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Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview

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Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview. SEWP in a Nutshell. SEWP: Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement IDIQ Vehicle for purchase of IT Product Solutions Program is 18 years old – Pilot for Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicles

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Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement (SEWP) Overview

    2. SEWP in a Nutshell • SEWP: Solutions for Enterprise-Wide Procurement • IDIQ Vehicle for purchase of IT Product Solutions • Program is 18 years old – Pilot for Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC) vehicles • Version IV started in May 2007 - 38 Contract Holders • Emphasis on Customer Service (Government and Industry) • Extensive customer outreach and free training

    3. SEWP Program Office • Post Contract Award Management • 4 civil servants • Program Manger • Deputy Program Manager • Financial Manager • Contract Specialist • Contractor staff of over 35 personnel • Focus on customer support • One Business Day Turnaround • Program is driven by customer input, continuous improvement and … • “Often Happy; Never Satisfied”

    4. SEWP Organizational Structure *CS= Civil Servant

    5. SEWP Numbers • Utilized by 70 Federal Agencies, Federal Boards, etc. • Over 10,000 procurement and technical Government personnel • 45% of users have attended a SEWP training • 25,000 orders annually • $73,000– Average Order Size • $2.3 Billion / Year • Small Business Usage • 7.2% SDVOSB • 42% Small Business

    6. SEWP Business Model • Vision: • SEWP is the premier customer-focused contract vehicle for Federal Government purchase of IT products • Philosophy • We do not care (quantity) • We do care (quality) • Competition for business; cooperation for program • SEWP Program Office is Contract Holder Neutral • No recommendations • Except: General recommendations for Groups • Past Performance information • No preferential treatment - FIFO

    7. We feel we are “The Best” Named “King of the Contracts” in 2009 Named the “Gold Standard” for Customer Service in Government in 2009 Why? We listen We respond We act Entire staff = Customer Service Customer Service

    8. Who Can Order • Any Federal Government Agency • Any Authorized Federal Contractor • Authorized for specific contracts / agencies • Current authorized list on-line • Only support service contractors with specific guidelines • Details on Ordering Information page • Orders not processed until letter received and accepted • No State / Local Government

    9. SEWP Catalog • SEWP is ‘Catalog by Request’ not ‘Request by Catalog’ • RFQ tool available on-line • No traditional searchable catalog • Quotes are verified that items are on contract and properly priced • Dynamic catalog • Items added to contract based on customer requests • Contract Holder requests to add products are reviewed and either approved or denied within 2 to 4 hours • On-Line Contract Database of Record

    10. What sets SEWP Apart • Program Office – PM / CoTR involved in acquisition cycle • Customer Service • Tracking and Communication • Issue resolution • Low Price • Small Business (21 of 38 Contract Holders) • On-line Tool Set

    11. What sets SEWP Apart • Tools for Contract Holders • Free On-site Training and robust outreach • New Product Availability • Scope oversight • Speed: Everything is handled in one business day. • Low fee plus cap

    12. Who Has Ordered • Top 10 Agencies • Department of Veterans Affairs • Department of Defense • Department of Justice • NASA • Social Security Administration • Department of Health and Human Services • Department of Treasury • Department of State • Department of Commerce • Department of the Interior • *Every Federal Agency has at least placed 1 order through SEWP*

    13. Manufacturer’s Role &Other Opportunities

    14. CHRM (Contract Holder Relationship Manager) Role • C.H.R.M. (Pronounced Charm)- Al Marshall • Deputy C.H.R.M. – George Nicol • Role/Responsibility • Liaison between SEWP Program Management Office (PMO) and Contract Holders / Industry • Track CH Program Performance • Industry Events • Industry Forum • Sales Training • Manufacturer Training • Report and Tracking • Contract Holder Only Page

    15. Products in Scope • IT Hardware: Computers / Networks / Accessories / etc. • Software • Includes Software as a Service (SaaS) • Peripherals and Associated Equipment: Printers / Fax / Supplies • Audio Visual / Conferencing • Cloud Computing / Virtual Storage / Virtual Computing

    16. Services in Scope(No Limitation) • Maintenance / Warranty • Can be on–site if clearly maintenance functions • Site Planning • Installation: Hardware / Cabling / Software / etc. • Product Training • Must be directly related to a Product

    17. Services Limited in Scope • Labor Support Services (e.g. Operational Support) • Software Development • Limits: • 10% Rule • Rule of thumb – limited to 3 months unless justified • Options: • Group E non-competed 8(a) set-asides (limited in size) • GSA Alliant, NIH CIO-SP or other support service contracts

    18. Never in Scope • Just because it has a chip, it is not always IT • Medical Equipment • Military Equipment • Buildings • Wheels / Engines / Propellers • Fire Suppression (unless self-contained) • Sensors: Smoke / Gunshot / etc. • Office Furniture: Chairs / Desks / etc.

