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How User-Friendly Is Your eCommerce Website? PowerPoint Presentation
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How User-Friendly Is Your eCommerce Website?

How User-Friendly Is Your eCommerce Website?

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How User-Friendly Is Your eCommerce Website?

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  1. How User-Friendly Is Your eCommerce Website? • We all know how e-commerce is the fastest growing business and e-commerce website is the base on which this model works. • As the name suggest e-commerce is sale and purchase of services or goods or both through electronic media like the internet. • E-commerce was started in the 1960s. E-commerce business grew with the growth of internet access and aided by online sellers. • E-commerce website development is always an ongoing process with regular updationbased on technology upgradation.

  2. Responsive e-commerce website, UK • Running a website for e-commerce is always difficult. It is essential to have a responsive e-commerce website, UK to take care of all the daily activities. • The activities include sales to complete, orders to fulfill, and payments to get. Let us look at the content of the website from a user side. • To understand will start at the beginning and go through the process till the end. First the user enters an e-commerce website and navigate and places an order.

  3. By going through we, can see in each step how the business can shine and excel. It is not difficult to get into each and every aspect of an e-commerce website. • Let us look into specific aspect that will help to improve e-commerce business. • The first impression is the best impression and when the user gets first look at the website is the beginning step.

  4. e-commerce website • The design is the important aspect of an e-commerce website and to understand the importance let us compare it with an example. On one side is a store that is not organized, bad odors, and the overall atmosphere is not good. • The other side is a store that is well organized, neat, spacious, tidy and the overall atmosphere is inviting. There is every chance each one of us happens to visit similar types of stores in the day to day life. • Which store will make the customer feel happy and impressed? Naturally the one which is managed well and organized.

  5. e-commerce website, UK • Now imagine your store as an e-commerce website, UK. The design is very critical, and impressive website design ensures and sends a message that the company cares about the user. • If the user is not telling "wow" when he/she visit the website, a lot of efforts still needed to improve on priority. It is not right to cut edges in the design..

  6. Hiring a good designer is necessary who will ensure everything including each word, pixel and the picture is properly dealt with. Speed is the next critical feature of the e-commerce website for a user. • When the user visits the website which is speedy, he/she will feel nice about the website. Each page takes less than a second to load while navigation to give the user the information. • Faster the site better the business

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