la sanitation s capital program leading the way to a clean green and sustainable city n.
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LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City PowerPoint Presentation
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LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City

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LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City. June 14, 2012. Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E. Director LA Sanitation. L os A ngeles SANITATION. Our Mission. To Protect Public Health and the Environment. Our Programs. Solid Resources Program

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LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City

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    1. LA Sanitation’s Capital Program Leading the Way to a Clean, Green, and Sustainable City June 14, 2012 Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E. Director LA Sanitation

    2. LosAngelesSANITATION Our Mission • To Protect Public Health and the Environment Our Programs • Solid Resources Program • Clean Water Program (Wastewater) • Watershed Protection Program (Stormwater)

    3. LosAngelesSANITATION Budget ($ in millions) Staffing

    4. Solid Resources Program Overview • Collect 1 million tons of solid waste annually from 750,000 customers. • Recycling and reuse rate over 70% of our solid waste stream (7 million tons)--the highest percentage of any large US city. • Produce 85,000 tons of compost and mulch for residential gardens and landscapes from our collected green waste. • Service 430,000 multi-family dwellings--largest in nation--with recycling and bulky item pickups. • Converted over 500 refuse collection vehicles to clean fuel (LNG or CNG) supplied by 5 Bureau-operated fueling stations. • Approximately 600 private haulers operating in the City provide commercial and multi-family service. • Main capital program drivers: • Resource Recovery • Regulatory Compliance

    5. Serve over 4 million people in L.A. and 29 contract agencies. Service area of 600 square miles with 6,700 miles of sewers. Operate 4 water reclamation and wastewater treatment plants. Convey and treat 400 million gallons of flow per day (mgd). Produce 80 mgd of reclaimed water. Operate 44 wastewater pumping plants. Invested over $6.3 billion over the last 25 years. Clean Water Program Overview Tillman WaterReclamation Plant LA/Glendale WaterReclamation Plant HyperionTreatment Plant Terminal IslandTreatment Plant

    6. Clean Water Program Overview • In response to sanitary sewer spills caused by 1998 El Niño rains, City has made major enhancements to the system • New sewer construction • Repair of older sewers • Increased cleaning of sewers • Fat, Oil, and Grease (FOG) program • As a result, sewer spills and odor are steadily declining • Sewer odor complaints reduced by 50% since FY 2004 • Spills reduced by 82% over past ten years

    7. Clean Water Program Funding Outlook • A 10-year series of rate adjustments were adopted February 29, 2012 to provide a sustainable level of funding. • Projected $2.3 billion 10-year capital improvement program. • Annual construction spending to increase from $100 million in 2011-12 to $260 million in 2020-21. • Main capital drivers: • Infrastructure renewal • Regulatory compliance

    8. Clean Water Program Future Construction • Highlights include: • Continuation of program to rehabilitate an average of 60 miles of sewers per year • Increased focus on rehabilitation of large diameter sewers • Rehabilitation and replacement of treatment processes • Replacement of control systems at four water reclamation and treatment plants and the pumping plant system • Expansion of microfiltration and reverse osmosis processes

    9. HABITATRESTOR-ATION PUBLIC USE FLOODPROTEC-TION WATERQUALITY Watershed Protection Program Overview • Protects the beneficial uses of our receiving waters in City's lakes, rivers, and beaches. • Improve water quality, • Capture rainwater for use and groundwater recharge, • Reduce flooding, • Enhance wildlife, • Provide open space for habitat and recreation.

    10. Watershed Protection Program (Stormwater) • System conveys more than 100 mgd of dry-weather flow through • 38,000 catch basins • 1,200 miles of pipes • 100 miles of open channels • Main capital drivers: • TMDL Compliance (water quality standards) • Flood protection

    11. Stormwater Quality Requirements • Example: • Basin Plan • Ocean Plan • NPDES Permits • TMDLs Total Maximum Daily 22 TMDLS have been adopted Loads Clean Water Act (CWA) Federal Regulations State Laws / Regulations

    12. Watershed Protection Program Overview • Completed over 26 green infrastructure projects – green streets, rainwater harvesting, streams and wetlands restoration. • Spent over $200 million on capital improvement projects. • Reduced 90% of trash in Ballona Creek and LA River to improve water quality and enhance wildlife. • Installed 38,500 catch basin screens and 10,000 inserts Citywide to collect trash and debris to keep it out of channels, river and beaches.

    13. Watershed Protection Program Overview South LA Wetlands Park Imperial Highway Median Greening Before Improved Water Quality at Beaches (Beach Grades have moved from F /D‘s to A/B’s ) Increased habitat protection Increased open space City of Los Angeles $500 million Clean Water Bond (2004) • 33 water quality, water conservation, habitat protection, and open space projects Low Flow Diversions

    14. Watershed Protection Program Overview Green Initiatives • Manuals – Guidance standards • Green Streets - Converting public right-of-way or parkway to open space for multi-benefit uses • Green Standards – Institutionalizes, applies to public and private • LID – Land developments and re-developments • Rainwater Harvesting – Capture and use • Water Quality Matrix – Approved by Health Department • Stream Protection – Natural cleaning

    15. Cisterns - LOWE’S Porous Pavement – Rio del Los Angeles State Park (aka: Taylor Yard) Planter Boxes - Versailles Luxury Apartments Oxford St, Los Angeles Bioretention - Sam’s Club Parking Lot Infiltration - Costco Parkway Infiltration Swale 11th St & Hope St – Los Angeles Low Impact Development (LID)

    16. Construction After Elmer Green Street Before After

    17. Before During Construction After Garvanza Park Rainwater Capture Project

    18. Future Stormwater Projects • Albion Dairy River Park • Echo Park Lake Rehabilitation • Humboldt Ave Neighborhood Greenway • LA River Natural Park • Machado Lake Ecosystem Rehabilitation Project • Strathern Wetlands Park • Verdugo Hills Golf Course Rainwater Capture

    19. Water Quality $8 Billion $500+ Million FUTURE CURRENT Stormwater Funding

    20. Stormwater Funding • Existing Funding Sources: • Stormwater Pollution Abatement Charge (SPAC): Property tax assessed to City of LA residents ≈ $28M/yr • Proposition O: City of Los Angeles $500 million Clean Water Bond (2004) • Grants (federal, state, local) • Future Funding Source: • Partnered with LA County Flood Control District to assess countywide stormwater fees (Countywide Clean Water, Clean Beaches Measure)

    21. LA Sanitation Capital Program Summary • Estimated capital investment needs for the next 10 years: • Clean Water - $2.3 billion • Solid Resources - $600 million • Watershed Protection - $1.8 billion • Total for LA Sanitation - $4.7 billion

    22. Additional Information: Enrique C. Zaldivar, P.E. Director, LA Sanitation, (213) 485-2210 Our Mission:“Protect Public Health and the Environment”