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An Inter-Regional C enter for H igh E nergy P hysics R esearch and E ducational O utreach ( CHEPREO ) at Florida PowerPoint Presentation
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An Inter-Regional C enter for H igh E nergy P hysics R esearch and E ducational O utreach ( CHEPREO ) at Florida

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An Inter-Regional C enter for H igh E nergy P hysics R esearch and E ducational O utreach ( CHEPREO ) at Florida - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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An Inter-Regional C enter for H igh E nergy P hysics R esearch and E ducational O utreach ( CHEPREO ) at Florida International University. February 17, 2004. Digital Divide and HEPGRID Workshop at UERJ. Heidi Alvarez , FIU CIARA/AMPATH Paul Avery, University of Florida Physics

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'An Inter-Regional C enter for H igh E nergy P hysics R esearch and E ducational O utreach ( CHEPREO ) at Florida' - emera

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Presentation Transcript

An Inter-Regional Center for High Energy Physics Research and Educational Outreach (CHEPREO) at Florida International University

February 17, 2004

Digital Divide and HEPGRID Workshop at UERJ


Paul Avery, University of Florida Physics

Vasken Hagopian, Florida State University


Zhonghong Jiang, FIU College of Education

Laird Kramer, FIU Physics

Pete Markowitz, FIU Physics PI

Ed McClintock, FIU College of Education

Harvey Newman, Caltech Physics

Sergio Novaes, USP Physics

George O’Brien, FIU College of Education

Alberto Santoro, UERJ Physics


  • Overview
  • CMS Physics Update
  • Education and Outreach Update
  • Cyberinfrastructure Update
  • Management Plan
chepreo is
goals accomplishments
Goals & Accomplishments
  • FIU has joined the CMS experiment
    • Added two faculty positions in CMS physics
    • Added one Physics Educator Position (now open!)
    • Contribute to Detector Control Systems (DCS)
  • Headquarters for education and outreach efforts in thePhysics Learning Center (PLC)
    • Modeling Introductory University Physics
    • Partner with local High Schools
    • QuarkNet Partner
  • Leverage Networking
    • AMPATH provides an enabling technology infrastructure
    • FIU is in the process of joining iVDGL
    • Catalysing development of the Latin American Grid (LAGRID)
    • Helping to connect Brazilian HEP led by Professor Alberto Santoro (UERJ) and Professor Sergio Novaes (USP)
relationship to other projects
Relationship to Other Projects
  • Physics
    • Jefferson Lab-based nuclear studies
    • Existing Caltech, UF, FSU, Brazilian high energy physics studies
  • Education and Outreach
    • QuarkNet
    • Mathematics and Science Professional Development (state funded)
    • Modeling Instruction Program of Arizona State University
    • Federally funded FIU Education Grants
  • Cyberinfrastructure
    • AMPATH
    • iVDGL
    • Grid2003
cms physics update
CMS Physics Update
  • Jefferson Lab Nuclear Physics Transition
  • FIU Interests in CMS
  • FIU Contributions to CMS
fiu transition jefferson national lab detector experience
FIU Transition:Jefferson National Lab Detector Experience

lead glass shower counters

Hall B wire chambers

  • FIU Physics Department:
  • Nuclear Physics (5 experimentalists and 5 theorists)
  • Astronomy (3)
  • Solid State (2 experimentalists and 1 theorist)
  • Atomic, Molecular and Optical (3 experiment)
  • Biophysics (1 experiment and 1 theory) and 7 support personnel

aerogel threshold Čerenkov counters

S2M scintillators

secondary emission beam profile monitor

fiu interest in cms
FIU Interest in CMS
  • The Higgs boson hypothesis to explain how particles acquire mass
  • SUSY: Super symmetry and Unification of Fundamental Interactions
  • Extend current quark PDF flavor studies via Drell-Yan process
    • Relate to present nucleon structure studies
  • Diffractive structure studies
    • “ elastic” particle production
  • Hard scatterings (large momentum transfer)
fiu contributions to cms
FIU Contributions to CMS
  • Detector controls High Voltage (HV) Graphical User Interface (GUI) and interface to database
  • Contributions to Data Acquisition (DAQ) prototyping
  • Networking/infrastructure building on AMPATH
  • Partnerships allow FIU to take additional responsibility as expertise and manpower grows. For example:
    • Hagopian, Newman, and Avery work closely with FIU to define areas of participation
    • Dan Green at FNAL provided consultation (August '02)
    • CMS week at CERN discussion (December '02)
education outreach update
Education & Outreach Update
  • Physics Learning Center
  • Collaborative Learning Community
  • Globally Distributed Collaborative Learning Community
  • Systemic Physics Education Reform
  • South Florida K-12 Diversity & Size
  • Grid Education
  • Approach—Collaboration & Community of Scholars
p hysics l earning c enter plc fiu committed 3000 sq ft of new space for lab classrooms
Physics Learning Center (PLC) FIU committed 3000 sq. ft. of new space for lab, classrooms
  • Headquarters for Education & Outreach efforts adjacent to research facilities
  • Integrating Education and Research
  • Ties to Miami-Dade Public School System
  • Teacher support
    • Content, Career Development, Research
  • Class Space
    • Modeling Workshops
      • Intro to Physics Course
    • Peer Tutoring Center
developing a globally distributed collaborative learning community
CMS research experience for students

