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Regents Questions For Global 1 100 Questions

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Regents Questions For Global 1 100 Questions. Mr. C. Dennison Cardinal Hayes HS. During which period did the domestication of animals and growing of crops first occur?. Neolithic Revolution. The _________ of a nation or region influences its development. geography.

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Regents Questions For Global 1 100 Questions

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regents questions for global 1 100 questions

Regents Questions For Global 1100 Questions

Mr. C. Dennison

Cardinal Hayes HS


Which statement about Greek civilization is an opinion rather than a fact?

  • (1) Boys in Sparta were trained to be soldiers.(2) Athens had a better culture than that of Sparta.(3) Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle were Greek philosophers.(4) Many adults in Athens did not have the right to vote.

Which religion or belief system is most closely associated with the social class system illustrated in the diagram on the previous slide?

dynastic cycle

“. . . Let the king and his ministers labor with a mutual sympathy, saying, ‘We have received the decree of Heaven and it shall be great as the long continued years of Hsia; yea, it shall not fail of thelong-continued years of Yin.’ I wish the king, through the attachment of the lower people, to receive the long-abiding decree of Heaven. . . .”

  • Which concept is being referred to in this passage?

dynastic cycle           natural rightsmatriarchal society   monotheism

dynastic cycle 

The religious terms Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path, and nirvana are most closely associated with __________.


The Golden Age of Muslim culture was best known for its advances in ________, science, and medicine.


The Commercial Revolution helped lead to the Industrial Revolution because during the Commercial Revolution new forms of ______were developed.

machiavelli s

_________ belief that “the end justifies the means” - implies that leaders may use any method to achieve what is best for the state.


Venice in Europe, Mogadishu in Africa, and Canton in China emerged during the 13th century primarily as important centers of ________.


One influence of Mongol rule on the history of Russia was that Russian leaders adopted the idea of strong, ________ control of the empire.


The major reason that Portugal and Spain established water routes to Asia’s spice markets was to avoid the overland routes that were  controlled by _______traders.

magna carta

The __________can be described as a list of feudal rights that limited the power of the English monarchy.

Magna Carta

Philosophers of the __________ period believed that society could best be improved by applying reason and the laws of nature.

andes mountains

Which geographic feature made it difficult to unify South America?

  • (1) Andes Mountains(2) Straits of Magellan(3) Gulf of Mexico(4) Argentinian pampas
Andes Mountains
laissez faire

____________ economists of the 19th century argued that individuals should be allowed to pursue their self-interest ina free market.


Throughout history, people have lived on savannas, in deserts, in mountains, along river valleys, along coastlines, and on islands.This statement demonstrates that people _____ to their surroundings.

code of hammurabi

If a man has destroyed the eye of a free man, his own eye shall be destroyed.• If a man has knocked out the teeth of a man of the same rank, his own teeth shall be knocked out.These rules are based on the

  • (1) Analects of Confucius(2) Code of Hammurabi(3) Ten Commandments(4) Koran (Qur’an)
Code of Hammurabi

The ________ civilization first developed a civil service system, invented gunpowder, and manufactured porcelain.

shinto and animism

Which two belief systems teach that there are spirits in nature?

(1) Shinto and animism(2) Hinduism and Confucianism(3) Judaism and Christianity(4) Islam and Buddhism

Shinto and animism

This city’s location on the Bosporus Strait was one reason that the Byzantine Empire was able to control key trade routes between Europe and Asia.


Most economic activities on this feudal manor were related to

(1) guilds          (3) banking(2) industry      (4) agriculture

self sufficiency

Which economic concept can be inferred from this diagram?

  • (1) self-sufficiency      (3) trade embargo(2) inflation                (4) competition

A major contribution of the Golden Age of Islam was the

(1) development of mercantilism(2) creation of the first polytheistic religion(3) spread of democratic ideals(4) advancement of mathematics and science


Which factor most influenced a person’s social position in early Indian societies?

