American sign language 1
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American Sign Language 1. Did all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break? Do you want to come up and share with all of us about the Thanksgiving break?. Agenda. Have you been using CyberASL to practice? Any feedback on this CyberASL ? Is it good or not? Quiz on CyberASL on Friday !

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American sign language 1

American Sign Language 1

Did all of you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Break? Do you want to come up and share with all of us about the Thanksgiving break?


  • Have you been using CyberASL to practice?

  • Any feedback on this CyberASL? Is it good or not?

  • Quiz on CyberASL on Friday!

  • Homework: Will you turn in old homework? Remember the sign productions for 20 sentences for lesson 5 and 6 at It is not that hard to do. There is example for each sentence that you can think and do some copycats from video or pictures. It helps you to do self-corrections on your sign productions.

  • Please record from a webcam, then submit it on E-mail me with the link to If you are not able to, then use flash driver or cd. So far, I an not able to open files on cds that I received from some of you.


Review vocabulary from unit 3

Practice dialogue from unit 3

Group exercises on sentence structure from unit 3

Go over sign illustrations on signing for directions and locations

Video if needed to see again on Spatial Agreement

Visualize ASL Game: Fingerspelling and Vocabulary

Homework Lesson 7 on 20 sentences due on Friday.

We will go over lesson 7 on Wednesday.

Quick Summary

Thanksgiving sign vocabulary
Thanksgiving Sign Vocabulary

  • Turkey, Ham, fs – Quail, fs-dove, Fish, and Meat

  • Sweet Potatoes, Fs-Baked Potatoes, vegetables, and fruit

  • Dessert

  • Pilgrims

  • Indians

  • Family

  • Friends

  • Grandparents, Grandma, and grandpa

  • Mom and Dad

  • Brother and Sister

  • Thanksgiving ( 2 signs) variance

    • (Graceful or thankful) and sign close to ‘Turkey’

Review on talking about surroundings

  • Signer A: ask where _______ is

  • Signer B: tell where

  • Signer A: Ask if it’s near _______

  • Signer B: Confirm or Correct ( nod head or say yes)

    • Examples:

      • Signer A:

      • Signer B: IX-LOC “ DOWNSTAIRS”

      • Signer A:

      • Signer B: ‘wave –no”, NEAR LIBRARY











Food related

  • FOOD


  • TEA

  • MILK






  • WANT

  • BUY

  • GO-TO



  • NEAR

  • IX –dir “trace actual route”

  • IX –loc “real world orientation” use an example around your school

  • Wave –left/right”

O ther signs
other signs

  • FINE

  • Fs-OR

  • “wave –no”

  • Numbers: 11-15

S entence structure
sentence structure:

  • Ask where

  • Express wants, ask where buy

Sentence structure
Sentence Structure:

  • Tell where ( on same floor)

    Tell where ( on different floor)

Read grammar notes from page 19
READ Grammar Notes from Page 19

What is spatial agreement
What is Spatial Agreement?

  • To give directions in ASL, you need to use the signing space in front of you and particular non-manual behaviors to correlate with the actual environment. First, give general information by pointing in the direction of the place, then give specific directions, giving enough information that the listener can visualize the route or location you describe. You need to develop skills with your eyes, face and hands to show relative distance, trace the actual route to follow, and indicate direction of turns and location of landmarks.

  • Eye Gaze / Location Agreement

  • Conveying Distance

  • Moderate Distance

    REMEMBER the examples on the Signing Naturally video? Need see it again ?


  • Do 20 sign sentences on Lesson 7 from Due on Friday. E-mail me with the link to

  • Read Unit 4, look at vocabulary and key phrases.

Quick summary
Quick Summary

  • What did you learn so far from using CyberASL?

  • More practice on comprehension like reading fingerspelling? What are the 3 C’s for reading fingerspelling?

    Context, Closure, and Configuration

  • What did you learn from the game, Visualize ASL on fingerspelling and vocabulary? Isn’t this good interactive experience while learning ASL ?

  • What is Spatial Agreement?

    • Eye Gaze, Conveying distance, and moderate distance

  • WorkCrew! 4 of you work outside cleaning tables, trash, pick things up to make it look nice outside.

  • Others: Clean the white board, Pick up Trash and be sure to put in new bags in, pick up things from the floor, and wipe and clean the tables.