listed and sensitive plants along the buffalo river n.
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Listed and Sensitive Plants along the Buffalo River PowerPoint Presentation
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Listed and Sensitive Plants along the Buffalo River

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Listed and Sensitive Plants along the Buffalo River - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Listed and Sensitive Plants along the Buffalo River. Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission. Tools for Teaching

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Listed and Sensitive Plants along the Buffalo River

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arkansas natural heritage commission
Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission
  • Tools for Teaching
  • The Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission offers a wide variety of educational resources, such as lesson plans, a classroom guide to Arkansas natural history, and more. Our educational resources make the technical data interesting and easy to understand. Lesson plans and activity guides include correlations to Arkansas Science Curriculum Frameworks and resource lists for additional information. While many of the resources are designed with teachers and students in mind, they are also enjoyed by life-long learners who want to know more about their Arkansas heritage. We invite feedback on the effectiveness of our outreach materials. Please email us or call 501.324.9619.
  • Theo Witsell is contact for plants

Download educational materials by following the links below:

Download educational materials by following the links below


Species Rank and Status

Global rankings are assigned by a consensus of international conservation organizations to designate the range-wide rarity of a species. The rankings range from G-1 (extremely rare) to G-5(very common and secure globally), with additional rankings tied to historical data and possible extinction.

State ranks are assigned in a similar manner to global rankings, with designations ranging from S-1 to S-5, but consider only factors within the boundaries of Arkansas. For example, a species that is endemic to Arkansas (found nowhere else in the world) would have the same global and state ranks, whereas a species that may be common in the western U.S. but only known from a few occurrences in Arkansas will have global and state ranks that differ.


The trace material has three prong defense

  • Color dye –Buffalo River is powder blue
  • Has chips that are fluorescent
  • Has magnetic chips

The Chestnut blight (Cryphonectriaparasitica) was introduced on the East coast by Chinese chestnuts.

  • It wiped out the Chestnut tree
  • By the 1950-60 it was affecting the Ozark Chinquapin


  • Valley Springs
  • Currently involved in rearing chinquapins in an orchard and a campus tree setting
the ozark chinquapin foundation
The Ozark Chinquapin Foundation
  • Steve Bost
  • Internet site
  • History of Chinquapin
  • How to sprout and grow chinquapin trees