Pre-service experiences for K-12 teachers

QuarkNet research opportunities for teachers

Participation and support from area high schools

International exchanges, workshops, summer schools

Networking internships and experience at NAP of the America's

Science Education Fellowships

Test-bed schools

Web-based Resources

Developing a Globally Distributed Collaborative Learning Community
systemic physics education reform
Integrating Physics Research, Education, and Education Research

Science for Secondary Through Graduate Students

Connecting Math and Science Educational Improvement

Diversity Outreach in South Florida

Science Center for South Florida

Science Center for Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo

Considering US Local, National, and International Needs

Creating a Community of Scholars

Science Education

Attracting students to science

National & International model

Systemic Physics Education Reform
south florida public school systems
South FloridaPublic School Systems
  • 4th Largest: Miami-Dade
    • 380,000 students
    • 333 schools
    • 3,000 teachers needed
  • 5th Largest: Broward
    • 261k students (68k HS)
    • 238 schools (25 HS)
  • Large Diverse Urban Pool
chepreo grid education
CHEPREO Grid Education
  • Currently conducting survey
    • Existing tutorials, courses, publicly available demo software
  • Develop a tutorial (1-2 days): May 2004
    • Theory, practice application of grid computing
    • Emphasis on OGSA, hands-on participation
    • Globus/Condor/Sphinx/Chimera based demonstrations
  • Plans to Present Tutorial at a Conference: Q4 2004
  • Sanjay Ranka and Paul Avery are leading this effort
    • New hire for Grid education work: Pradeep Padala
    • Received M.S. in Fall 2003 on Grid computing research
  • “Grids for Kids” concept in development
chepreo e o approach
CHEPREO E&O Approach
  • Create Community of Scholars
    • Integrate education, research, diversity, outreach
    • Integrate science and math
    • Integrate teachers, students, faculty…
  • House Community in Physics Learning Center & in Virtual Space
  • Base on Education Research Outcomes
  • Build on Strength of Partners
  • Education Research / Assessment
    • Rapid Assessment / Modification Schedule


  • Science
  • Education Reform
  • Cyberinfrastructure
  • Grids
  • Advanced Nets
  • Tech Education
  • Education
    • Researchers
    • Modeling
    • Contacts





-HS / Undergrad / Grad

-Future Scientists & Teachers


Professional Associations


  • Partner Institutes
  • -FSU / UF / Caltech
  • Brazil
  • CMS
  • -Physics Goal
  • -Context for Education
    • -i.e. kinematics

Existing Programs

-Modeling (Hestenes / COMAP)

