorized by the Slutzker Center in a new I-20 Not intended for general, ongoing work authorization Even unpaid internships require CPT authorization Temporary employment (e.g., internship) that is an integral part of an established curriculum.

  3. Complete 1 academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) in F-1 status Exception may be made for programs that require an internship from graduate students in their first year of study Job offer in major field of study Receive departmental approval (recommendation letter) Maintain full-time student status for the duration of the CPT May not begin CPT until new I-20 authorizing CPT is issued Continue to make normal degree progress Requirements

  4. I-20 Program Extensions Participation in CPT should not delay one’s program completion. A student’s desire to continue working on CPT, under immigration regulations, cannot be the basis of an I-20 extension. The duration of an I-20 should provide sufficient a time to complete the academic degree for which it was issued.

  5. Types of CPT Required for the Degree • Internship required for everyone in degree program in order to complete degree. • Student does not need to register CPT for credit. Integral to the Curriculum • Internship is not a required part of the program’s curriculum, but the internship is considered integral to the academic experience. • CPT experience must be registered for at least 1 credit Dissertation ResearchDoctoral student must engage in off-campus work to complete research necessary for a dissertation.  • SU student must register for GRD 998 and/or a department-specific dissertation credit and file a Certificate of Full Time Status.

  6. CPT: Full-Time vs. Part-Time • Part-Time: 20 hours or less per week • No limitation on number of part-time CPT experience • you can complete, as long as you remain eligible. • Full-Time: More than 20 hours per week • 364 days or more of full-time CPT makes you ineligible • for OPT at this degree level. • SCIS recommends limiting full-time CPT to 11 months • On-campus employment and CPT together cannot exceed 20 hours of work a week while school is in session. This includes assistantship and CASE center placements.

  7. Duration of CPT CPT is authorized by semester Participation in CPT may begin on or after the first day of the semester. CPT must end before the first day of the following semester. CPT may be extended if recommended by academic department and authorized by SCIS Submit a new CPT request, including Training Data Sheet, Recommendation Letter, and Job Offer Letter, for each semester and each employer, including summer session(s). You may participate in CPT as much as program will allow and department will authorize. A student will be ineligible for OPT if he/she participates in greater than 364 days of full time CPT.

  8. CPT Application Process Make a PT STEP 2 appointment and bring : Recommendation Letter on department letterhead Proof of registration (CPT registered for at least 1 credit if not required for program)

  9. CPT Application Process (cont.) • Photocopy of official job offer letter • Training Data Sheet • Please type responses directly into the fillable form.

  10. Student Responsibility Checklist CPT Application Process (cont.)

  11. CPT Application Process (cont.) • Original of all of your I-20’s since entering the U.S. • Original of passport, visa, and I-94 card • Photocopy of health insurance card/plan indicating the validity period. • Health insurance should include Medical Evacuation • and Repatriation coverage; if your plan does notinclude this (e.g., POMCO), you may purchase asupplemental FrontierMEDEX plan for $27.30 per year. • Health insurance should be valid 1 full academic year and renewed each year thereafter.

  12. Full-time enrollment or equivalent is required for CPT application processing.Undergraduate Students: - SU students enroll in 12 credits; or - If it is your last semester and fewer than 12 credits are required to graduate, file a last semester memo with the SCIS. Enrollment Graduate Students: - SU students enroll in 9 credits or file a Certificate of Full-Time Status with the Registrar’s Office (copy to SCIS) - If it is your last semester and less than 9 credits are required to graduate, file a last semester memo with the SCIS.

  13. I-9: All employees in the U.S. must complete Employment Eligibility Verification I-9 Forms with their employers within 3 days of starting employment. Social Security: Employment in the U.S. requires a Social Security Number (SSN). If you do not have an SSN, you must have the SSN memocompleted for you (by employer and SCIS) and apply for a SSN Taxes: Social Security and Medicare Taxes Typically, non-resident F-1 students with authorized CPT or OPT are exempt from Social Security (F.I.C.A) and Medicare taxes as long as you continue to declare non-resident status for tax purposes. Federal, State, and Local Taxes Federal, state, and local taxes will be withheld from your paycheck by employers unless you qualify for a tax treaty exemption. (More information also available at the IRS website) I-9, Social Security, and Taxes

  14. Questions? Questions/Concerns/Queries