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Update on World Vision International’s Advocacy for Vulnerable Children PowerPoint Presentation
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Update on World Vision International’s Advocacy for Vulnerable Children

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Update on World Vision International’s Advocacy for Vulnerable Children - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Update on World Vision International’s Advocacy for Vulnerable Children. Stuart Kean Senior HIV and AIDS Policy Adviser World Vision International. World Vision’s Programme & Policy Priorities. Child Well-being focus: 1. Boys and girls enjoy good health

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Update on World Vision International’s Advocacy for Vulnerable Children

Stuart KeanSenior HIV and AIDS Policy AdviserWorld Vision International

world vision s programme policy priorities
World Vision’s Programme & Policy Priorities

Child Well-being focus:

1. Boys and girls enjoy good health

2. Boys and girls are educated for life

3. Boys and girls are cared for, protected and participate in their development

4. Boys and girls love their neighbour as themselves

Current global advocacy priorities (1 and 3 ):

1.Improve children’s health and reduce child mortality

  • Protect children from harm - Strengthen child care and protection systems (formal and non-formal) in all countries where WV is operational

- Establish mechanisms within WV and externally for children to constructively engage in systems, policy and programmes affecting their lives.


WV’s Health Programme Priorities

World Vision’s Health & Nutrition Goal:

World Vision is committed to improving the health and nutrition of women and children in the areas in which we work, contributing to the global reduction of under-five and maternal mortality.

Child Well Being Outcome for Health:

WV is focusing on three essential outcomes to achieve this goal:

  • - Mothers and children are well nourished
  • - Mothers and children are protected from infection and disease
  • - Mothers and children access essential health services
maternal child health core focus
Maternal & Child Health Core Focus

WV’s Health Programme Priorities

Maternal Newborn Child

Health and Nutrition

Lifecycle and Context


  • 2 – 5 years
  • 5 – years
  • prevalent diseases
  • Life Skills
  • elderly care
  • injury prevention
  • chronic disease
  • -9 to 24 months
  • Primary Health Care level
  • Preventive approach

WV’s Health Programme Priorities

7-11 Maternal & Child Health Interventions


WV’s HIV & AIDS Programme Priorities

HIV & AIDS 2008 Annual Results for Africa

  • Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) care and support
    • 77,000 vulnerable children Home Visitors across 4,600 Community Care Coalitions (CCCs)
    • 997,000 vulnerable children received care from home visitors
  • Home-based care
    • 84,000 chronically-ill adults received home-based care
  • Channels of Hope
    • 51,000 people, including over 13,000 faith leaders from 8,400 congregations, took part in church/faith-community mobilization activities, supporting vulnerable children
wv ovc advocacy priorities 2009 2010
WV OVC Advocacy Priorities 2009-2010

1. Global Child Health Campaign

  • Goal: All families have access to prevention, care and education to enable them to ensure children remain healthy in their communities.
  • Produce MNCH Framework with MNCH Partnership
  • Child Health and HIV
    • PMTCT+
    • Early infant diagnosis (EID)
    • Cotrimoxazole preventative therapy (CPT)
    • Paediatric antiretroviral treatment
    • Malaria

2. PMTCT+ Early Infant Diagnosis and Cotrimoxazole Preventative Therapy: Creating Demand and Supply

  • PMTCT pilot in Zambia for scale-up through 7 – 11 roll-out
  • Research on community-based maternal health groups
  • Participate in Campaign to Eliminate Paediatric AIDS
wv ovc advocacy priorities 2009 20101
WV OVC Advocacy Priorities 2009-2010

3. CIS/Eastern Europe Children and AIDS guiding principles

4. HIV & AIDS Universal Access by 2010

  • Repeat “More Than Words” research using UNGASS OVC indicators to produce 4-country report for UNGASS Meeting

5. Social protection operations research in Kenya and/or Zambia

6. Community-based child protection model (CCCs)

7. RIATT activities

  • Complete resource tracking in 3 countries and engage in follow-up
  • Sub-granting best practice and donor principles
  • Encourage use of OVC code of practice assessment tool

8. International AIDS Conference – Vienna

  • Childrens’ pre-conference - WV-Austria co-hosting
  • Child participation skills building workshop
wv ovc advocacy priorities 2009 20102
WV OVC Advocacy Priorities 2009-2010

9. World Vision OVC Advocacy in Africa (internal)

  • Strengthen capacity of 6 - 18 countries & WV’s Africa OVC Advocacy Learning Forum
  • Increasing regional focus targeted at AU, SADC, EAC
  • Build advocacy capacity of FBOs (WV’s Channels of Hope & ANERELA)
  • Increased collaboration with Help Age International on OVC and elderly care givers
  • Develop Vulnerable Child Advocacy model and produce implementation guides to improve integration of advocacy within WV programmes