-Education Research

Support System


-Guidance Counselors

-School Admin





-Test-Bed Research


Grid Education

chepreo cyberinfrastructure update
CHEPREO Cyberinfrastructure Update
  • Networking Activities (AMPATH)
  • Implications of Building Global Grids
  • International Activities
  • CHEPREO networks, grids & Caltech
  • FIU Tier 3 Cluster Implementation with UF
  • FIU iVDGL Membership
  • A Global Grid Enabled Collaboratory
  • Florida & National LambdaRail & FiberGLASS
  • CMS Cyberinfrastructure (LAGRID)
networking activities
Networking Activities
  • FIU, UFL, FSU form State of Florida Research Grid
  • Int'l starting point is FIU's AMPATH initiative
  • Extend iVDGL to South America
  • Serve as pathway for research and education networking
  • UERJ collaboration - form LAGRID
implications of building petascale global grids
Implications of Building Petascale Global Grids
  • The transition to Global Grids will transform research in science and engineering
  • If these developments are successful, and deployed widely as standards they will create
    • Profound advances in industry, commerce and society at large &
    • Change relationships between people and “persistent” information in their daily lives within the next five to ten years
  • Realizing the benefits of these developments for society, and creating a sustainable cycle of innovation helps us TO CLOSE the DIGITAL DIVIDE
international activities
International Activities
  • Build on AMPATH global e-science network connectivity in South America
  • LAGRID provides future data grid with Brazil
  • UERJ proposed 3 initial activities:
    • Incorporate LISHEP workshop series into CHEPREO
    • Apply for International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory (iVDGL) Membership
    • Participate in US-Latin America student exchange
chepreo networks grids and caltech
CHEPREO Networks, Grids and Caltech
  • Hired Xun Su, PhD in EE
    • Thesis on dynamic routing in optical nets
    • Started January 2004 – Visit to FIU and NAP February 13, 2004
  • Caltech network engineers will split duties between FIU, UERJ, and USP
    • Sylvain Ravot: network training on advanced TCP protocol stacks; Cisco configuration.
    • Dan Nae: TCP stacks; qualified teacher at Cisco Academy (Polytechnic University, Bucharest)
  • Install and Develop Grid Enabled Analysis Environment
    • Training and Partnership with:
      • Conrad Steenberg
      • Michael Thomas
      • Julian Bunn
      • Frank Van Lingen
fiu tier3 initial cluster implementation
FIU Tier3 Initial Cluster Implementation
  • Scientist for Grid cyberinfrastructure work
    • UF Scientist (J. Rodriguez) now working with FIU
    • New scientist to be hired early 2004
  • Tier3 cluster configured using ROCKS cluster tool
    • 5 Servers
    • Networking Switch
    • Software (USCMS + iVDGL)
      • ROCKS cluster management tool
      • Grid2003 Software
  • Expect to integrate fully into USCMS and Grid2003 activities by early this year!

Note: Worker Nodes from 02 until N not shown.

*Proposed Cluster Layout

Pentium 4

integration of fiu in ivdgl
Integration of FIU in iVDGL
  • International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory
  • UF lead institution (2001-2006)
    • Build international Grid laboratory
    • Many U.S. sites (plus Brazil, Korea) participating
  • FIU will join iVDGL in March 2004
    • Joint leadership of iVDGL/GriPhyN Outreach
    • Participation in CMS Grid
    • New relationships with South American institutions (via AMPATH)
    • Help drive LAGRID
international virtual data grid laboratory


Boston U









J. Hopkins







  • EU
  • Brazil
  • Korea
  • Japan?










International Virtual Data Grid Laboratory

By Paul Avery

a global grid enabled collaboratory for scientific research gecsr
Main participants





First Grid-enabled Collaboratory

Tight integration between

Science of Collaboratories

Globally scalable work environment

Sophisticated collaborative tools (VRVS, VNC; Next-Gen)

Monitoring system (MonALISA)

A Global Grid Enabled Collaboratory for Scientific Research (GECSR)
  • Submitted to ITR (Feb. 2003) and PIF (Nov. 2003)
  • Initial targets: Global HEP collaborations
  • Applicable to other large-scale scientific endeavors
florida lambdarail optical network

NLRCERN, FNAL, Caltech, JLab







FLR Connection





Florida LambdaRail: Optical Network

Operations in Nov. 2004

fiberglass a statewide grid using flr

NLRCERN, FNAL, Caltech, JLab







HPC Center





FiberGLASS Site


FLR Connection







AMPATHSouth America

FiberGLASS: A Statewide Grid Using FLR

Proposed Operations

in Nov. 2004?

cms cyberinfrastructure
CMS Cyberinfrastructure
  • LAGRID: A Data Grid for the Americas
    • FIU-AMPATH is working with our US and Brazilian partners to:
      • Extend iVDGL to FIU and South America
      • Enhance participation of D-Zero in South America
      • Extend US-CMS Grid testbed & Grid2003 to UERJ
    • Facilitate institutions from South and Central America to join the CMS collaboration
chepreo management plan
CHEPREO Management Plan
  • Community includes:
    • 4 universities, 7 separate university departments, international collaborators and local high schools
  • Internal Board of Directors
    • 6 PIs plus rotating member
    • Representation from all disciplines
      • Physics, Education, Cyberinfrastructure, International
    • Responsible for technical leadership, coordination
  • External Advisory Committee
    • Subject matter experts in CMS physics, cyberinfrastructure, international collaborative work, education and outreach
    • Will draw from CMS, iVDGL, UERJ, USP, QuarkNet, High Schools
    • Diverse representation from all communities involved
chepreo update

Thank You !

Heidi Alvarez

Paul Avery

Julio Ibarra –

Harvey Newman

Phone: 305-348-4105