Interbase xe for integra users
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Interbase XE for Integra Users. Dave Hodge [email protected] 630-515-0200. Session Objective.

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Presentation Transcript

Session objective
Session Objective

  • Join us for this session focused on the performance enhancements and features included in Embarcadero's latest Interbase release. This session will touch upon improved scalability, disaster recovery options, and deployment.

Interbase XE for Integra Users

Performance enhancements
Performance Enhancements

  • 64-bit architecture

    • Integra currently not compatible (future compatibility)

    • Support for increased buffer caches

      • 75 million pages as compared to 750k pages for 32-bit

  • Improved Scalability

    • InterBase Direct I/O (non-buffered) for DataBase Files

      • The direct Input/Output (I/O) capability makes InterBase more scalable with very large databases on systems where there are memory resource limitations. This functionality circumvents the issue observed by many on Windows 2008 R2 and Windows 7 64-bit OS editions where System File Cache uses up too much physical memory leading to sluggish system performance.

Interbase XE for Integra Users

  • Database Fast Sweep

    • InterBase databases periodically need to be swept. Otherwise the main memory allocated for each transaction's bitmap increases to the point where performance becomes unacceptable. The longer sweep takes to complete, the more main memory requirements increase for starting new transactions.With the implementation of the fast sweep optimization in InterBase XE, the memory allocation issue has been mitigated. The user has the option to configure their databases for automatic sweep. In cases where large databases have large archival or infrequently modified tables, a database sweep will have minimal impact on the performance of running transactional operations.

Interbase XE for Integra Users

New features
New Features

  • Over-The-Wire Encryption

  • Support for User, Role and Group Security

  • Online Incremental Backups

  • Stronger Password Length

    • A plaintext password length of 32 bytes is supported in this release, up from 8 bytes in earlier versions of InterBase.

Interbase XE for Integra Users

Disaster recovery
Disaster Recovery

  • Point-In-Time Recovery Through Journaling

    • A journal consists of one or more journal files. A journal file records each database transaction as it occurs. This makes a journal an always-up-to-date record of database transactions.

    • Forced writes are turned off and transactions are synchronously written to a journal file.

    • To save changed pages in the database cache to the hard disk, you set up journaling checkpoints to occur automatically. A checkpoint specifies the time at which InterBase must save all the changed pages in the database cache to the database file.

Interbase XE for Integra Users

  • Journal Archiving

    • A journal archive is a directory that contains a full database dump and all of the completed journal files that have been archived since that dump. As such, a journal archive enables you to recover to the last committed transaction in the most recently archived and completed journal file.

    • For disaster recovery purposes, a journal archive should always be located on a different machine — ideally, in a remote location — than the one that houses the database server.

Interbase XE for Integra Users


  • System Requirements

    Microsoft Windows 32-bit operating systems:

    Microsoft Windows Vista (32-bit)

    Microsoft Windows Windows 7 (32-bit)

    Microsoft Windows XP (SP3)

    Microsoft Windows 2008

    The 64-bit Edition can only be installed on:

    Microsoft Windows Vista 64

    Microsoft Windows Windows 7 (64-bit)

    Microsoft Windows 2008 R2 (64-bit)


    Microsoft Windows: Intel x86 or x86-64

    Hard disk space

    56 MB for full installation (includes PDF help files)

Interbase XE for Integra Users


  • Backup all databases (including the security database)

  • Backup up the IBConfig file if customized

  • Confirm licensed user count and additional licenses

  • Uninstall the previous version of Interbase

  • Run the ib_install.exe for Interbase XE

  • Select Client and Server if installing on a DB server

  • Select Client Only for database client machines

  • Add licenses

  • Restore all databases

Interbase XE for Integra Users

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Interbase XE for Integra Users