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Paid Transitional Jobs Expansion Initiative

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Paid Transitional Jobs Expansion Initiative - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Paid Transitional Jobs Expansion Initiative. Community Voices Heard Proposal to Establish JTP Positions in Multiple City Agencies. Background. In March 2001, HRA set up the Parks Opportunity Program (POP)

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paid transitional jobs expansion initiative

Paid Transitional Jobs Expansion Initiative

Community Voices Heard

Proposal to Establish

JTP Positions

in Multiple City Agencies

  • In March 2001, HRA set up the Parks Opportunity Program (POP)
  • POP was designed to assist welfare recipients in their transition from welfare to work
  • Paid wage for working in city agency
  • Positive shift away from unpaid Work Experience Program (WEP)
why transitional jobs are important for nyc
Why Transitional Jobs are Important for NYC

CVH Research Findings on POP:

  • Wages motivatewelfare recipients to move off welfare
  • POP workers do real work needed in NYC
  • POP improves people’s lives
  • POP prepares people for work better than WEP
overview of initiative
Overview of Initiative
  • Expand JTP positions into 8 new city agencies other than the Parks Dept.
  • Add 3,500 new paid transitional job positions in New York City
  • Extend JTP positions from six months to one year
  • Invest $33.6 million more city dollars
  • Leverage $11.5 million in additional resources from state and federal gov’t into NYC economy
expand jtp positions into 8 new city agencies
The Initiative calls for adding positions in the following agencies:

Department of Sanitation (DOS)

Department of Education (DOE)

Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC)

NYC Housing Authority (NYCHA)

Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS)

Human Resources Administration (HRA)

Department of Transportation (DOT)

Expand JTP Positions into 8 New City Agencies
add 3 500 jtp positions
Add 3,500 JTP Positions
  • Add 400-500 positions in each of the eight target agencies
  • Manageable number for Supervision within agencies
  • Matches average turnover in agencies in way that can assist post-program incorporation
lengthen the program from 6 months to a full year
Lengthen the Program from 6 Months to a Full-Year

A full year would better allow for financial stabilization, education/ training progress, and more:

  • 3 months for job readiness
  • 6 months to couple employment with education and training
  • 3 months for job search while still working and receiving a wage
improve access to education and training options
Improve Access to Education and Training Options

Participants should be:

  • Immediately informed about education and training availability
  • Enrolled no later than 3 months into program start
  • Partnered with DC37, other unions and CUNY for additional education/ training options
develop career ladder pathways with jtp position as first rung
Develop Career Ladder Pathways with JTP Position as First Rung

Clear career pathways created in:

  • Nursing/ Allied Health
  • Education
  • Clerical/ Administration
  • Food Services
  • Custodial Services
what issues will jtp expansion address
What Issues will JTP Expansion Address?
  • Federal Work Requirements
  • Community Needs
  • Demand Driven Workforce Preparation
  • Interest Matching
  • Job Placement
  • Social and Economic Justice
proposed program set up
Proposed Program Set-Up
  • HRA and host City Agency jointly administer program
  • Host agency provides on-the job supervision
  • JTP Participants sent to external employment service providers for job search/ job readiness & external trainings sites for education/ training
costs and benefits

$33.6 Millionin additional resources allocated in HRA Budget

City contribution to wages & EITC on top of grant diversion


Additional state & federal resources leveraged via EITC:

$ 6.69 Million from feds

$ 4.76 Million more from NYS


- $11.45 Million new money

More money in low-income New Yorkers’ pockets:

Family resources increase from $12,542/ yr on public assistance to $25,408/ yr in program

$45 Million additional resources put into the NYC economy

Costs and Benefits