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eMenu - Menu that adds value PowerPoint Presentation
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eMenu - Menu that adds value

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eMenu - Menu that adds value
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eMenu - Menu that adds value

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  1. Menu That Adds Value

  2. About eMenu • An epic revolution – eMenu has left behind the conventional food ordering system eMenu is an interactive touch-screen menu located on each table of restaurant, offering customers a full range of ordering and interactive entertainment services •

  3. About eMenu • eMenu is an innovation to revolutionize the way in which restaurant menus are being digitalized in order to attract more and more customers for an unusual dining experience

  4. About eMenu • eMenu - the digital technological revolution lets you to banish the bulky and old – fashioned paper based menus letting the customer’s order more through the attractive and pleasing visuals of the items offered at the restaurants

  5. About eMenu • eMenu is an addition to the list of innovative hospitality industry products and services helping in increasing the productivity and profitability for restaurants and in return the customer’s dining experience in all hospitality seg- ments

  6. System Architecture Management Unit eMenu Kitchen Printer

  7. Ordering mode Allow your customers to just surf and navigate through the entire menu that has the detailed description of each food item including the calorie count, number of servings and recipe modifications. While, you still contin- ue with the traditional method of order placement. A complete end to end solution – the full service eMenu lets your patrons enjoy a memorable food experience – from picking up what their eyes loved most to satisfy their taste buds to paying for the order placed using the digital innovation for the hospi- tality industry. The waiter carries a waiterman solu- tion to enter the selected food items by guests as order at the various tables and send it to the kitchen and to cash counter straight from the table and in the end also process on the spot payments. FULL SERVICE NAVIGATION MODE WAITER

  8. Guest Interface eMenu client unit is the user interface of the system; a dinner interacts with this unit and places the order. The client unit sends the order to OrderDesk unit, which in turn gener- ates bill and send the kitchen notes.

  9. Order Desk When user places order on Guest Interface, it sends the same to OrderDesk. The OrderDesk unit generates order note and sends the same to the kitchen

  10. Back Office BackOffice/Management unit is a system man- ager for all eMenu clients. The management unit is a total control unit for all eMenu clients. Menu updating, files synchronization, remote manage- ments, logging, wireless network management and all configurations are managed & controlled by the management unit.

  11. Kitchen Monitor The order once received by the manage- ment unit is also sent to the kitchen print- er to print the KOT. This avoids any delay or human error in listening of order. The kitchen printer can also be replaced by a LCD screen where the order placed can be viewed on the screen.

  12. Features Visualize the menu with vivid pictures Highly Customized Themes Alluring Pictures Delicious Visuals

  13. Features One Touch Order Ordering at a touch Simplified touch ordering Magic at your fingertips

  14. Features Access the on-screen ordering process Easy Order Tracking No Need to ask Steward Onscreen Time Counter

  15. Features Enjoy games while waiting for order Guest Engagement Create liveliness Playful engagement to kill patron’s waiting time

  16. Features Ask for steward on demand Water refilling, napkin or waiter requests a touch away Steward Assistance at a touch Summoning the steward

  17. Features Multiple Language Menu in desired language Becoming local Multi-lingual ordering

  18. Features Social Media Advantage The world at your tips Exhibiting on the world platform Social Connect

  19. Features Easy Payment Options Save paper Save environment Cashless payment Hassle-free payment

  20. Features Feedback Paperless feedback Improve lack in operations immediately Instant feedback

  21. Features Upselling / Cross selling Upselling / Cross selling Profitable Silent push Smart Recommendations

  22. Features Dynamic screen for more personalized appeal Tailor made themes Sophistication Redefined Customization for personalization

  23. Flow of Ordering Selected food sent to kitchen Payment is made Browsing eMenu and select food item to order Order is served

  24. Advantages for everyone around the eMenu Be it the diners, the owners or the stewards – eMenu is beneficial to each and every one con- nected with this innovative digital technology. The Happy Diners • Controlling their own dining environment: Eliminate the ‘Excuse me…Mr. waiter’ for any assistance regard- ing order placement • Pamper guest’s eyes that eat first: Persuasive visuals that lure away customers to eat more. • Stay informed, stay happy: Educating the guests regarding the description of the item including the recipe, calorie content, ingredients, allergies if any, etc. helps guests to know more about the ordered dish to avoided unexpected serve helping them frame a memorable experience. • Error free and quick service: Without any human intervention, digital ordering is an easy and speedy process leaving behind the various human errors.

  25. Advantages for everyone around the eMenu The Happy Owners • Quality & quicker service: Better & faster service will give you happy customers with positive word of mouth publicity that will enhance your brand. Opera- tional efficiency increases as the wait staff will con- centrate more on providing quality service during happy hours. • Profits, profits, profits!!: The ease of ordering, cross selling/up selling & discrete promotions leads to cus- tomers ordering more and higher bill value in return. Instant feedback sharing on social platforms reduces promotional cost. • Modification in seconds: You have full control over menu to make any changes of adding/deleting items at no cost avoiding the reprinting the menu again and again which saves both time and cost. • Increased footfalls & higher table turnaround: An end to end digital solution brings you higher table turn- around and more new guests. • Easy integration & compatibility: eMenu on cloud infrastructure, easily integrates with existing POS system and is also compatible with variety of hard- ware options and tablets.

  26. Hardware & Software Compatibility eMenu is easily portable across hardware and also compatible on all platforms for higher customer satisfaction and increased revenue. Android 4.0 or Higher iOS 3.0 or Higher Android tablets • 1GB Memory • 2GB Storage • 7” or Higher Screen Size • 1024 * 600 or Higher Screen Resolution • Wi-Fi Router-54 Mbps speed recommended • Apple iPad 2 • Apple iPad 3 with Retina Display • Apple iPad Mini • Wi-Fi Router-54 Mbps speed recommended

  27. Point of Sales The management unit also called the control unit of all the eMenu client flexibly integrates with any third party POS/billing solution that saves the cost of adding a new infrastructure. A single low configuration machine can easily handle both the software in itself at the same time. eMenu POS

  28. POS readily available integration

  29. Global Presence USA Russia Brazil Spain Trinidad & Tobago Romania Australia Canada Ivory Coast Mexico Kuwait Dubai

  30. eMenu Clients Bar, USA Bar & Grill, USA Restaurant, WestIndies Restaurant, USA Bar, USA Restaurant, USA Restaurant, USA Airpot Restaurant, USA Restaurant, USA Restaurant, USA Bar, USA Restaurant, USA

  31. eMenu Clients Hotel, Saudi Arabia Hotel, Mumbai Hotel, Mumbai Fine Dine, Dubai Bar, Brazil Restaurant, Brazil Grill, Brazil Bar, Brazil Hotel, Brazil Restaurant, Brazil Hotel, Brazil Café, Egypt

  32. eMenu Clients Fine Dine, France Sports bar, Singapore Cafe, Russia Restaurant, Canada Club, Russia Hotel, Spain Restaurant, Ausralia Bar, Ausralia

  33. Links ANDROID APP ON Google play AVAILABLE ON THE App Store

  34. CONTACT US Azilen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. +91-79 4009 3121 (Ext. 112) sales@emenuworld.com www.eMenuWorld.com