(1) education(2) birth(3) geographic location(4) individual achievement


Which civilization best completes the heading of the partial outline below?* Spread of Islam* Gold and salt trade* Growth of Timbuktu* Pilgrimage of Mansa Musa

(1) Benin      (3) Mali(2) Kush       (4) Egyptian

primary sources

Historians value the writings of Marco Polo and IbnBattuta because they serve as _________ about trade and culture.

primary sources
trade routes

Access to important _________ was an important factor which contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance in Italian cities.

trade routes

• 1340s—Mongols, merchants, and other travelers carried disease along trade routes west of China. • 1346—The plague reached the Black Sea ports of Caffa and Tana. • 1347—Italian merchants fled plague-infected Black Sea ports. • 1348—The plague became an epidemic in most of western Europe.Which conclusion can be made based on these statements?

(1) The plague primarily affected China.(2) The interaction of people spread the plague.(3) Port cities were relatively untouched by the plague.(4) The plague started in western Europe.

printing press

The movable-type _______

had the greatest impact on the Protestant Reformation.

printing press

The Magna Carta, the Petition of Right, and the English Bill of Rights were created to limit the power of English ______.

primary sources1

Which heading best completes the partial outline below? * Personal letter * Autobiography * Diary * Driver’s license

  • Primary Sources
  • Secondary Sources
  • Official Records
  • Published Records
Primary Sources
tropical rain forests

Which geographic factor had the greatest influence on the early history of South Asia and China?

(1) river valleys 

(2) island locations              

(3) vast coastlines

(4) tropical rain forests

tropical rain forests
silk road

The _______ was important because it allowed for the exchange of goods between Asia and the Middle East.

Silk Road

Olympic games, the poems of Homer, and Hellenistic culture are associated with which ancient civilization?


The Code of Hammurabi was a major contribution to the development of civilization because it recorded existing ___ for all to see.

city states

One effect of rugged, mountainous geography on the civilization of ancient Greece was the development of separate, independent_________.

contributions of the islamic civilization

Which heading best completes the partial outline below?..............................

* Development of medical encyclopedias* Development of algebra and astronomical tables* Production of cotton textiles and woolen carpets* Production of literature, calligraphy, and geometric art

(1) Achievements of Feudal Societies(2) Inventions During the Neolithic Revolution(3) Issues of the Protestant Reformation(4) Contributions of the Islamic Civilization

Contributions of the Islamic Civilization

The routes shown on the map illustrate the pattern of the ____ migrations.


“Most Gracious, Most Merciful." "Master of the Day of Judgment." "Thee do we worship, And Thine aid we seek."Source: ’Abdullah Yusuf-Ali, trans., The Meaning of the Holy Qur’an

  • This translated quotation from the Qur’an [Koran] refers to

(1) Buddha      (3) Allah(2) Shiva         (4) Muhammad


Japan experienced earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and typhoons which sometimes destroyed coastal Japanese villages. Mountains are found throughout the islands of Japan.

  • Due to all of the above, the Japanese developed a nature-based belief called ______.

This statue is most closely associated with which religion?

(1) Buddhism      (3) Jainism(2) Islam            (4) Christianity


In his book The ______, Niccolò Machiavelli advises that a wise ruler is one who does what is necessary to stay in power.


A major reason that the Renaissance began in Italy was that Italian city-states had grown wealthy from _____ between Europe and Asia.


“In 1469, Isabella of Castile married Ferdinand of Aragon. This marriage between the rulers of two powerful kingdoms opened the way for a unified state. Using their combined forces, the two monarchsmade a final push against the Muslim stronghold of Granada. In 1492, Granada fell. . . .”

  • The passage above is describing the the Spanish ____________.

The archaeological evidence found at the Mesoamerican sites of Tenochtitlan and Machu Picchu suggests that these societies were highly developed and organized _______.


One an impact that the Columbian Exchange had on the lives of Europeans was that the transfer of new _______ and ideas encouraged economic growth.


Studying oral histories, archaeological evidence, and cultural histories aremethods most often used by ___________.


When studying ancient civilizations, a geographer would be most interested in looking at ________ influences on food production.

river valleys

One way in which the Huang He, the Indus, and the Nile civilizations were similar is that they each originated in ___________.

river valleys

__________ became the center of the Byzantine Empire because its location made it the crossroads of Europe and Asia.


The _____ Empire controlled a large portion of Asia by 1300.


One way in which the code of chivalry in Europe and the code of ________in Japan were similar is that both codes were intended to guide the behavior of a warrior class.


Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony areexamples of early _________ culture.


European motives for fighting the _______ include:

* Desire to be released from feudal obligations

* Defense of the Holy Land

* Forgiveness of sins

* Desire for wealth from the Middle East

age of exploration

During the 1500s, technological advances in navigation, naval engineering, and mapmaking contributed directly to the start of the _______________.

Age of Exploration
european renaissance

The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects of the _____________.

European Renaissance

Portrait of an African Slave Woman, Annibale Carracci, attrib. 1580Paintings representing real individuals in servitude primarily show them in domestic roles, such as this maid from the fragment of a larger portrait. She has remarkable presence, sensitively conveyed by the artist through the ambiguity of her facial expression.


Which conclusion about Incan society could be drawn from the map?

(1) An extensive road system connected all parts of the Empire for trade.(2) Their trade depended on many seaports.(3) Tropical climatic conditions existed throughout the empire.(4) A similar language unified the Inca civilization.



1111An extensive road system connected all parts of the Empire for trade.


The map shows that advanced __________ technology was available in China during the Ming Dynasty as a result of the travels of Zheng He.

subsistence farmers

The term “__________” refers to people who grow just enough food to meet the needs of the immediate family.

subsistence farmers

Individual decision making and supply and demand greatly influence basic economic decisions in a ______ economy.


The earliest civilizations in _____ developed in the Yellow River Valley.


The Yellow River (or Huang He) is the second-longest river in Asia after the Yangtze and the sixth-longest in the world at the estimated length of 5,464 kilometers (3,395 mi).


The phrase “from southern Spain, across northern Africa, occupying the Arabian peninsula to Southeast Asia” once described the extent of the ______ world.


In China, Confucianism emphasized the idea that harmony could be achieved by the proper behavior of each member of a ______ or society.


Geography influenced the development of ancient Greece because of excellent harbors which encouraged a ________ trade.


“Come then, with all your people and give battlewith all your strength, so that all this treasureshall not fall into the hands of the Turks.. . . Therefore act while there is still time lestthe kingdom of the Christians shall vanishfrom your sight. . . . And in your coming youwill find your reward in heaven. . . .”— Emperor Alexius Comnenus,quoted in The Dream and the Tomb


Which event is referred to in this quotation?

(1) Enlightenment(2) French Revolution(3) Glorious Revolution(4) Crusades


“The Peace of God declared that feudal warfare could not take place on church property, and it promised sanctuary in churches and abbeys to fugitives from combat. The Truce of God forbade fighting from Wednesday evening until Monday morning, on holidays, and during the religious seasons of Christmas and Lent. . . .”


This quotation implies that

(1) the church had considerable political power during this time(2) war was limited to religious holidays(3) religion was dictated by feudal law(4) landlords determined when warfare took place

cultural diffusion1

The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Cyrillic alphabet originated in the Byzantine Empire. The practice of this religion and the use of this alphabet in Russia indicates that Russia was influenced by ____________.

cultural diffusion
trans sahara

The rise of the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai can be attributed to their locations near the _______trade routes.

martin luther and the protestant reformation

• Sale of indulgences authorized by Pope Leo

X to raise money to build St. Peter’s Basilica

in Rome (1515) • Ninety-five Theses posted (1517) • Hearing held at Worms, Germany (1521)

  • These events are most closely associated with

(1) Charles V and absolutism(2) Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation(3) John Locke and the Enlightenment(4) Karl Marx and scientific socialism

Martin Luther and the Protestant Reformation

Inca terrace farming and Aztec floating gardens are examples of

the ability of civilizations to _____ to their region’s physical geography.


Which statement best illustrates the concept of European mercantilism during the Age of Exploration?

(1) England encouraged free trade among its colonies.(2) Spain reduced exports to its South American colonies.(3) Portugal sought trade benefits from its colonial possessions.(4) France refused to give financial support to weak national industries.


What was a result of the explorers’ voyages illustrated on this map?

(1) Europe became increasingly isolated.(2) European trade with Africa and South America increased.(3) Southeast Asia became Europe’s greatest trading partner.(4) European nations created colonial governments throughout central Asia.


European trade with Africa and South America increased.