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SYSchange for z/OS By Pristine Software PowerPoint Presentation
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SYSchange for z/OS By Pristine Software

SYSchange for z/OS By Pristine Software

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SYSchange for z/OS By Pristine Software

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  1. SYSchange for z/OSBy Pristine Software April 2009 Thomas Phillips SYSchange Pristine Software

  2. What is SYSchange? • SYSchange is an automated systems softwarechange management tool that delivers the most reliable and cost-effective solution to: • capture changes in real time • audit/report changes • control changes at the member-level • deploy changes/maintenance/modifications These tasks are accomplished in multiple LPARs of a SYSPLEX, as well as across multiple SYSPLEXes. SYSchange Pristine Software

  3. How Does it Help Your Business? • SYSchange helps businesses to implement a system software change management solution by: • Protecting critical software assets • Controlling and managing changes • Auditing, reporting and monitoring changes • Cost effective deployment of software changes SYSchange Pristine Software

  4. What Areas does SYSchange Address? • Addresses Compliancy (SOX) • Addresses Change Management/Change Process • Addresses Auditing/Reporting • Addresses Software Synchronization • Addresses Deployment on z/OS; SYSchange packages and deploys changes including new releases, maintenance and modifications from a central location to multiple systems local or remote • SYSchange specifically addresses the needs and requirements of the System Software Environment. This includes the OS, all IBM system products, all ISV products – Anything that runs the System. SYSchange Pristine Software

  5. Why SYSchange ? • To bring automation and “Best Practices” to the process of system software change management • To bring significantly new efficiencies and lower costs to the management of system software changes • To reduce the costs and complexities of meeting Auditing and Compliancy requirements by providing a process, a control structure, and documentation at all stages • To create an environment that promotes integrity and protection of critical system software assets • To significantly reduce the cost and time of applying/deploying new releases, maintenance and modifications SYSchange Pristine Software

  6. The Needs we Address • The need to protect critical system libraries • The need to meet Compliancy requirements while reducing the cost of doing so (SOX\Auditing) • The need to provide increased levels of security and reliability to system software assets • The need to continually improve both local and remote disaster recovery capabilities SYSchange Pristine Software

  7. The Needs we Address • The need to bring a more centralized approach to the management of system software changes • The need to efficiently and effectively manage critical system libraries • The need to introduce or enhance existing change management processes and procedures • The need to easily and more frequently propagate changes to synchronize multiple environments (DR,LPARs) SYSchange Pristine Software

  8. Protecting Critical Systems Libraries • NEED: Automatic member-level backup and recovery of critical systems libraries • SYSchange automatically backs up every change made to critical libraries. • Users can quickly recover from undesired changes online. • Extra member versions are automatically archived for future recovery needs. • The archived backups are always available online for viewing, comparing, and recovery purposes. SYSchange Pristine Software

  9. Sarbanes-Oxley\Auditing • NEED: The need to meet Compliancy requirements while reducing the cost of doing so (SOX\Auditing) • To be compliant, you need to ensure that your internal controls address the system software that runs financial applications (MVS,DB2,CICS, etc.) • The SYSchange auditing capabilities allow you to centrally control, authorize and report changes to systems software • SYSchange automatically backs up any change and documents it thus producing an Audit Trail • Reports are generated that identify WHO made the change, WHICH software component was changed, and for WHAT reason SYSchange Pristine Software

  10. Increased Levels of Security and Reliability • NEED: To have accountability\security for System Software changes and quick recoverability from errors. This affects potential downtime and integrity • SYSchange automatically backs up anything changed • SYSchange keeps multiple versions of changed members; with online recovery you can quickly restore to any point • At the volume-level, entire production volumes can become immune from changes • SYSchange can designate who can make changes • SYSchange documents all changes – you know WHO made the change – WHEN the change was made – WHY the change was introduced SYSchange Pristine Software

  11. Improved DR Capabilities • NEED:to regularly keep DR software and Production software up-to-date and in-sync • The SYSchange automatic change identification and packaging technologies allow for quick propagation of software changes to the recovery site • Changes can be gathered at anytime and sent to the recovery site and other sites in between normal backups • SYSchange ensures that software in multiple locations are identical; but if different they can easily be synchronized SYSchange Pristine Software

  12. Centralizing the Management of System Software Changes • NEED:Maintaining multiple SMP/E systems is challenging and expensive • SYSchange provides a centralized approach for the management of multiple LPARs • Eliminate the redundancy and complexity in maintaining multiple SMP/E systems • Package and propagate changes (SMP/E or non-SMP/E changes) to multiple environments from a single point • SYSchange provides a feedback mechanism that gives systems managers a centralized view of all promotion activities SYSchange Pristine Software

  13. Managing System Libraries • NEED:Accountability for changes to System Software and quick recoverability • Quicker recovery from errors – everything is backed up • Selection of how many member backups and how long to retain • Immediate knowledge of WHO – WHAT – WHERE – WHY • Blocks access to minimize intrusion and intentional errors • Protection at the volume-level, dataset-level and member-level • Effectively increase your capabilities to manage system software changes – mitigate staff shortages and less skilled systems programmers SYSchange Pristine Software

  14. Easily Identify Changes and Distribute • NEED:The need to easily and more frequently identify, package and deploy changes to synchronize multiple environments (DR,LPARs) • SYSchange examines an entire software environment and automatically identifies all changes; then it quickly packages those changes for distribution • Specific changes can be gathered at anytime, (weekly, daily, hourly) then quickly packaged and sent to other environments • SYSchange allows for more regular synchronizations at a significant lower cost • Traditionally, without this new technology, this task could be performed on a weekly or monthly basis at best. SYSchange Pristine Software

  15. Deployment • NEED:Keep the environments current by deploying new software releases, maintenance, modifications and updates • A Uniform Process for deploying SMP/E and non-SMP/E maintenance, as well as being able to handle zFS and HFS files using the same standardized techniques • Provides a centralized point of control for deploying all changes (SMP/E or non-SMP/E) • Prevents regression • Provides “Rollback” capabilities • Custom packaging enables users to package data sets and select members into the same package for deployment (on-going maintenance) SYSchange Pristine Software

  16. What are the Risks of Not Having SYSchange? • Without SYSchange: • Your software would be exposed to undesired change regardless of RACF protections • Security products protects your software at the dataset-level; SYSchange protects your environment at the member-level (a lower level of protection) • You may not be able to satisfy auditing requirements or recoverability requirements set by regulators and compliance guidelines • There is no accountability of who is making the changes SYSchange Pristine Software

  17. What are the Risks of Not Having SYSchange? • Without SYSchange: • If you make an undesired change, your system may not IPL or your applications may fail to run successfully • It would be expensive to keep your DR software and your production software at the same level at all times • You are not guaranteed to have member versions available for recovery and audit all the time; SYSchange provides a Real-time monitoring of all changes around the clock; Versions are never lost in between scheduled backups • Falling behind on deployment of new releases, maintenance, modifications and updates SYSchange Pristine Software

  18. What are the Risks of Not Having SYSchange? • Without SYSchange: • You may not know whether your software runs identically on all systems (local or remote) • During a change cycle, the scope of change remains unknown • Not knowing exactly what has or has not changed may require systems managers to take expensive cautionary measures which may cause delays in the deployment process • You may not be able to verify success of the deployment • You may not prevent regressions in mass software distributions SYSchange Pristine Software

  19. SYSchange for z/OS by Pristine Software • Thanks for your participation • Questions ? • Email for Thomas Phillips: • SYSchange Pristine Software