The institute for computing education at georgia tech
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The Institute for Computing Education at Georgia Tech. Barbara Ericson Georgia Tech History of ICE. Joint effort by the Georgia DOE and Georgia Tech Started in 2004 AP CS teachers needed training in Java and OO

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The institute for computing education at georgia tech l.jpg

The Institute for Computing Education at Georgia Tech

Barbara Ericson

Georgia Tech

History of ice l.jpg
History of ICE

  • Joint effort by the Georgia DOE and Georgia Tech

  • Started in 2004

    • AP CS teachers needed training in Java and OO

      • Only 44 schools offering AP CS out of > 400

Goals of ice l.jpg
Goals of ICE

  • Increase the number of qualified computing teachers in Georgia

    • Train teachers with no formal background in Computer Science

      • Typically business teachers

  • Increase the number and diversity of computing students in Georgia

Original computing courses l.jpg
Original Computing Courses

Computer Applications

Word, Powerpoint, Excel

IT Foundations

History, Networking, Web Dev

Programming and Systems Management

Programming, database, GUI, etc

Advanced Placement Computer Science

Curriculum revision l.jpg
Curriculum Revision

  • An external review found that Georgia's standards

    • Did not follow national standards

    • Were too broad and shallow

    • Lacked rigor

    • Were content based – not performance based

Revision committee l.jpg
Revision Committee

  • A committee of high school computing teachers, university faculty, and DOE staff created new performance-based standards

    • Committee met 5 times from Sept 2005 to Feb 2006

    • Created 3 new computing courses

      • Based on the ACM model curriculum for K-12

Comparing curriculums l.jpg
Comparing Curriculums

ACM Model Curriculum

Georgia Curriculum

Level 2 (II) Computer Science in

the Modern World

Level 2 (II) Computing in

the Modern World

Level 3 (III) Computer Science

as Analysis and Design

Level 3 (III) Beginning


Level 3 (III) Intermediate


Level 4 (IV) Topics in CS –

Advanced Placement CS

Level 4 (IV) Topics in CS –

Advanced Placement CS

Professional development l.jpg
Professional Development

  • Summer workshops

    • Grown from two weeks in 2004

    • To four weeks in 2008

  • School-year workshops

    • LEGO NXT robots

    • Alice

    • Media Computation

    • Games

    • AP Exam

Teacher training results l.jpg
Teacher Training Results

  • AP CS has grown from 44 schools in Georgia in 2004 to over 90 schools in 2009


  • 304 unique teachers from 199 schools and 12 states

Summer 2009 workshops l.jpg
Summer 2009 Workshops

  • Computing in the Modern World

    • PicoCrickets, Scratch, Alice, and CS Unplugged Activities

  • Beginning Programming

    • Media Computation in Python and IPRE robots

  • Intermediate Programming

    • Media Computation in Java and Greenfoot

  • AP CS A

    • Alice and Media Computation, GridWorld, Greenfoot, etc

Picocrickets l.jpg

  • Invention kit integrating art and technology


Scratch l.jpg

  • Free software from MIT for creating 2D animations and games


Alice 2 2 l.jpg
Alice 2.2

  • Free software from CMU for creating 3D movies and games


Alice 3 0 beta l.jpg
Alice 3.0 Beta

  • Free software from CMU for creating 3D movies and games


      • Includes the Electronic Arts Sims characters

      • Can import into Netbeans IDE as Java code

Cs unplugged l.jpg
CS Unplugged

  • Free materials for teaching computing concepts without a computer


Binary Numbers

Network Deadlocks

Media computation l.jpg
Media Computation

  • Writing textual programs to manipulate media

Soup-Audio Collage

Ipre robots l.jpg
IPRE Robots

  • Parallax scribbler robots with color camera and Bluetooth


Greenfoot l.jpg

  • Free software from the Un. of Kent and Deakin Un. for building 2D simulations and games in Java

Alice and media computation l.jpg
Alice and Media Computation

  • Teaching computing concepts in Alice first and then covering the same concepts in Java with Media Computation


Gridworld l.jpg

  • Advanced Placement Computer Science Case Study

    • Example of a larger program for students to learn from

    • Used to teach object-oriented concepts

Wearable computers l.jpg
Wearable Computers

  • Developed by Leah Buechley

    • Now of MIT

  • Very small computers, sensors, and lights

    • Connected with conductive thread

Pleo robots l.jpg
Pleo Robots

  • Devloped by Ugobe

    • The creator of the Furby

  • Now owned by Innvo Labs

  • Programmed using MySkit or the Pleo Dev Kit

Lending library for teachers l.jpg
Lending Library for Teachers

  • We lend our LEGO NXT robots and PicoCricket kits

    • Up to 3 weeks at a time

    • Up to 12 kits per teacher

    • Must leave a deposit

      • And lose deposit if missing parts or not sorted

Certification issues in cs l.jpg
Certification Issues in CS

  • Most states do not require training in CS for teachers

    • Georgia does not require any training

    • Business teachers are considered in field for CS

Certification issues in georgia l.jpg
Certification Issues in Georgia

  • In 2005 the Georgia Professional Standards Commission changed the rules so that only business teachers could teach AP CS

