health care apprenticeship programs in minnesota n.
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Health Care Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota PowerPoint Presentation
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Health Care Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota

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Health Care Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Health Care Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota
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  1. Health Care Apprenticeship Programs in Minnesota • Health Support Specialist • Laboratory Technician • Paramedic

  2. Apprenticeship Basics • Apprenticeship in the US and Minnesota • Registration • Standards /Work Process , Related Instruction , Wage Schedule, Ratio of skilled employees to apprentices • Apprentices registration and progression

  3. Lab Tech • Collaborative effort with South Central Technical College • Objective: Provide incumbent employees and their employers a lab tech career path combining online coursework and Apprenticeship

  4. Lab Tech • Work Process • One employer site • Benefit Employee retention and development Affordable option for the apprentice to advance their career More intensive work experience

  5. Paramedic • Collaboration with Allina Medical Transportation and Inver Hills Community College,and DEED • Objective: Provide Returning veteran combat medics with a career path that would combine employment as an apprentice, the GI Bill, Paramedic coursework

  6. Paramedic • Work Process • Allina is our first sponsor • Minnesota Ambulance Association is in the process of registration • Benefit: A workforce resource for EMS services / A career pathway that is affordable for the veteran

  7. Health Support Specialist • Collaboration between Aging Services of Minnesota,HEIP, North Central Kansas Community and Technical College, MNSCU institutions • Objective: Aging Services of Minnesota serves as an association based apprenticeship sponsor helping their member facilities implement this apprenticeship

  8. Updates on the HSS project

  9. Health Support Specialist An Innovative Concept to Transform Care and Elevate Our Workforce

  10. Assessment/Orientation CNA pre-req. Health Support Specialist Level I Rehab Assistant Alzheimer's Assoc. Cert Orientation/Mentor 1 credits Memory/Dementia 1 credits Safe Serv Certificate .OSHA certificate Activity Assistant 1 credit Culinary Care 1 credit Activity Assistant Person Directed Living culture change/restorative/ergonomics 1 credit Soft Skills/Mentoring Specialty Care in Aging Physiological – geriatrics, body change, Pain, complementary therapies Psycho-social – end of life, grief/loss, spirituality 2 credits HHA or NAR Communication interpersonal, therapeutic, reminisce, culture, team, conflict resolution, problem solving, resident, family 1 credit Environmental Services (OSHA) 1 credit Health Support Specialist Level II TMA Difficult Behaviors Rehab Assistant HHA Respitory