Adult ii couples class
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Adult II Couples Class. Welcome. What do your Saturday mornings usually look like?. Adult II Couples Class. Question of the day. Prayer Requests. -Spring Revival -Construction. -Marsha Trollinger Surgery Recovery -Tony: Cancer Treatments.

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Adult ii couples class

Adult II Couples Class


Adult ii couples class1

What do your Saturday mornings usually look like?

Adult II Couples Class

Question of the day

Prayer Requests

-Spring Revival


-Marsha Trollinger Surgery Recovery

-Tony: Cancer Treatments

-The Savages

Church Stuff

Class Events

Church Events

  • Benevolence Fund

  • R.E.A.P. (P-Team)

  • Monthly Fellowships

    • April 28- Spring picnic

    • May

    • June

  • Dinner Out Friday (NA for Apr)

  • 5th Sunday Breakfast (29 April)

  • Quarterly Service Project

    • Ends of the earth project:

      • Savage family care package

    • Jerusalem Project

      • School yard work (5 May)

  • Spring Revival (29 Apr – May 2)

  • Construction Begins (3 May)

  • Mother/Daughter Tea (5 May)

  • Graduation Recognition (6 May)

  • Men’s Camp Out (11-12 May)

  • Mother’s Day (13 May)

  • Youth End of Year Party (25 May)

  • Budget CmteMtg (6 June)

  • Kid’s Kamp (11 – 14 June)

  • Qtrly Business Mtg (13 June)

  • Ladies’ Prayer Breakfast (23 June)

Adult ii couples class2

What do your Saturday mornings usually look like?

Adult II Couples Class

Question of the day

Chronological Bible Discipleship

Iva May and Dr. Stan May

week sixteen

1 Samuel 18 – 2 Samuel 22


Creation: God reveals His goodness through creation and His mercy in response to sin.

Patriarchs: God reveals His response to the faithful-ness of men (Job, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph).

Exodus: God liberates Israel, and leads them to the Promised Land and shapes them into a nation holy to Himself.

Conquest: Joshua, relying on God’s presence and power, leads Israel to possess and settle the Promised Land.

Judges: Every man does what is right in his own eyes, and Israel falls into a cycle of disobedience, judgment, oppres-sionand deliverance (the sin cycle).

Kingdom Era

Israel asks for a king to be “like the peoples” around them. God grants their request first through Saul, son of Kish. Saul loves the praise of men more than the praise of God and be-gins a 40 year reign of disobedience.

The LORD raises up David, a man after His own heart. David reigns for 40 years, and while not perfect, is faithful overall. God honors His rule by building Israel into a world power.

David is seceded by his son Solomon who fulfills David’s desire to build a temple for the LORD. But in his later years, his heart turns away from God and the kingdom divides.


  • 400 years prior to the end of the Judges era, God gave Moses in-structions regarding Israel’s future, and one of those instructions is per-tinent to where Israel finds itself.

  • The people of Israel now begin to demand a king to lead them like all the nations around them.

  • They approach the aging prophet and judge Samuel with their demands.

  • Samuel warns them of the cost of a king (taxes, conscrip-tionand servitude)

  • Determined to be like their neighbors, the people ignore the warnings and persist in demanding a king.

  • God gives Israel the king they think they want.

Key truth

Key Truth

The kingdom era

The can fashion men into godly leaders.Kingdom Era

1 Samuel 2

The King Israel Wants

Regulations for Enlisting a King

Reality of having a King

Regulations for enlisting a king

Regulations for Enlisting a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

Deuteronomy 17:14-20

Regulations for enlisting a king1
Regulations for Enlisting a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • God foresaw Israel’s current situation

    • They wanted to be like the other nations around them

    • They wanted a human king to lead them

  • He addressed this issue in Moses’ final instructions for Israel before entering the Promised Land

Regulations for enlisting a king2
Regulations for Enlisting a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • Moses gives six rules for enlisting a king

    • Cannot be a foreigner(15): Protects Israel from being led by one who would put the needs of his own people ahead of Israel’s

    • Cannot focus on military power or foreign military aid(16): Depending on Israel’s military or that of another nation for strength would deny the LORD’s ability to empower and protect His people

    • Cannot multiply wives(17): Cannot be a man given over to fleshly appetites and distracted by competition within his family

Regulations for enlisting a king3
Regulations for Enlisting a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • Moses gives six rules for enlisting a king

    • Cannot amass personal wealth(17): Greediness of heart would lead a king to take advantage of his own people

    • Committed to Bible literacy(18-19): Knowing the promises of God, the ways of God and the history of his people