    • We would have lost an entire district of math teachers who were teaching AP CS

    • And we had a physics teacher and 2 music teachers

  • Georgia Tech was able to convince the GA PSC to allow anyone with a valid teaching certificate to teach AP CS

    • But, we wanted to ensure that teachers had sufficient training in computer science

Cs endorsement l.jpg
CS Endorsement

  • Committee formed to create an endorsement based on the NCATE standards in 2006

    • Teachers, university faculty, and Georgia Professional Standards Commission

      • Worked for 1 year

      • Posted for 6 months for comments

    • Endorsement passed in Dec 2008

      • Only voluntary for now

    • Can be added to any type of teaching certification

    • Two schools will offer it in Georgia

      • Kennesaw State University – fall 2009

      • Columbus State University – online in 2010

Student outreach l.jpg
Student Outreach

  • Summer Camps

    • High school since 2004

    • Middle school since 2006

    • Elem school (4th and 5th) since 2009

  • Weekend and after-school computing activities

    • Girl Scouts since 2005

    • YWCA since 2007

    • Cool Girls, Boys and Girls Clubs, Boy Scouts 2008

Summer camps l.jpg
Summer Camps

  • Our camps always fill

    • So we started training and providing "seed money" to other colleges and universities in Georgia in 2007

      • From NSF BPC grant

    • We have started 8 additional summer camps in Georgia since 2007

Girl scout outreach l.jpg
Girl Scout Outreach

  • 2005-2006 – 40

    • LEGO robots

  • 2006-2007 – 80

    • LEGO robots and Alice

  • 2007-2008 – 428

  • 2008-2009 – 455

    • LEGO, Alice, PicoCrickets, Scratch

Ywca teen girls in tech l.jpg
YWCA – Teen Girls in Tech

  • Afterschool program at 4 area middle schools

    • Worked with since spring 2007

    • Mentored 2 FIRST LEGO League teams

Cool girls l.jpg
Cool Girls

  • Low income middle school girls

    • Started in fall 2008

Boys and girls clubs l.jpg
Boys and Girls Clubs

  • Worked with nearby location

  • Also did webinar on Scratch

Computing competitions l.jpg
Computing Competitions

  • AP Bowl

    • Practice Advanced Placement CS Exam

  • Scratch – new in 2010

  • Alice – new in 2010

  • RoboCup Jr. – proposed

    • Dance

    • Rescue

    • Soccer

Results l.jpg

  • One of our summer camp kids from 2005 is now a 3rd year CS major

    • Just won most outstanding Junior

    • Wants to go to graduate school

  • We get statistically significant changes in attitudes towards computing

    • In just a 4 hour workshop

    • Using PicoCrickets, Scratch, and Alice

  • Kids report an increase in interest in CS

Cs education info l.jpg
CS Education Info

  • The 4 years of math and science push

    • Texas gives math credit for AP CS

    • Georgia gives science credit for AP CS (just removed!)

  • The 10,000 teachers by 2015 push from Jan Cuny of the National Science Foundation

    • Development of a new AP course in computer science

    • Want a course that appeals to more people

  • Rebooting unemployed IT workers to be teachers

    • Georgia's alternative teacher prep program

  • High School Program

    • Training high school students to be helpers

Operation reboot l.jpg
Operation Reboot

  • Transform 30 unemployed IT workers into high school computing teachers

    • 10 per year for 3 years

  • IT worker

    • Paid a stipend of $3410 a month for 11 months

    • Co-teaches 2 computing classes / sections per year with the existing computing teacher

    • Earns initial teaching certificate through GaTAPP

      • And a CS endorsement


Timeline l.jpg

  • First group of 10 selected by Thanksgiving

    • Begin training Nov 30th

    • Start in classroom in Jan 2010

  • Second group of 10 selected by June 2010

    • Begin training July 2010

    • Start in classroom in Aug 2010

  • Third group of 10 selected by June 2011

    • Begin training July 2011

    • Start in classroom in Aug 2011

How can you help l.jpg
How can you help?

  • Visit schools for career day

  • Allow a computing teacher to shadow you

  • Volunteer to help your local AP CS teacher

    • Or get your school to offer AP CS

  • Mentor a robot competition team

    • Or assist

  • Do workshops for youth serving organizations

  • Offer summer camps

Funding l.jpg

  • Georgia Tech and the Georgia Department of Education have both supported this effort

    • Along with the Toyota Foundation, Microsoft, Atlanta Women's Foundation, and the National Science Foundation