    19. Contract Holder Groups 4 Competed Groups • Group A: OEMs and Value Added Resellers (VARs) 9 Contract Holders • Group B: SDVOSB Set-asides VARs 6 Contract Holders • Group C: Small Business Set-asides VARs 12 Contract Holders • Group D: Non-Set-aside VARs 15 Contract Holders

    20. Group A Computer System OEMs and Value Added Resellers *Novated from James River Technical

    21. Group B: SDVOSB Set-Aside Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business Value Added Resellers

    22. Group C: Small Business Set-Aside Value Added Resellers

    23. Group D: Full and Open Value Added Resellers

    24. SEWP by the Numbers

    25. Fair Opportunity • Fair Opportunity MUST BE provided within a Group • Opportunity may be provided across multiple Groups • Fair Opportunity Applies to any Multi-award Order • FAR 16.505(b) • Process for Fair Opportunity (per FAR) is at CO’s Discretion • SEWP Web Tools Provide Assistance • Locate manufacturers on contract: • SEWP Manufacturer Lookup Tool • Provide Fair Opportunity: • SEWP RFQ tool is the only RECOMMENDED method

    26. SEWP Training & Outreach • On-site Training on Contracts, SEWP Program, and Tools • Provided 81 Trainings to 16 Agencies in FY ‘10 • Training Video (More than 4500 viewers) • Attended 19 Conferences in FY ’10 • Annual Conference: San Diego, CA: April 12-14, 2011 • Keynote by Dan Gordon (OMB) • Federal Acquisition Summit sponsored by SEWP (April 2011) • GWAC Council Participation • Strategically Aligned with OpenGroup, NCMA, AFCEA, ACT / IAC • DC Regional Training

    27. 5 Ways Industry Is Involved Win a SEWP Prime Contract 8(a) Set-asides Place Products Under Existing Contracts Act as a “sales agent” Purchase from Existing Contracts

    28. Win a SEWP Prime Contract SEWP IV contracts will end in April 2014 Although distant, get your ducks in a row early Work with SEWP IV Contract Holders Long, costly process Full & Open Competition Formal Source Evaluation Board (SEB) procedures Extensive requirements Strong competition No guarantees (winners and losers) Check NASA website for NASA Contract Opportunities NASA Acquisition Information Service (

    29. Non-Competed 8(a) Set-Aside • Non-Competed 8(a) Set-aside Contracts • Primarily product based services • Complement Prime (competed) contracts • Limited to $4 million per contract • Current set-asides have been selected and/or awarded • No plans to add to the list in SEWP IV (until 2014) • Set-Aside selection based upon: • Government recommendations • Company capabilities as they relate to SEWP scope • Geographic coverage

    30. “Manufacturer” of IT products / solutions Work with one or more Prime Vendors to request product addition Business case is negotiated between Prime and manufacturer A Prime Vendor must first request acceptance of manufacturer Check is made by SEWP to ensure products in scope After a manufacturer is accepted any Prime may add products from the manufacturer products added through Technology Refreshment process Authorized reseller information may be provided by manufacturer only Place Products Under Existing Contracts

    31. Act as a Sales Agent Some Primes (OEMs) authorize resellers to be a sales agent for their SEWP contract Agent DOES NOT have a SEWP contract Orders remain between Government agency and Prime Contract Holder Compensation agreement between Contract Holder and “sales agent” reseller CLIN Cost must not increase No fee can be charged

    32. Purchase from Existing Contracts Authorized Support Service Contractors may Utilize SEWP Contracts as Part of Their Government Contract Authorization Letter from Support Service Contractor’s CO (Contracting Officer) Authorization required on an individual support service contract basis Appropriate FAR 51 requirements must be met List of Authorized Support Service Contractors available on SEWP website

    33. Questions ???