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Development of the institution

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Development of the institution - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Development of the institution. How we plan and provide resources and support. The approach that we represent. Active approach; In line with government documents, international regulations and modern values​​; Preserving the dignity of children, institutions and employees;

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development of the institution

Development of the institution

How we plan and provide resources and support

the approach that we represent
The approach that we represent
  • Active approach;In line with government documents, international regulations and modern values​​;
  • Preserving the dignity of children, institutions and employees;
  • Cherishing relationships with local community and potential sources of support and recognition of their needs
basic elements
Basic elements
  • To create resources that will develop the institution: coordinator team for development, technical capabilities, project management skills ...
  • Strategic development plan for the institution so that it is in accordance with the contemporary social tendencies and intentions of statel and EU
  • Applications and project management. Development of of positive practice
  • Work with potential partners. Cherishing relations
resources for development of the institution
Resources for development of the institution
  • Investments which are being returned
  • Experts who are mainly or partly engaged in the development of relevant institutions (individual or team )
  • Director and development team (managers, etc..) Should be trained in basic skills: strategic planning, application and project management, promotions and presentations, establishing and nurturing partnerships
  • Technical requirements: computer resources, websites, promotional material, video presentations ...
strategic planning
Strategic planning
  • Carry out strategic planning at the facility for a specified period (5 years, more or less)
  • Conduct a strategic planning process according to modern standards and techniques (recommended that head of the process should be independent external consultant or an expert from an institution specifically for the development of the institution, who is educated in strategic planning)
  • In the strategic planning the broadest range of employees, customers and, perhaps, partners should be included
  • Strategic Plan should be sent to relevant partners
  • In the the next period institutions should be developed in accordance with the strategic plan, motivating employees to act in this direction
application and project management
Application and Project Management
  • To educate professionals for application and project management
  • To assign a person or team to monitor the development of contests and events devoted to projects
  • To develop partnerships in the implementation of projects and include partners in this process
  • To open to projects of external partners
  • To create your own projects
  • To plan renovation of the institution as part of more comprehensive-based projects, which include education of employees and service users and the like.
  • Organise the promotion of positive practice of projects. Update site and otherwise inform the public about realized projects
work with potential partners
Work with potential partners
  • As part of strategic planning activities should be carryed out : analysis of social actors
  • To cherish fair business communications with all partners in the overall operation of the institution (every employee, customer, and not just the director and his closest associates)
  • To work on image that children and the institutions have in local community
  • To organize traditional event in which partners are invited
  • To recognize the needs of partners. To appear as someone who not only asks but also has what to offer (including intangible value)
for discussion
For discussion
  • Inclusion of political parties
  • The inclusion of religious organizationsInvolvement of users / children in the whole process (confidentiality and intimacy of children)
  • The borders with partners. Some partners turn out questionable or unacceptable demands