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The Modern Pentathlon

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The Modern Pentathlon - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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By Douglas Owler. The Modern Pentathlon. About The Modern Pentathlon. This contest consists of 5 sports these sports are Equestrain ( Horse riding ), Fencing, Shooting, Swimming and Running . . Jamie Cook Juniour Champ . Some History.

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about the modern pentathlon
About The Modern Pentathlon
  • This contest consists of 5 sports these sports are Equestrain ( Horse riding ), Fencing, Shooting, Swimming and Running.

Jamie Cook Juniour Champ

some history
Some History
  • The modern pentathlon has only been part of the olympics since 1912 and that olympics was in Stockholm. It was originally war that brought this sport in. The soldiers liked to write home. If the soldiers horses were brought down in enemy territory, the soldiers then had to deliver the letters themselves on foot. They had to defend themselves with a pistol (shooting) and a sword (fencing) swim across raging rivers (swimming) and the run through the countryside, (Cross country).
  • Fencing is a very posh word for sword fighting. You may hear the word “individual epee” in fencing , that means 1 on 1 fighting. The sword has a special name and that name is a sabre.
pistol shooting
Pistol Shooting
  • Pistol shooting is usually done with a big line of people. There is usually a certain distance to shoot. It is normally done from 25 to 50 metres and a handgun is used.
  • Equestrain is just an upperclass word for horse riding. There is 4 types of equestrain events, there is steeple chase where you have to get from one place two another in whatever means possible. Jumping which is jumping over hurdles and hedges. And dressage which is almost teaching the horse to dance.
cross country
Cross country
  • Cross country is by far the hardest and longest event in the modern penthathlon. This event can take hours because it is a 4 kilometre run out in the countryside.
  • This consists of 3 events, swimming, syncronised swimming and diving. Lots of athletes will take part in this.
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