    • Clinging to humility(20): Must not allow his position of leadership over others to give rise to pride or the belief that he is above the law

Reality of having a king

Reality of having a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

1 Samuel 15

Deuteronomy 25

Reality of having a king1
Reality of having a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • Samuel warns of the impact a human king must have on the people he leads (1 Sam 8 : 10 - 18)

    • Conscription – their sons would be taken to serve in the king’s armies (10-12)

    • Servitude – their daughters would be taken to serve in the king’s household (13)

    • Taxes – a tenth of their wealth would be taken to support the king and his government (14-17)

    • Regret – all of this “taking” would lead to people to cry out to the LORD for relief (18)

Reality of having a king2
Reality of having a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • Saul’s early days as king (1 Samuel 10)

    • Saul is anointed by Samuel and returns home

    • Saul is publicly chosen as king by the people

    • Saul demonstrates his leadership as king by calling Israel together to defeat Nahash at Jabesh-gilead

    • Saul is reaffirmed as king

  • Saul’s early signs of disobedience

    • Shows impatience by presenting a burnt offering before the battle with the Philistines

      • Something only priests were permitted to do

    • Samuel informs Saul that his kingdom will not endure

      • 1 Sam 13:13-14: Samuel said to Saul, “You have acted foolishly; you have not kept the commandment of the LORD your God, which He commanded you, for now the LORD would have established your kingdom over Israel forever. But now your kingdom shall not endure.”

Reality of having a king3
Reality of having a King can fashion men into godly leaders.

  • Saul’s failures as king are highlighted (1 Sam 15)

    • He does not consider the present in light of the past (1-3)

      • Unfamiliarity with The Book of the Law leads him to overlook the importance of destroying the Amalekites (Deut 25:17-19)

      • God promised that He would “blot out” Amalek(Ex 17:14)

    • He uses his position to build a monument to himself instead of attributing his success to the LORD (12)

    • He does not fear the LORD but lives to please people (13-21)

      • Does not destroy Amalek and their possessions

      • Allows his men to keep the best for themselves

      • When confronted, justifies his disobedience and blames the people

    • Saul reigns for 40 years, but his descendants are prohibited from inheriting the throne

Conclusions can fashion men into godly leaders.

Many spiritual leaders today are chosen based solely on external characteristics (appearance, education, socio-economic group) instead of a heart for God and ob-edience to His Word.

God grants people what they demand in order to teach them lessons they would not have learned otherwise.

Men who seek to please men more than God can fool themselves into believing they are successful.

Saul became defensive and deflected blame when con-fronted about his disobedience. How a man responds when confronted with his foolish actions reveals his character.

Discussion can fashion men into godly leaders.

Can you think of an example of a political or religious leader whom people wanted but later regretted?

What was the ultimate cause of Saul’s complete failure in destroying the Amalekites?

How can churches and organizations discern God’s choice of the right leader?

What should they look for?

Bible KNOWLEDGE QUIZ can fashion men into godly leaders.

The Book of 1 & 2 Samuel(2pt)

  • What was the name of the daughter of Saul whom David married?

    • “So Saul gave him Michal his daughter for a wife.” (1 Sam 18:27b)

  • David’s second wife’s name was _________ and her deceased husband’s name was __________ which means __________?

    • “When Abigail saw David…she fell at his feet and said…“Please pay no attention, my lord, to that wicked man Nabal. He is just like his name—his name means Fool, and folly goes with him.(1 Sam 25:23-24)

  • Instead of killing Saul as he slept in his camp, what two items to David take?

    • “So David took the spear and water jug near Saul’s head, and they left.’”(1 Samuel 26:12)

  • In what town was David anointed king over Judah?

    • “Then the men of Judah came to Hebron, and there they anointed David king over the tribe of Judah.” (2 Sam 2:4)

BONUS ROUND can fashion men into godly leaders.

Bonus Question(10pts)

  • Where was Samuel buried?

    • “Then Samuel died; and all Israel gathered together and mourned for him, and buried him at his house in Ramah.” (1 Samuel 25:1)

  • In whose home did David leave the Ark of the Covenant after abandoning the effort to move it out of fear following the death of Uzzah?

    • David was afraid of the LORD that day and said, “How can the ark of the LORD ever come to me?”….Instead, he took it to the house of Obed-Edom the Gittite..” (1 Samuel 25:1)

Adult ii couples class3

1 Samuel 16 &17 can fashion men into godly leaders.

Psalm 56

The King God Wants

Adult II Couples Class

Next week…..