ancient civilizations n.
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Ancient Civilizations

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Ancient Civilizations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ancient Civilizations. Google Doc activity . 4 Categories. Aztec Maya Olmec Spanish Conquistadors . Process. Get with your group Assign a leader to create the Google Doc Leader- share your Google Doc with your group and with Mrs. Bergmann. Each person make a slide for your topic

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Ancient Civilizations

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ancient civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

Google Doc activity

4 categories
4 Categories
  • Aztec
  • Maya
  • Olmec
  • Spanish Conquistadors
  • Get with your group
  • Assign a leader to create the Google Doc
  • Leader- share your Google Doc with your group and with Mrs. Bergmann.
  • Each person make a slide for your topic
  • Present to class
slides must include
Slides must include

**** Try to fit all of your info on one slide. Maximum 2 slides.

**** Slides should be interesting, not too full and easy to look at/read.

  • A title (your topic)
  • Your name (first and last)
  • Information about your topic
  • Minimum of 1 image related to your topic
social organization
Social Organization
  • What were families like?
  • What kind of jobs did people have?
  • What were the social classes?
  • What were the differences between rich and poor?
customs and traditions
Customs and traditions
  • What were family roles (men, women and children).
  • What expectations were there?
  • What were some common courtesies and activities?
  • What laws were there?
  • What language did they speak?
  • Were there other ways of communicating?
  • How did people share ideas?
  • How was history recorded?
  • Were there written codices?
arts and literature
Arts and literature
  • What products of human imagination were created?
  • How was the culture reflected and shared?
  • Architecture, clothing style, artifacts, paintings, festivals, creations, etc.
  • What games, sports, pastimes, etc. were practiced?
  • What were the groups beliefs?
  • What practices were done? Why?
  • What kind of things were built in order to carry out religious practices?
  • How were the people ruled?
  • Who was in charge?
  • What rules did people have to follow?
  • Was there a type of military?
economic system
Economic system?
  • How did people come across goods?
  • Was there money, trade, etc.?
  • What was valued?
  • Were there markets? What was exchanged? How?
  • Where was your civilization located?
  • Did they spread out or conquer anyone?
  • Are they still around? Or did they fall?
  • You cannot just copy and paste… that is PLAGARISM! You need to make it your own work.
  • If you finish early:
    • Work on the design of your presentation
    • Help other students with their slides
    • Practice your speaking part of the presentation
    • Think of ways to make your slide extra interesting.