Chapter 9
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CHAPTER 9. Debate: Simon’s Death.

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Debate simon s death
Debate: Simon’s Death

Think about Simon’s death by considering the focus question and writing down an explanation of your viewpoint using evidence from the text. Answer the question by writing down the exact words from the book, including the page number. Then, explain why your answer is the best answer. Consider other options as well and be prepared to explain why they are not the best answer.

Focus Question:

At what moment does Simon’s death become inevitable?

Ethics in action mob mentality
Ethics in Action: Mob Mentality

Ethics are the values and beliefs by which we live and make decisions every day. A mob mentality exists when a group of people acts together, giving up their independent reasoning and following the decisions of the group.

This generally results in bad choices and often times terrible outcomes. No one stops and says, “Hey, maybe this isn’t a good idea” because they are just going along with the group.

A mob mentality is partially to blame for Simon’s death in Chapter 9.

List three examples of a mob mentality from literature, history, or daily life:




For each example above, explain how responsible the individual group members are for the outcome. Assign a percentage or use any other system for dividing the blame.